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The Cheat Sheet - 11, years of Ancient Chinese history at a glance. Timeline of Ancient China. China Geography. Himalayan Mountains.

Mysteries of Ancient China - Documentary 2018

The Dynastic Cycle. Ancient Chinese Dynasties. Xia Dynasty Very Early China. The Bronze Age.

A study on the migration policy in ancient China.

Mandate of Heaven. Ancestor Worship. Great Wall of China. Age of Division. Daily Life. Foot Binding. Occupations, Professions. The invention and importance of tea. Forbidden City. Animals of the Zodiac. Chinese Fables.

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Confucius - The Great Teacher. Comparison of Beliefs - Taoism, Confucianism, Legalism. The 3 Teachings - Confucius, Taoism, Buddhism. Myth: Why Chinese dragons have five toes. Myth: Nian, the Horrible Monster. Story: Loawnu the Wise Woman.

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Story: The True Story of Mulan. Due to her skills with a blade, a teenage girl living in the forests of the ancient State of Yue BC attracted the attention of the king, who sent her to train the royal army. They competed with two bamboo branches, and - when the dust cleared - the young girl won in only three moves, paving the way for competitive swordplay.

Swordplay was prevalent in later dynasties as it matured and became more complicated. Music and plots were further added for the entertainment of the royal court, but, despite this pageantry, wrestling was also considered a valued sport of strength and technique. In the Yuan Dynasty AD , Mongolian people brought their own wrestling traditions to central China and held competitions frequently in the capital.

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In the Western Zhou Dynasty BC , archery was an essential part of education for an accomplished gentleman. Starting at age 15 they began learning five techniques, including being able to shoot with enough force to penetrate a target and shooting three arrows in quick succession. It was held by the emperor, and, though competitive in nature, there wasn't any trash talk.

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First recorded 2, years ago, cuju is known as the earliest form of football. Eight pieces of leather were stitched together to form a round shell.

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Inside, an animal bladder was installed and inflated; the goal was a net on bamboo sticks. Cuju differs in that a single goal was located at the middle of the field, and the number of players varied as long as both teams were equally matched. Players also had competitions on technique - for example, juggling the ball with their feet.

Ancient China was one of the oldest and richest cultures in human civilization.

One women's team, consisting of members, was recorded as so proficient that, once they started, the ball never touched the ground. Nobles in the Tang Dynasty loved to hit wooden balls with a stick on horseback. Of all 19 emperors, 11 were hardcore fans. Two of them even died in polo accidents. Said to have been introduced by Persian and Tubo Kingdoms, Polo was also actively practiced by ancient Chinese women.

Sometimes, it was more than recreational. When Emperor Xizong had trouble choosing between four candidates to be the military official for the Sichuan region, a game of polo was set as the decider.