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However, Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Sex is not just another catalogue of positions: Nitya Lacroix describes seven incredible sexual sequences that demonstrate how the postures described in the Kama Sutra were intended to flow into each other easily and elegantly. This sumptuous yet highly practical guide reinterprets the sexual practices of ancient India for the enjoyment of modern Western lovers, and explains how each sexual position excites and delights men and women in very different ways. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist.

This title is not in stock at the Booktopia Warehouse and needs to be ordered from our supplier. Click here to read more about delivery expectations. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Is There Still Sex in the City? Hindus believed that semen emanated from the blood and that the body needed a month or more to create one drop, so non-coital ejaculation was frowned upon. Although the Kama Sutra makes little mention of masturbation, it does recommend it as a means of arousing passion.

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Masturbation is often fuelled by fantasy, and the thought of touching your body can be arousing in itself. Using both hands allows you to stimulate different areas simultaneously, such as caressing the testicles or rubbing the perineum whilst you masturbate.


Try pinching the base of the shaft with one hand and with the other rub the glans with your fingertips placed downward, as if holding a tap. Some men like to simulate penetrative sex by pressing both palms against the shaft to mimic the walls of the vagina. Try this when standing in the shower: use a well-lathered sponge to squeeze the penis, then thrust into it. Female Masturbation The Hindus believed that the female genitals were the source of life-giving sexual energy and that the unlocking of this vital force was essential for sexual, physical and mental wellbeing.

You may find that your orgasms are even more intense this way, as you control the pace and know all the right buttons to press. But masturbation should not be something that you do only when you are alone. Stimulating yourself in front of your lover is highly erotic and a good demonstration of exactly how you like to be touched. Once she is fully aroused, brush your fingertip ever so lightly across her labia, using a circular or side-to-side movement that skims the edge of the clitoris but does not stimulate it directly. Once she is wet, push your finger inside the entrance to the vagina and explore its unique fleshiness, while at the same time rubbing the clitoris gently with the base of your palm.

Most men underestimate the sensitivity of the clitoris, so start gently and slowly, and above all, pay attention to her responses. Masturbating each other can create a great closeness between you and is an exciting zone in which to experiment and explore. It can be used as part of foreplay prior to intercourse or as a complete act in itself. Indeed, many people can have a very satisfying sex life based around oral sex alone. Relaxation and Intimacy With its close mouth-to-genital contact, oral sex requires a good deal of trust and relaxation between partners. Without facial expressions to indicate enjoyment, it is important to tune in to the myriad but subtle physical cues that demonstrate the pleasure levels of your lover.

Cleanliness is vital to the enjoyment of oral sex so, if you have time, take a bath or shower with your lover beforehand. This has the added benefit of helping you to relax and unwind if you have had a busy day. While bad body odour can be a real turn-off, the natural juices that we emit from our genitals during sex can act as a powerful elixir and should be relished. As you get to know your lover more intimately, their individual aroma will become more and more familiar and intoxicating. You may wish to do this anyway, as it will add an element of fun and experimentation to your lovemaking.

Remember that the more you laugh together, the more relaxed and open you will be. Obvious signs that a woman is enjoying what her partner is doing are: her pelvis and thighs relax, her breathing becomes heavier and she offers herself to your mouth more.

If she is not comfortable, she will pull back or try to push your head away slightly. As most women like a build-up to sex, start by kissing her mouth, demonstrating what you might do on her genitals later. Slowly and seductively, you can work your way downward, kissing her neck, her nipples and her navel, then her inner thighs, sensing the slow build-up of excitement in your lover.

Teasing her by lightly brushing her labia with your tongue is likely to bring her to an almost unbearable level of desire. Once she has reached this point, you can start to tantalize her clitoris with careful movements of the tongue, lips, teeth and fingers. You should never focus on the clitoris for too long, as over-stimulation is likely to make it lose sensitivity altogether and cause her discomfort or even pain.

By experimenting with different techniques on different parts preview odd ofdownload pages, her genitals, and tuning in to her responses is full ebook : book The beauty of giving a man oral sex is that it can be performed in a number of places where full sex is a bit tricky, such as the office toilet, under a blanket in the park, or even on a long-distance flight! As with women, men vary in their preferences.

The trick is to use a variety of techniques — slow, fast, deep, shallow, licking, sucking — to discover what he likes best.

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The thought of what you are about to do is likely to fire him up, but tease him by stopping after each preview odd pages, download full ebook : book In Kama Sutra terms, it allows the Shiva and Shakti energies to flow freely between lovers at the same time, and the warmth that this generates can be highly gratifying. The most common position is for the woman to straddle the man with her vagina close to his face.

In this pose, his hands are free to hold her buttocks and stroke her sides or he can use his fingers to part her labia and expose her clitoris. As the angle is reversed, the woman can now use her upper lip and fingers to stimulate the sensitive underside of his penis. Lie on your sides, facing one another. Kiss each other gently and savour the sensuousness of your entangled bodies. Placing her upper thigh across her lover, the woman entwines him in a closer embrace and indicates that she is ready for him. The man slips his penis slowly inside her vagina and, with gentle thrusts, he builds up a steady rhythm.

The woman can alter the tightness of the clasp by raising or lowering her leg. The man leans over his lover in a dominant pose, resting on his hands, and supporting her thighs with his. Although he controls the thrusting, she may vary the sensation by changing the position of one or both her legs she will probably want to do this anyway to avoid muscle ache!

