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Ultrasonography was also performed in eight patients and magnetic resonance image MRI in one patient. The surgical procedure was performed on an outpatient basis using regional anesthesia. A brachial tourniquet was used systematically and the procedure was carried out with surgical loupes. The lesion was found in the index in 29 cases, middle finger in 23, thumb in 21, ring finger in 11, little finger in 11, hypothenar area in two and thenar area in one Figure 1. The time from the tumor appearance to physician consultation ranged between 1 month and 7 years.

No other lesion was found on X-rays in 80 cases.

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Cortical deformation was visible in five cases and subchondral cysts in 11 cases Figure 2. The ultrasonography assessment showed a hypoechogenic image that was not hypervascularized; the MRI showed a tissue with little gadolinium uptake. The average size of the lesion was The tumor was multinodular in Other cells such as histiocytes and siderophages were also found Table 1. The average follow-up was There were eight recurrences in seven patients one patient had two recurrences despite the surgical treatment.

There were 12 patients with sequelae: six cases of stiffness with one patient requiring distal interphalangeal joint fusion and six cases of neurological sequelae such as paresthesia or hypoesthesia.

Live Surgery: Ganglion Cyst: Flexor Tendon Sheath (Finger)

Giant-cell tumour of tendon sheath. Is radiotherapy indicated to prevent recurrence after surgery? Its multiple names have been a hindrance to its definition. The patients had an average age of Our 96 patient series revealed that GCTs are benign tumors that can recur. There was an 8.

Abnormal growths on the hand and wrist

Looi et al. In comparison, our study had a lengthy average follow-up and most of the recurrences appeared within 3 years. However, there was one recurrence at 78 months. We found other factors that were more common in recurring GCT in our series, although they were not significant predictors of recurrence: circumferential lesion, multinodular lesion, marginal excision.

Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath origin. One of our patients had two recurrences, 3 years apart each time, despite complete excision and wide margins.

Diagnostic imaging of tumors of the hand and wrist | SpringerLink

Also, during the second recurrence a second tumor location was found thumb interphalangeal joint and first phalanx of ring finger. No other specific factors, other than intra-articular localization and tendon erosion were found. At the last follow-up of this patient 16 years later, there had been no other recurrences. This double recurrence had not been described in published studies.

Tumors of the hand.

None of our patients required additional treatment. Although this is a benign tumor, it can lead to sequelae. We found a Six of our patients presented with dyesthesia at the final follow-up and six others had joint stiffness, which required PIP fusion in one patient. GCTs of the tendon sheaths in the hand are a common tumor. They have a risk recurrence 8. The physician will require a detailed history including traumatic injuries, occupational hazards and family history.

A complete physical examination of the extremity will then be performed.

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X ray, MRI magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound are used to visualize the soft tissues for abnormalities. Most hand tumors will require surgical excision to completely remove the mass and prevent recurrence. Once the mass is removed it is sent to a lab for pathology.

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This is the only way to determine whether the growth is benign or malignant. If non-cancerous, no other treatment except possibly hand therapy is required as the lump has already been removed. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Recent Posts. Recent Comments. Hand Hand Tumor Lumps and Bumps. Here are some examples of common hand tumors: 1. Anatomy Wrist Bones. Mitchell j sarro. Itis nice to read the article, got a precise differentiation. Darcy Brady. Your Webpage.

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