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REBT used with children and adolescents who have emotional and behavioral disorders in educational settings: A review of the literature. Browne, C.


Rational and irrational beliefs and psychopathology. David, S. Ellis, A. New York: Oxford University Press.

David, D. Rational and irrational beliefs in human functioning and disturbances: Implications for research, theory, and practice.

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Dryden, W. The fundamentals of rational-emotive behavior therapy.

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  2. Rational and Irrational Beliefs: Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice - Oxford Scholarship.
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West Sussex: Wiley. Rational psychotherapy and individual psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology , 13 , The practice of rational-emotive behavior therapy.

Rational emotive behavior therapy

New York: Springer Publishing Company. Stress counselling: A rational emotive behavior approach.

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London: Cassell. Gonzalez, J. Rational-emotive therapy with children and adolescence: A meta-analysis.

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Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders , 12 , 4 , Harris, S. An experimental test of a core REBT hypothesis: evidence that irrational beliefs lead to physiological a well as psychological arousal. MacInnes, D. International Journal of Nursing Studies , 41 , Szentagotai, A.

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The behavioral consequences of irrational beliefs. Ellis Eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Turner, M. The Sport Psychologist, 28, 1, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology , 25 , Not the end of the world: The effects of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy on the irrational beliefs of elite academy athletes. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology , 26 , 2, In Rational and Irrational Beliefs: Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice, leading scholars, researchers, and practitioners of rational emotive behavior therapy REBT and other cognitive-behavioral therapies CBTs share their perspectives and empirical findings on the nature of rational and irrational beliefs, the role of beliefs as mediators of functional and dysfunctional emotions and behaviors, and clinical approaches to modifying irrational beliefs, enhancing rational beliefs, and adaptive coping in the face of stressful life events.

Contributors also identify new frontiers of research and theory, including the link between irrational beliefs and other cognitive processes such as memory, psychophysiological responses, and evolutionary and cultural determinants of rational and irrational beliefs.

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