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Similarly to the case of Al-Jazeera, WikiLeaks has encountered considerable operational difficulties since the beginning of Cablegate. In the heat of sustained verbal attack by the Obama administration and American politicians, its domain name — WikiLeaks. The rapid rise of WikiLeaks has provided a fascinating look inside the War on Terror which pre-technology journalists could never even dream about.

As a non-profit organisation, working with a staff of volunteers who are not all professional journalists, it operates outside the propaganda model and in the finest traditions of citizen journalism. No matter what happens to Assange or his site in the near future, the information released by WikiLeaks will be out there forever.

The rise of Al-Jazeera and WikiLeaks as prominent informational forces has significantly undermined Western global media hegemony. The War on Terror, conceived by President Bush as a strategy to exert US military supremacy on the international stage, has arguably elicited a reverse effect in terms of global media flow. It is important to remember that this erosion of hegemony has been mirrored in the economic sphere: the United States suffered heavily from the world financial crisis, while emerging nations such as China, India and Brazil, and the oil-rich Middle East, felt less fiscal pain.

Al Jazeera And The Global Media Landscape The South Is Talking Back

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The Myth of Media Globalisation. Cambridge: Polity. Heffernan, V. The New York Times , December Herman, E. Jenkins, S. Jenkins, T.

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Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. Kellner, D. Television and New Media. Khatchadourian, R. The New Yorker , June 7. Madrigal, A. The Atlantic , July Mason, R. The Daily Telegraph , March Meek, J. Miles, H. London: Abacus. Morales, L. Gallup, August Naughton, J. Current programmes on the channel are: [27] [28]. In addition to its two main broadcast centres, Al Jazeera English itself has 21 bureaus around the world that gather and produce news. It also shares resources with its Arabic -language sister channel's 42 bureaus, Al Jazeera Balkan's bureaus and Al Jazeera Turk's bureaus for 70 bureaus.

They're basically only in London now. Even CNN has pulled back. I remember in the '80s when I covered these events there would be a truckload of American journalists and crews and editors and now Al Jazeera outnumbers them all That's where, in the absence of alternatives, Al Jazeera English can fill a vacuum, simply because we're going in the opposite direction.

Also Al Jazeera presenters can alternate between broadcast centres. Broadcast Centre: Washington, D. Al Jazeera English uses a combination of full-time 'staffers' and local freelancers. So long as the journalists are appearing — or are providing credited commentaries — regularly on-air, no distinction has been made as to their contractual arrangements.

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However, those who have received a recent on-air profile and whose names therefore appear in bold, may well be assumed to be on the staff. On-air staff currently working for the station previous employer in brackets include: [34]. Former U. When subsequently joining Al Jazeera, Rushing commented that "In a time when American media has become so nationalized, I'm excited about joining an organization that truly wants to be a source of global information The network announced on 12 January that former Nightline correspondent Dave Marash would be the co-anchor from their Washington studio.

Marash described his new position as "the most interesting job on Earth". Formed in , in its own words: the role of Al Jazeera Investigations is not to report the news, but to make the news. The unit is an Al Jazeera Media Network asset and its reports appear equally on the other channels, tailored appropriately for the relevant language and audience. The documentaries are presented as specials under their own strand: Al Jazeera Investigates. The Unit's investigations have included the documentary What Killed Arafat? In , Al Jazeera released a follow-up named "Killing Arafat" which revealed findings of scientific analysis of the exhumed remains of the Palestinian leader tat discovered traces of polonium in his bones.

The Arafat findings led news agendas globally. Football's Wall of Silence, which investigates the deadly scandal of long-term sexual abuse of young players in British football. Broken Dreams: The Boeing , which revealed Boeing's "Dreamliner" workers feared to fly the plane they build, citing quality concerns and alleging drug use on the job. Before that, it was Clayton Swisher.

The channel is available in many countries , [43] mostly via satellite, sometimes via cable. The channel is also available online. They also provide a free stream on their YouTube page. Al Jazeera news segments are frequently included on the American public television program Worldfocus. Al Jazeera can also be streamed on any iOS or Android device with an internet connection using a free application. Headlines from Al Jazeera English are available on Twitter. Al Jazeera English's website also contains news reports and full episodes of their programs that can be viewed for free on their website.

