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McMaster University. Lara A. Cornell University. Brock University. Derrick Clive. University of Alberta.

Organosulfur Chemistry I

John Vederas. Fred Capretta. David Palmer. James Panek. Boston University. Bruce Ganem. Christopher Kozak. Nelson Tansu. Expert In: Organic synthesis. Expert In: Organic synthesis Organic chemistry. Expert In: Asymmetric synthesis Organic chemistry. Expert In: Organic synthesis Asymmetric catalysis. Highlighted by V. Snieckus and M. Miah Synfacts , 11 , Dannenberg, V. Bizet, C. Bolm, Synthesis , 47 , — Hendriks, P. Methyl 4-Pentafluorosulfanylphenyl Sulfoximines C. Reball, C. Bolm, Synlett , 26 , 73— Frings, I.

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Part , pp. Koohang, J. Bailey, R. Coates, H. Erickson, D. Owen et al. Tetrahedron Angew. Tetrahedron , vol.

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Sulfur chemistry | Prof. Dr. Carsten Bolm

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Park, N. Yamagiwa, S. Matsunaga, M. Shibasaki et al. Asian J. Lett , vol.