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In both his writing and his lesser-known work as a curator of photography of black life , Du Bois often framed American racism as a visual problem. Yet, despite this rich intellectual tradition—and the aesthetic achievements of early black photographers such as Augustus Washington and Richard Samuel Roberts—twentieth-century historians mostly wrote black people out of the picture of early photography.

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On fifty acres in France, seventy pickers harvest the flowers that go into the popular perfume. Photo Booth.

Carroll on Blair, 'Harlem Crossroads: Black Writers and the Photograph in the Twentieth Century'

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Useless: The Aesthetics of Obsolescence in Twentieth Century U.S. Culture

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The Photographer Documenting Anti-gay Discrimination Across the World

The disappointment of the missing illustrations is largely compensated by the satisfaction of the ones that did make it into the volume. There is no doubt that it makes a compelling case for the crucial role played by photography and Harlem in the 'self-imagination, cultural politics, and literary work' of African-American writers of the twentieth century.

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It will not be an easy model to follow, for it will require critics to develop Blair's exceptional skills as a reader of verbal and visual texts and adjudicator of the competing claims of aesthetics, ideology, and history. It brilliantly illuminates the complex relationship between photographic representation and race, and adds new insight into the ways in which this one black community has figured in both the critical and public imaginations.

Harlem Crossroads is a tour de force. The intellectual range and ambition of the book is remarkable.

I read through it thinking that this is what scholarship, at its most far-reaching, aspires to: a remapping of the intellectual territory that it considers, a synthesis of disparate arguments into a single, multivalent narrative that transforms the reader's understanding not only of its subject matter Harlem and its legacy , but of its approach, the very idea of a 'cultural formation' that belies the disciplinary boundaries we normally adhere to.

Harlem Crossroads is a major work of criticism and cultural history that will redirect scholarly conversations in a number of fields.

Kate Flint’s Favourite Flash Photograph

It is that rare work that is truly interdisciplinary. Sundquist, University of California, Los Angeles.