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The Space Marines were a lot of fun here too. Nov 16, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Loved it! The Ghosts, Space Marines and space battles The only problem is I have to wait for another book to be written now. Hopefully in the next book Ibram and Ana will finally realise they are meant for each other and get together, but then again he might drag it out a bit longer! Dec 21, Razael added it. A total knockout. Those heroes will be also remembered as the Suicidal Kings.

In addition, for the fans of Commisar Gaunt, there is the subliminal "I'm your father" moment which I will not spoil. Jun 12, Adam Whitehead rated it it was amazing.

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The Tanith First and Only, the Ghosts, have been newly-reinforced by fresh troops from Belladon and Verghast and are preparing for their most audacious operation yet. Using intelligence gained at great cost from a Chaos prisoner, the Imperium has located Salvation Reach, a top-secret research facility for the Sons of Sek, their most tenacious foe in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. The Ghosts and several powerful allies having to mount a spaceborne assault on the facility, a single surgical strike whi The Tanith First and Only, the Ghosts, have been newly-reinforced by fresh troops from Belladon and Verghast and are preparing for their most audacious operation yet.

The Ghosts and several powerful allies having to mount a spaceborne assault on the facility, a single surgical strike which may decide the fate of the entire Crusade. Salvation's Reach is the thirteenth novel in the Gaunt's Ghosts series and the second in the "Victory" arc and marks a new phase in the massive conflict known as the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. The Ghosts aren't taking on an enemy head-on, but are instead manufacturing division in the enemy's ranks, trying to turn the Blood Pact and the Sons of Sek against one another so the Crusade can take advantage of the division and secure victory.

It's a difficult, ugly mission and one that most Imperium forces wouldn't be able to handle, but for the clandestine Ghosts it's a task more suited to their talents. The previous book in the series, Blood Pact, was good but atypical for the series, focusing more on a much smaller-scale conflict. Salvation's Reach is a return to mass engagements, but in a different context, with the Ghosts have to take part in hostile boarding action on a space habitat hidden deep inside an asteroid.

Along the way they have to take part in an absolutely massive space battle which will have Battlefleet Gothic fans cheering , deal with a shapeshifting Chaos assassin and negotiate - delicately - with the three Space Marines assigned to help them with the mission. The action side of things is, as usual, well-handled with the requisite fighting, brave last stands and tactical discussions all being quite good.

However, the heart and soul of the series has been Abnett's handling of the characters, from Ibram Gaunt all the way down to the lowliest, greenest new recruit in the Ghosts' ranks. The character arcs are uniformly handled superbly, with several slow-burning story arcs extending across the series coming to startling climaxes in this book with several callbacks to Necropolis, still arguably the best book in the series and certainly so far the most important.

Several beloved characters bite the dust, but more impressive is the way character relationships are developed.

The best scene in the book is where a stoic and merciless Space Marine solves one trooper's long-standing medical problem in one swift action and restores his life and military career previously thought over to him, without ever breaking character or the tone of the series. Dec 22, Michael Dodd rated it really liked it. This follows closely on from Blood Pact; after their two-year stint cooling their heels on Balhaut, the Tanith First and Only are shipping out for their next mission, a task considered so suicidally dangerous the details are only revealed en-route.

Feb 20, Iri rated it liked it Shelves: warhammerk. Its OK. And the urge to come up with something quite well known what once sadly was solved in the previous books and now its missing a little bit. Yes, something what should draw attention and pull the trigger. Like to let stand out a cruel fething arsehole bastard and his comrades. Because we all miss someone like L. And because there is so many good men dead, give the readers a compensation in a form of 2.

And because there is so many good men dead, give the readers a compensation in a form of someone like dear Brin Milo. Oh, Feth, yes! Despite no one could be like Brin Milo. Maybe in the way how to be cute and pure. Ha ha, why not? Mar 14, Calyx rated it it was amazing. What to say what hasn't been said, or isn't expected.

Again 5 stars, cuz it's that good doesnt mean that every one before it should get lower rank, its just you can't rank books higher when they do series justice. It is amazingly well done book, every para What to say what hasn't been said, or isn't expected. It is amazingly well done book, every paragraph and every chapter ends on nice tense cliffhanger, and that pushes you on, everything is clear, well built upon previous stories, and as usual per Dan's work - keeps you on the edge.

