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I got a job as a Latin high school and junior high teacher. I figured out I loved teaching, but I wanted to learn more. I went to Regent College for my Masters degree, thinking I might become a novelist.

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Maxine Hancock said to me that I had the gifts of a professor. This combined my passion for writing, research, and teaching in a way that I never imagined could be joined. Initially I thought I would be a English professor. Then another wonderful mentor from Regent, Dr. Rikk Watts, told me that I had the makings of a biblical scholar. This was harder for me to believe because I grew up in a very conservative background where women were not supposed to teach adult men anything biblical or theological, including in an academic setting or via writing.

Being a biblical studies professor and a biblical scholar would mean facing a kind of opposition in my field and my family that being an English professor would not.

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And yet, I felt a clear sense that biblical scholarship was something that God was calling me to enter. Thankfully my husband, Jon Stovell, who is a theologian, affirmed this decision and helped me to have the courage to pursue this calling. I found such great fulfilment in becoming a biblical scholar and all that it entails.

My excellent mentors, Dr. Stanley E. Porter, Dr. Mark Boda, and Dr. Cynthia Long Westfall helped me understand what being a biblical scholar looks like and gave me great opportunities to move forward in my career. Since , I have worked in two different teaching contexts. My first teaching position was at St. It was an exciting experience to be the only Protestant in the School of Theology and Ministry and to share that perspective in a Catholic context. I learned deep and abiding lessons about ecumenism in theological scholarship.

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At Ambrose, I have the opportunity to encourage and empower other women and men who are exploring their mission and calling in a similar way as I was. It is a great gift to be mentoring others the way I was mentored! Since arriving in Canada, my husband and I have also begun working for our denomination, Vineyard Canada, as coordinators for theological and spiritual formation at the national level. I find it exciting to be working in both the Academy and the Church.

Tell us about your work past and current. What are you most excited about right now? What do you hope your work will contribute?

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My first two books were both published in The goal of the book is to provide an awareness for the complexities of evangelical biblical hermeneutics. At times, evangelicals struggle with understanding that there is more than one approach to interpreting Scripture and that interpretation is impacted by our assumptions and our approaches. The book functions as a view into a forum where five scholars discuss these issues with one another. It was based on my dissertation. This book examines the influence of metaphors of kingship in the Hebrew Bible upon the New Testament, using cognitive approaches to biblical metaphor.

Mapping Metaphorical Discourse in the Fourth Gospel

It argues that kingship is a central metaphor in the Fourth Gospel. I am currently in the midst of several writing projects. I am currently writing two commentary volumes on the Minor Prophets for the Story of God Bible Commentary series Zondervan and a co-authored book with Dr. Porter on interpreting biblical language InterVarsity Press.

Making Sense of Motherhood. Add to Cart. About - Motherhood provides a crucial place for exploring human life and its meaning.

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Within motherhood lies a deep tension between the pain, crisis, and association with death in motherhood and the joy, transformation, and life in motherhood. Few metaphors in Scripture or in life stand so firmly between life and death, love and loss, and joy and deep pain. After all, motherhood's meaning in part comes again and again at these crucial crossroads. Thus, motherhood has powerful implications for our biblical and theological understanding. Bringing together Jewish and ecumenical Christian scholars from North America, Oceania, and South America, this edited volume provides biblical and theological perspectives on understanding motherhood.

The authors reflect upon a selection of biblical texts, systematic theologians, and Christian spiritual traditions to dialogue with the experience of maternity in its diverse manifestations.

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  4. The purpose of the book is to provide essays that--through these biblical and theological lenses--engage the question of motherhood today, from the experience of pregnancy and birth, to raising children, to losing children and coping with grief. In this way, this volume helps to "make sense" of the complexity of motherhood.

    These women scholars are uniquely qualified by who they are and by their social location to make sense of motherhood in its biblical, theological, and practical dimensions in a way that is both academic and personal. They demonstrate that motherhood provides rich resources for biblical studies, and the disciplines of theology.

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    Contributors - Beth M. Stovell Lynn H. Bio s - Beth M.