The videos are hosted by YouTube, where viewers can also go to find the videos. Eutelsat 28A carried the test stream on frequency TV One was going to replace BBC World with this service during their off-air hours of to from 1 April , however opted to run infomercials instead. On 7 December , Al Jazeera said its English language service has got a downlink license to broadcast in India. Satellite and cable companies would therefore be allowed to broadcast Al Jazeera in the country. On 26 November , the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved "a request to add Al Jazeera English AJE to the lists of eligible satellite services for distribution on a digital basis and amends the lists of eligible satellite services accordingly".

As of , only a small number of Americans were able to watch the channel on their televisions. With Al Jazeera's coverage of the Egyptian Revolution of , the channel drew acclaim and received renewed attention. The New York Times reported on 1 February that 1.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted an increasing American audience for the network, saying that "viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it's real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel like you're getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and—you know—arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news which—you know—is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners. It permitted the announcement following unrest in Egypt so American viewers can watch the latest events going on in the Middle East.

A Roku user must add the private channel Newscaster from the Roku website. On 2 January , Al Jazeera announced that it had acquired the U. Due to contracts with U. These programs were the only AJE shows officially non-geoblocked for American viewing during the time that Al Jazeera America was in existence.

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  • With the closure of Al Jazeera America in April, it was expected that the official live stream of Al Jazeera English and access to its programmes would eventually be restored to the United States. Al Jazeera was one of several websites to which the Egyptian government blocked access after accusing the network of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was removed from power during the coup.

    Egypt has been accused of limiting freedom of expression in an attempt to suppress opposition to president al-Sisi. The crew has had court trials that have been adjourned over 10 times where questionable evidence including video from other news organizations claimed to be from Al Jazeera English, inaudible audio recordings, pictures from a family vacation, a music video and video of sheep had been presented as evidence.

    The campaign included moments of silence while holding the hashtag as well as protesting at Egyptian embassies in various countries among other things. On 23 June , the three journalists were found guilty by an Egyptian court. Greste and Fahmy were sentenced to 7 years in prison while Mohamed was sentenced to 10 years.

    The ruling was denounced by fellow journalists, including some at BBC , CNN , ABC Australia and most other major news outlets along with world leaders from Australia , Canada , The United States , United Nations , Switzerland and the United Kingdom primarily because they were found guilty based on no actual evidence in a case that has been deemed politically motivated and also because the ruling was seen as an attack on press freedom. The ruling has resulted in many negative stories in print, online and on television by various news outlets around the world calling the Egyptian justice system a kangaroo court and calling the Egyptian government authoritarian.

    There were various calls for amnesty, clemancy and pardons by various governments and news agencies all of which were declined by the Egyptian government who claimed that their justice system was independent and to respect the courts decision and stay out of Egyptian affairs. Peter Greste was released from prison and deported back to Australia on 1 February On 29 August , Fahmy, Greste and Mohamed were sentenced to 3 years in prison in a decision heavily criticized internationally.

    Al Jazeera English's longtime China correspondent Melissa Chan was expelled from the country in Officials did not provide an explanation, and censored most of the questions when they published their official transcript. As with Al Jazeera's Arabic counterpart, the network has received criticism from having bias from several sides.

    Al Jazeera English has frequently been criticized for having an anti-American bias, although some commentators [ who? Marash cited "reflexive adversarial editorial stance" against Americans and "anti-American bias". It is often unclear whether recent discussions of anti-American bias at Al Jazeera are referring also to Al Jazeera English or only to Al Jazeera's Arabic-language channel. There are significant differences in tone between the English and Arabic-language channels.

    According to bilingual Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab, "The English channel uses more neutral terminology; the Arab channel is much harsher.

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    Clairsville, Ohio , with interviewees making comments about Barack Obama such as "he regards white people as trash" and "I'm afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over". The report received over two million views on YouTube. Subsequent endeavours have been seen as tests by Al Jazeera to see whether it can get rid of the hostility Americans feel toward it. One example was a day's worth of special coverage marking the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 11 September As of May , Al Jazeera English has won more than prizes, medals and awards.

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    Archived from the original on 7 October The Star. Archived from the original on 14 May Talk of the Nation. BBC News. The New York Times. Al Jazeera English. The Spy Report.