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Jul 29, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: 40k. I think Gaunt's Ghosts is reaching the point where too many side characters have been elevated into main characters. With so many characters though, it turns less from being about Gaunt and Rawne to more of a tale of the entire regiment. However as this is a relatively short book, I feel it was too spread out for it's length, Abnett needs to increase length as he increases amount of characters. May 25, Aaron rated it liked it. It took me a while to get used to the narrator's accents, and I had no idea this was book 13 when I started it, but I did quite like the story.

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I didn't like that so many story lines were incomplete, but now that I know this is a series, and the story lines are likely to be addressed in future books, I am not upset. Not great writing, but a nice pastime. I am definitely interested in finding the first of the series and starting from the beginning. Dec 06, Brass Witch rated it liked it. Abnett continues to deliver good action sequences, good character work and all the other stuff he's known for. However, Salvation's Reach feels less developed than the rest of the series, and becomes mostly build up with a somewhat disappointing resolution.

There are traces of a great book here, but it lacks a few hundred pages to be one, as it is, it's just about the bottom end of the Gaunt's Ghosts saga. Feb 21, Riley Feldmann rated it really liked it. The Warhammer 40, Universe: Pain, suffering, hopelessness, demonic creatures of the Warp, and death. In many ways, I should get sorely depressed reading the various novels that flit around within the world originally brought into being as a board game featuring miniature soldiers.

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And yet, for one reason or another, I'm always dragged back. Part of the appeal is all of the horrific realism of life in the Imperium of Man; this ain't no set of novels for young adults. Another and more importan The Warhammer 40, Universe: Pain, suffering, hopelessness, demonic creatures of the Warp, and death. Another and more important reason to keep reading is the mastery that author Dan Abnett has in telling the stories of his protagonists within this setting.

He's as smooth writing about an grunt Imperial Guardsman as he is following the exploits of a feared Inquisitor or the fabled Astartes. Where Abnett really first got me was in the "Gaunt's Ghosts" series of which Salvation's Reach is a part of. We follow the vaunted Tanith First and Only as they hop from one hopeless situation to the next, all in the hopes of breaking their foes in the Sabbat Worlds campaign.

The Tanith are known to be scouts without equal, yet Abnett does a masterful job time and time again painting sympathetic portraits of characters who could easily be mishandled and made out to look like supermen. You're able to relate and root on these men and women, and their personalities are put into beautiful color without dragging a story's pacing. Give me a SciFi series following the rigors of vicious combat for an ordinary guardsman, mix in the enigmatic Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, and top it off with the twists and turns associated when fighting Chaos, and you'll get a hell of a series.

Salvation's Reach continues within this vein. Gaunt and his troops are siphoned off to attempt to complete a near-suicidal mission in the hopes that success might change the calculus in the stalemated campaign for the Sabbat Worlds. If they fail, then all the Imperium have lost is a relatively minor unit among thousands. No risk, all reward for those at the top, and the odds for the Tanith don't get any better as the corrupting forces of Chaos pull out all the stops to foil the mission. Abnett spends the first half of the book catching us up to speed with familiar faces. As someone who hasn't revisited the series in awhile, this was a welcome refresher without being onerous.

Everyone is fleshed out once more to the point of recognition, and Abnett wastes little time going from introductions to action. You'll find a little of everything in here: Emperor worshiping, intricate and very well-done naval combat, the back-and-forth of a pitched battle, and of course, Space Marines. With so much on his plate, it'd be understandable if Abnett stumbled in perfecting a storytelling balance. Amazingly, he threads the needle with precision and ease, demonstrating that there is room for exploration even within a world as filled with tropes as WH40K.

I've got few complaints to throw at Salvation's Reach. Perhaps all there would be is the amount of time spent reintroducing the main players, though this may have been a bigger annoyance if I had just picked this book up after finishing the previous one in the series. He does fall into the latest craze of sudden killings off of semi-major characters, though I didn't feel as much emotional impact as I certainly would have if I was fully invested into the series.

Overall, I give this book four stars out of five. The First and Only has survived yet another set of impossible odds, and I'm excited to see what adventure Dan Abnett has lined up for them next. Mar 29, Carl Phillips rated it it was amazing. A superb book in the series that showcases Dan Abnett at his best. A great story that was layered, structured and delivered superbly and without the too-early peak that the author is often guilty of. Felt the new plot and character additions added a new layer to the series now that its heading into the final plot-arc.

Possibly the best book of the series so far. Nov 29, Rachel rated it it was amazing. I love Gaunt's Ghosts. I wait with baited breath for Beltan or anyone else to say "Something's Awry" This time I stopped reading to do a two minute happy dance. These books are excellent. I might not necessarily start into the series with this one but do jump in somewhere and enjoy the ride. Another great entry into the Gaunt story.

