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Panic-stricken, Carly Beth rushed over to the novelty shop to get help from the shopkeeper. There, she learned the truth about the Haunted Mask, and the shopkeeper told her there could be hope; the mask could possibly be removed with a symbol of love. However, Carly Beth's outbursts awake the other masks, which begin to chase her.

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Overjoyed, Carly Beth knew that it was now best to be herself. In the television adaptation, the mask is featured much more prominently as the episode's main antagonist. The Haunted Mask Lives! Stine 's contract ending with Scholastic.

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It was one of the books planned to be released as a part of the series Goosebumps Gold. The book cover, which was the only thing about the book which was finished, as the plot was unknown, depicted the original Haunted Mask, sticking to a girl's face. This section of the page is a stub.

Goosebumps S2E10 The Haunted Mask 2 Parts 1 & 2

Please help the Goosebumps Wiki by expanding it. She appears once all the way on the left of Slappy 's newly awakened army and is later seen gleefully skipping towards the ferris wheel in the finale. Like most of the other monsters in the film, she does not speak. It can be used to ward off a Beast. Putting the mask on once causes the player to immediately remove it.

Equipping the mask a second time causes the screen to slowly become blurry and the game's text to become jumbled. This continues until the game remarks "Your body is unharmed, you're just not in control of it anymore. Two in-game achievements can be earned with it. The Haunted Mask feeds off the evil and fear around it, always ready to cause more mayhem when able, and is at its most powerful during Halloween.

1. There are actually seven different Goosebumps book series

It amplifies the wearer's negative emotions and can eventually even take full control of them. As such, the only way to remove the Haunted Mask is by a symbol of love or an act of kindness, which would loosen its control over its wearer enough to be removed. The Mask seems to favor Carly Beth over any other wearer. The book describes the mask as having yellow-green skin with a bulging, bald forehead.

The eyes are a glowing orange, and the mouth is lined with rows of jagged animal fangs. Comparison between the Haunted Mask's depiction in the TV series left and film right. The film's brief appearance retains much of the show's, adding a few features. It further exaggerates the wrinkly grimace with a deeply furrowed brow and crow's feet. The head is larger in proportion and more bulbous, further disconnecting it in appearance from the wearer's own body as a noticeably foreign object.

It also adds prominent veins in the forehead, making it appear more fearfully lifelike. It's the best Halloween mask ever. It's everything Carly Beth hoped it would be. And more. Maybe too much more. Because Halloween is almost over. And Carly Beth is still wearing that special mask Carly Beth Caldwell is talking about her Halloween costume with her talkative best friend, Sabrina Mason. Carly Beth is a quiet, shy, and overly trusting girl. She is easily scared of almost everything, and repeatedly humiliated by her friends, Chuck Greene and Steve Boswell , at school who call her a "scaredy cat", and delight in making her life a misery.

After being tricked by Steve into eating a sandwich that contained a live worm, Carly Beth flees home in shame and vows revenge. At home, Carly Beth discovers her mother, Kate , has made a perfect likeness of Carly Beth's face from plaster of Paris as a symbol of her love for her. Carly Beth is also annoyed to discover her mother has made her a silly duck costume.

Goosebumps: Wanted The Haunted Mask by R. L. Stine | LibraryThing

Carly Beth goes to her bedroom, where her little brother, Noah , has dressed up in her costume and frightens her. After Carly Beth sends Noah away, she calls Sabrina on the telephone.

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  • They talk about the cruel prank Steve played on her and Carly Beth swears she will never fall for one of their stunts again. Then she muses about buying a horrible mask from a new shop that has just opened. The day before Halloween at a science fair, Carly Beth is once again made a fool of after Steve pretends his tarantula has escaped, knowing full well Carly Beth is terrified of spiders.

    Steve sneaks up behind Carly Beth and pinches her leg, making it seem as though the tarantula is biting her. Carly Beth runs off in tears, after everyone laughs at her. On Halloween day, she collects her money and sets off for the costume shop, distraught that it is closed. However the mysterious owner of the shop allows her entry and she unwillingly stumbles upon a back room filled with the many of the most hideous masks she has ever seen. The owner refuses to sell her the one she wants.

    But she is insistent and takes off with the mask while throwing the money to him. Carly Beth notices how warm the mask gets and how much harder it is each time she tries to remove it.

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    How the longer she wears it, the more it conforms to her face and the more real the mask look. Perspiration included. She sets out for revenge but will Carly Beth be able to accept the consequences? This was one of my favorites as a kid and rereading it was an awesome reliving of no only the book but the TV series episode, which was really great.

    The ending is pretty good and the scenes that it sets up are great.

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    • This was definitely as good as I had remembered it. So readers beware, this one will scare. I love this whole series!!! Me and my nephew watched and read this whole series!!! This was one out faves too!!! Shared on my socials!! Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

      Goosebumps: Wanted The Haunted Mask

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