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C Programming Tutorial 10 - C Basics Part 2 - Print Variables Using Printf

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. We're not supposed to modify the code at all. Using just the input, we have 4 goals: crash the program, print the value at secret[1], modify the value at secret[1], and modify the value at secret[1] to a pre-determined value. Following that is the decimal I input, chosen so that the 'ffff' would be clearly visible.

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Next comes the address of secret[0], then I get into other values stored in the program. Now I need to read the value at secret[1], though, and I'm totally lost. I've tried all sorts of address, but after a while I realized I was just storing all of them as a string where those A's showed up previously. They're not being converted to hex or anything.

Secrets of “printf ”: 1 Background

I've seen a lot of discussion about this code on SA and other places, but I've yet to see anyone talk about how you get the values at secret[1]. When you don't supply enough arguments to printf , then the address that it writes to is whatever value happens to be next on the stack. If you can exploit that address to be what you want, then you can essentially write a 4-byte integer anywhere in memory. Learn more. First 10 Free. Accessing 2nd element of an array in a format string vulnerability attack Ask Question.

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  • Viewed 2k times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Adrian Panasiuk 5, 4 4 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. Max Max 6 6 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. To access secret[1] you must enter it address as the integer input.

    Scanf - The Basics of C Programming | HowStuffWorks

    Let us figure out the process ID of the mysecret program:. We can use the following Python program to write all pages to stdout :.

    Let us now run the program in hardware mode. First, ensure that you kill the original program by typing control-C. Note, however, that secrets stored in the binaries can be found because the binary is not encrypted: a copy of the original binary - which is used to start the enclave - stays in main memory outside the enclave.

    We can find this secret as follows:. Questions or Suggestions? Note that the enclave runs in this example runs in debug mode, i.