Excellent pace throughout building to a frenetic and tense conclusion. The sense of loss was handled very well. Looking forward to Warmaster! The Founding and Saint story arcs have been released as hardcover omnibus editions, with paperback editions which were released in February and August respectively. The publication of The Iron Star took the form of a 1,copy limited edition novelette which was only available for purchase at the UK Games Day and the Games Day in Germany. Their battles are normally against the forces of Chaos , although they briefly face orks on Typhon Eight.

Up until Guns of Tanith the Ghosts are mainly pitted against heretical rebels armies, but on Phantine and in most of the campaigns following it they face the well-trained and elite Blood Pact. By the end of Only in Death , the Ghosts have been serving in the Crusade for roughly twelve years.

Each novel begins with an extract from a fictional book called A History of the Later Imperial Crusades , which briefly explains the situation in which the Ghosts have been deployed. These extracts are written in a past tense, implying that they were written after the Sabbat Worlds Crusade ends, and do not normally refer specifically to the Tanith First. First and Only is the first novel in the series and, in fact, was Abnett's first published novel , introducing Gaunt, his regiment, and the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

While deployed in the theatres of Fortis Binary and Menazoid Epsilon, the Ghosts become embroiled in a plot by an ambitious general officer to supplant Warmaster Macaroth as supreme commander of the Crusade force. Ghostmaker is a collection of short stories originally printed in the short fiction magazine Inferno! Through a series of vignettes, Abnett details the fall of Tanith and the founding of the Ghosts, followed by particular episodes focusing on the lives of some of the noteworthy members of the Ghosts, including Gaunt, Col. Colm Corbec, Maj.

Elim Rawne, Sgt. The book also establishes the Ghosts' rivalry with the "Royal Volpone" guard regiment and their commanding officer, Colonel later General Sturm, which plays out in the subsequent novel Necropolis. After the fall of Tanith, the book is focused on four main theatres of operation:. Voltemond is described in Ghostmaker as a temperate world, similar to Earth , with extensive marshlands around Voltis City, the planetary capital, which was under Chaos control before the events of Ghostmaker. The Tanith are then ordered to infiltrate and assault the main water-gate and sanitation outfall of Voltis to mine the walls and form a breach for an assault by the Royal Volpone 50th storm troopers, known as the "Bluebloods".

The assault on the water-gate is repelled when the traitors open the floodgates and flush the Tanith out; however, Sergeant Cluggan leads a successful attack on the sanitation outfalls, creating a breach for the armoured assault. As the Ghosts withdraw, General Noches Sturm of the Royal Volpone and his adjutant, Major Gilbear, both of whom were disdainful of Gaunt and his "low-born" soldiers, order the Ketzok to bombard the Tanith as they fall back to their base.

Three hundred men, including Sergeant Cluggan, are killed and another two hundred wounded. Gaunt almost faces a court-martial when he punches Colonel Ortiz, the Ketzok commander, but is let off when Ortiz claims that his injuries were caused by his Basilisk artillery vehicle's recoil. He proceeds to level a threat at General Sturm. Fortis Binary is described as a forge-world, a planet-wide factory that fell to Chaos.

First and Only describes how the Ghosts manage to sabotage a Chaos ritual after Lord Militant General Hechtor Dravere orders them on a suicidal attack on an enemy trench line. This marks the first demonstration of the hatred that Colonel Draker Flense, the commander of the Jantine Patricians who suggested that Dravere give the assault order, has for Colonel-Commissar Gaunt. A death world on the edge of the Menazoid Clasp, Epsilon was the site of three shrines to Chaos, designated Primaris, Secundus and Tertius by Imperial tacticians.

However, the machine was corrupted by Chaos and Commissar Gaunt destroyed it, despite the psychic puppetry of the Inquisitor, who died after his "instrument" — Imperial Agent Fereyd, the man into whom Heldane had extended his consciousness — was explosively killed. Colonel Flense also attempted to get his revenge on Gaunt and the Ghosts, as Gaunt had field-executed Flense's father, General Aldo Dercius, many years previously.

The Jantine shock troops annihilated the Tanith Seventh platoon commanded by Sergeant Blane, but were themselves killed to a man by Gaunt's allies, the Vitrian Dragoons. Gaunt stabbed Flense to death beneath Target Primaris, before escaping along with his men. The jungle world of Monthax is the setting for the end of Ghostmaker , when Gaunt and his men encounter the alien Eldar as they struggle to wipe out a Chaos infestation. The Ghosts have to co-operate once again with the Royal Volpone 50th, and with an inquisitor who had accused Brin Milo of witchcraft. They discover an ancient portal leading to one of the Eldar's craftworlds, self-sustaining cities in space, which the inquisitor, Lilith Abferquan, closes after the alien Farseer guarding the portal dies.

