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But perhaps these incongruities are precisely why these student trends are important to highlight.

Benefits of Home Visiting

In theory, these mindsets could compel someone whose mother is Navajo and whose father is white to check off the latter box and thus be considered white on paper. Reyhner also suggested some families may want to distinguish themselves from the poor educational outcomes associated with indigenous populations.

Indeed, Native American students underperform on all kinds of education metrics—even despite the range of educational programs that have been developed to target their needs.

A Girl Kidnapped And Tattooed By Native Americans

As the National Education Association noted in a report, American Indian and Alaska Native students have some of the highest dropout rates in the country. The policies required that American Indian youth attend boarding schools as a means of assimilating them to anglocentric norms. Now, Barack and Michelle Obama are advocating for better support for American Indian youth, both within and outside the school system.

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In fact, they recently launched an initiative called Generation Indigenous, aimed at bringing more resources to these children and their families. We want to hear what you think about this article.

Native American Dolls: Corn husk dolls, Hopi spirit dolls, and other Indian doll traditions

Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Alia Wong is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covers education and families.

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According to some versions of the Maya worry doll legend, if you sleep with them under your pillow they will protect you in your dreams. In other versions of the story, if you tell each worry doll one of your troubles, the doll will appear in your dream and teach you how to solve it.

Pueblo Storyteller Dolls Story teller dolls or figurines are a popular type of Pueblo dolls made from clay, representing an open-mouthed woman or sometimes a man singing and telling stories to children. They symbolize family, tradition, and happiness.

Native Americans

Littlecrow Indian Dolls These Otoe and Cherokee artists make cute native doll regalia from several different tribes, as well as full-size regalia for people. They also carry a few fine-art porcelain dolls dressed in fully beaded white deerskin. Alaska Native Dolls Artistic wooden and ceramic dolls by an Inupiaq artist. These are contemporary dolls based in traditional Inuit culture. Kachina dolls also known as katsina or spirit dolls are not actually dolls the way the English word is usually used ; they are wooden sculptures, religious in nature, which are not used as or appropriate for children's toys.

American Indian / Native American

Kachina doll figures are meticulously hand-carved and painted by a small number of Hopi artists who have won the cultural honor of making them, and they are priced accordingly. Visit our Hopi kachinas page to see examples of this beautiful art form. Small Spirit: Native American Dolls.