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The challenge is that this safety net can only take us so far.

The fact that you are exploring this teaching, with me, proves that your soul has a desire to go beyond the limitations imposed by the human mind. For the freedom you seek, the ecstasy we all crave, lies out beyond the boundaries of the minds borders. I recommend rereading the entire Hsin Hsin Ming, up to this point, with a quiet mind and allow its beauty and its Truth to open new doors for you.

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Even though it is true that we cannot truly experience enlightenment with the same mind which has brought us to this point, we can begin to recognize that these words point us in a direction which is beyond any place we have ever been, even if we have had glimpses of enlightenment. As Rumi is so famously quoted as saying,. If you are successful at allowing the thoughts expressed in the Hsin Hsin Ming to sink into your awareness, I am certain that you will understand these words of Rumi with a new-found clarity.

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I say, with great regularity, that once we understand who and what we are, our life changes dramatically. Any spiritual path, worth pursuing, offers freedom as its end-goal, even if many of the more fundamental traditions mask this promise in language which does not necessarily state this objective clearly.

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In Truth, there is never anything to be free of, except the concept that freedom is needed, but that is the subject for another day. It is not studied. It is not shaken by anything. The sage is quiet Because she is not moved, Not because she wills to be quiet.

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Her quietness is the mirror Of heaven and earth The glass of everything. Emptiness, stillness, tranquility, Traceless, Silence, non-action: This is the level of Heaven and earth. This is the perfect Tao. Ultimately freedom is remembered, not really found.

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It is uncovered in the Peace which we encounter when we are able to quiet our restless minds. It is recalled in the silence where Self resides and True Mind exists. No one can take us to this discovery, nor can anyone walk this path for us. All anyone can ever do is point the way and promise that the journey will be worth the effort, if one has the tenacity to persevere.

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