At the end of this battle, the Ghosts lost an excellent leader, Sergeant Lerod. Aside from these battles, Ghostmaker is interspersed with short stories originally published in Inferno! The beginning of the novel is told from many perspectives — ranging from the rich nobility to low-class civilians — and tells of the opening phases of the siege on Vervunhive. The mega-city's neighbouring hive, Ferrozoica, amasses an army and marches on their former rival with an unknown agenda.

The Vervun Primary militia prepares to repel the invasion forces, but as Vervunhive's High Master refuses to believe that Ferrozoica has mobilised against them, they are not given permission to arm their defence batteries before the Zoicans fire the opening salvos. Much of Vervunhive is plunged into panic and thousands perish in the first few days, and aid from the Imperial Guard is called for.

They learn that Ferrozoica, whom Vervunhive had fought in the Trade War ninety years before, had silenced communications with its neighbours in recent months and began arming. The influence of Chaos is evident. Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and his Ghosts face opposition from not only the enemy, but also their fellow Guard regiments and the local politicians. Necropolis is a significant point in the series; at the end of the novel, the under-strength Tanith First receives an influx of replacement soldiers from the militia and general populace of Vervunhive.

A number of major characters are introduced in the novel. A short story titled In Remembrance directly follows the siege of Vervunhive, and is included in The Founding the first Omnibus. The Ghosts are sent to the Shrineworld Hagia, religious capital of the Sabbat worlds and homeworld of the revered Saint Sabbat herself, to reclaim the holy world from the clutches of Pater Sin and his so-called Infardi.

During their campaign to reclaim the Doctrinopolis — the planet's central city — Gaunt, who has command of the ground forces, is forced into a trap set in one of the most holy structures in the city. A warp-beacon is activated in the process, and a Chaos fleet advances on Hagia to obliterate the Imperial forces. With just eighteen days until the fleet large enough to wipe out the liberation force even if the fleet were a quarter its current size arrives, Gaunt is given one last chance to redeem himself by the arrogant and pompous Lord-General Lugo: recover the Saint's remains and holy relics from the Shrinehold in the Sacred Hills for evacuation.

The Ghosts are appointed as the honour guard of these relics, and together with units from the Pardus armoured regiments they form a convoy and journey into the mountains. However, much of Sin's Infardi horde has pulled back into the hills; leaving the Ghosts with no choice but to fight the heretics while at the same time fighting the elements and navigating the unfamiliar terrain.

It also features spectacular armour clashes and reveals more of Gaunt's character. The novel begins with the Tanith First training to take part in the airborne assault on Cirenholm, a dome-city perched above Phantine's toxic Scald. The archenemy's elite Blood Pact have captured the city, which the Imperial forces plan to use as a staging ground for their campaign to reclaim Ouranberg, one of Phantine's largest cities and a major source of promethium. After the Ghosts successfully infiltrate the Blood Pact's defences and prevent a disastrous loss for the Imperium, Lord-General Van Voytz re-considers his approach on the Ouranberg invasion.

A number of Ghosts are hand-picked to form specialist kill-teams, placed in a regime of additional jump-training and covertly deployed into Ouranberg prior to the invasion.

Salvation's Reach (Gaunt's Ghosts, #13) by Dan Abnett

Doing so will break the morale of the Chaos worshippers and enable the Imperial forces to recapture Ouranberg with greater ease. The task is made more daunting with the prospect of thousands of Blood Pact troopers and loxatl mercenaries standing between them and their target. However, the rest of the Tanith First face their own trials as they await deployment; a great unease is brewing between the Tanith and the Verghastite soldiers, and a crime case involving several Ghosts highlights this divide.

Still under the command of Van Voytz, the Tanith First is deployed as part of the Imperial Expeditionary Force to Aexe Cardinal, where a deadlocked land war has been raging for forty years between the Aexe Alliance a handful of loyal nation-states and the Chaos-corrupted Shadik Republic. Warmaster Macaroth insists that the Aexe Alliance is to remain in command of the campaign, with strained success. The Alliance employs methods of warfare considered obsolete and inefficient according to the modern standard tactics of the Imperial Guard.