She might like to reach down and push her clitoris against his pulsing penis. The man can punctuate his thrusting by stopping to lean forward and kiss his lover deeply while she clenches him tightly with her legs. Be as fantastical or as romantic or as ridiculous as you like! She may enjoy having the man under her feet in this way! The man should take care when penetrating her, as the vagina is shortened and the sensation is intense. To help achieve this try a few shallow thrusts, where only the head of the penis enters the vagina, followed by a deeper one, and then the same in reverse.

According to preference you will soon build up your own scale. With the woman clinging to his shoulders, the man stands up very slowly, being careful to support her back and keep his balance until they are in an upright position he should protect his back at moments of strain by bending his legs and keeping the woman close to his body. Locking his legs rigid and clutching her buttocks, the man swings her against him in short, sharp bursts.

Why not try moving from room to room maintaining penetration if you can and explore how different parts of furniture could act as props to your sexual drama. For the man: lie your lover on the kitchen table and feast on her yoni or let yourself drop backwards onto the sofa so that she can take control. You could even try walking up the stairs. There is no end to the possible variations!

These are often depicted as lotus petals and are located along the Sushumna, the central canal that corresponds to the spine, and are linked to each other by channels. According to Hindu tradition, when the Kundalini goddess is awakened, she uncoils and rises, unlocking the energies in each chakra as she travels towards the highest, at the crown. Once she has arrived at her destination, a person is said to have achieved enlightenment.

Kama Sutra

In Tantric sex, it is believed that high sexual arousal opens up the chakras, creating a sensation of oneness and ecstasy. Imagining your lovemaking in terms of a sharing of these essential energies can help to increase the intimacy and warmth between you. As each chakra in your body is awakened by your increased sexual awareness and desire, you will begin to reach new heights of ecstasy never before experienced.

Soften the lighting with candles, scent the air with burning oils or incense, lay fresh linen on the bed or perhaps construct a canopy above it. Scatter cushions on the floor, creating a nest for your lovemaking. Crack open a bottle of wine or champagne and prepare a platter of aphrodisiac foods that you can feed your lover. Put on a CD of your favourite sexy songs and close the door on any distracting sounds. If you follow my advice, you will enjoy a pleasant embrace, which will give you the greatest satisfaction, and leave you with a delicious remembrance.

For more vigorous grinding, both partners may find it easier when supported against a wall or the edge of a table.

Kamasutra A Tale of Love - Leaked Scenes

Yoga is an integrated system of education for the body, mind and spirit and was part of daily life in India at the time the Kama Sutra was written. Yoga is a great way of promoting health and wellbeing. Not only will it relax you and take away the stresses of the day, with practice, it will also help you to contort your body into sexual positions you had never even dreamt of! Laughter and fun are essential ingredients to lovemaking and you will undoubtedly spice up your love life with a good dose of humour.

It is also a great preview way odd pages, to lose download your: inhibitions.

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It is a friendship amongst the good of both sexes. It is a particularly rewarding position for the woman, as the headstand or handstand is one of the most powerful of yoga asanas or postures , producing both mental and physical wellbeing. The man grips her hips firmly and leans back slightly, being sure to keep his balance. Letting preview odd pages, download full ebook : book The sequence can begin with the man sitting on a sofa or chair, fully or partially clothed. The woman may like to undress him quickly, then slowly peel off her clothes in front of him, watching as he hardens and becomes fully aroused.

Turning her back to him she spreads her legs wide and straddles him, fondling and stroking his erect penis until she decides to lower herself onto it. To get fully in touch with their bestial instincts, the couple may wish to perform this adventurous position outdoors. The woman leans forward, supporting her weight on the bed or, if outside, perhaps on a garden bench. The man stands up slowly, while holding tightly onto the top of her thighs. To assist his movement and keep a firm hold, she should clamp her legs around his back. Locking his fingers together against her stomach to support her lower back, the man enters her slowly and, depending on the height of the bed, may need to bend his knees to find the best angle for his enjoyment.

As this position allows very deep penetration, it can be extremely satisfying for both partners, but as the woman has no control, the man should take care not to get too carried away and should gauge her pleasure by the sounds that she makes. Standing behind her, the man rubs the tip of his penis against her exposed labia pushing it half way in, then retrieving it, tantalising and toying with her.

As well as varying the rhythm and depth of penetration as much as possible, it is particularly pleasurable if he uses shallow thrusts at the entrance to her vagina. Watching himself entering and withdrawing from the woman is an added thrill for him. The man is seated on a firm comfortable chair, preferably with a tall back. The woman tells him to close his eyes and not to move as she kneels and parts his legs, stimulating him alternately with her mouth and hands until he is erect. Then, facing him, she straddles his thighs and gently lowers herself onto his penis.

From this position she can determine her own rhythm — up and down, rocking to and fro, or grinding in a circular motion. She may like to squeeze his shoulders with each motion or massage his neck and head, whilst at the same time he is able to kiss and suck her breasts and nipples. She could try blindfolding him so that each movement she makes comes as a great surprise!

Biting your lover on various parts of the body can add an extra sensation during sex and today, as in ancient times, lovers can enjoy the sight of bite marks inflicted on each other as a memento of their previous sexual pursuits. She lifts her feet slightly, opening up to him, thus increasing the angle and depth of his penis within her. The man grips her hips and slides her up and down on his penis in a pulsating rhythm.

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She will receive clitoral stimulation as she pounds against his pubic bone. By raising and lowering her legs alternately she will heighten his enjoyment with a slow rolling penis massage. To assist her he may hook his arms under her legs so that her knees are bent over his elbows. Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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