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ZetaFunction Regularization of Determinants.

Linear regression (6): Regularization

Uses of Zeta Function in Integration. Multiple Zeta Functions with Arbitrary Exponents. Applications to KaluzaKlein Models.

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Zeta Functions vs HeatKernel Regularization. ZetaRegularization of Lapla. Casimir Energy for Spherical and Cylindrical Universes.

Dowker Laplacian Lett limit manifold Math Mellin transform meromorphic method metric Nucl obtained one-loop operator p-brane parameter partition function Phys pole potential quadratic quantization quantum field Quantum Grav renormalization residue result Riemann spheres Riemann zeta function S. Odintsov scalar field Selberg trace formula semicircumference space spacetime spinor string theory subsection summation supermembrane taking theorem topology vacuum energy vanish Witt zero modes zeta function regularization zeta-function regularization.

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    Mathematical Formulas Involving the Different Zeta Functions

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    Applications of Zeta Function Regularization in QFT

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