Gaunt is quickly frustrated with the brutal strategies and lack of reliable intelligence, and disagrees with the deployment of the scout-specialist Ghosts as grunts in the trenches. Straight Silver is the first novel in which the Tanith First does not see a campaign through to its conclusion: after successfully taking out the siege-guns in the Seiberq Pocket and repelling a Blood Pact flanking manoeuvre in the Montorq Forest, the Ghosts are withdrawn from the front lines and redeployed to Herodor.

At the request of the reincarnated Saint Sabbat , the Tanith First-and-Only is summoned to the remote and tactically insignificant world Herodor. While the Ghosts prepare to defend the city alongside the local PDF force, Gaunt learns the truth of the situation: the woman posing as the reincarnated Saint is Sanian, an esholi whom the Ghosts encountered on Hagia.

Utterly convinced that she is Sabbat, Sanian has clearly lost her mind.

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  7. Lord-General Lugo — whose career has been unstable since his disgrace at Hagia — plans to use her as propaganda, and does not care that she is an imposter; he believes that he will be forever remembered as the man responsible for a miracle in the Sabbat Worlds. As far as untold thousands of pilgrims, Imperial and archenemy troops are concerned, Sanian is the true Saint. However, things take a strange turn when Sanian actually does become the host for the Saint's spirit, after Sabbat's true incarnation perishes in the assault.

    Innokenti deploys nine specialist assassins to the Civitas Beati under the cover of the invasion. Their purpose: kill the Saint and shatter the morale of the Imperials. With the Imperial fleet all but destroyed and surrounded by an enemy who has multiple advantages over them, the Ghosts face one of their most daunting challenges yet. The title Sabbat Martyr is a reference to the psychic message experienced by a number of Ghosts in Honour Guard.

    Halo Reach Infection Map - Salvation's End

    Ultimately, it is one of the Ghost's most beloved leaders who becomes a martyr in Sabbat's name, as he gives his life defending her from the final assassin. Lord-General Noches Sturm, the disgraced senior officer relieved of command during the siege on Vervunhive when caught attempting to desert, is captured by the forces of Chaos while en route to a military tribunal. His memories are bound by a mind-lock, preventing him from revealing vital information about the Crusade. As enemy psykers work hard to remove the mind-lock, the Imperial forces move quickly to stop Sturm jeopardising the entire Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

    By request of Van Voytz and on his own free will, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt leads a hand-picked team of Ghosts to Gereon; a Chaos-held world where Sturm is undergoing an agonising ordeal to recover his memory. The insertion team is tasked with rescuing Sturm if he has not yielded the critical intelligence, or killing him if he has done so and betrayed the Imperium. The group links up with the loyalist resistance on Gereon to locate Sturm and evade the heretical forces pursuing them. With countless fanatical soldiers and foul warp-beings standing between the rescue team and their target, Gaunt and his men must not only fight for their lives, but also resist the corruption of Chaos that threatens to overwhelm them.

    From this novel on, Eszrah becomes a major character within the series. It is also the first appearance of Mabbon Etogaur, a former commander in the Blood Pact who returns in the Victory arc. After sixteen months of fighting as part of the Gereon Resistance, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and his team escape the Chaos-held world and return to Imperial territory. Instead of praise and acknowledgement of their actions, the Ghosts are met with deep mistrust and abuse. However, halfway through the hearings all charges are dropped and the Ghosts are prepared to return to active duty.

    Gaunt is shocked to learn that the Tanith First has been disbanded and merged with an under-strength regiment; the 81st Belladon. Furthermore, Gaunt is relieved of command status and once again a simple field commissar, but separated from his men. The regiment is taking part in the campaign to capture the ancient step-city Sparshad Mons, occupied by the Blood Pact and disturbingly warped nocturnal predators.

    The situation in the Mons is grim; desertion is high, morale is low, and most of the Imperial soldiers are inexperienced grunts. Gaunt is deployed to another section of the step-city and attached to a regiment from Fortis Binary, accompanied by Ludd and Eszrah Night. The situation deteriorates rapidly as the Blood Pact launch a counter-assault against the Imperial forces.

    His Last Command introduces troopers from the 81st Belladon, several of whom become key characters in the series. The title refers to both Gaunt and Wilder. When informing Gaunt of his demotion, Van Voytz tells him that the Tanith was "[his] last command". Haunted by sceptres from the past and stalked by the arch-enemy, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and his Ghosts embark upon what could be their finest hour Salvation's Reach follows a highly linear, controlled narrative without the use of flashbacks or chronological tweaking.

    It divides it's focus mainly over the main characters seen above, switching between them at appropriate times. Sign In Don't have an account?