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This rare photograph depicts a young Buffalo Bill.

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Does any reader know who he might be? Buffalo Bill—Last Years Frequently plagued by financial problems, often brought about by his generosity and his poor investments, Buffalo Bill Cody continued to put together Wild West shows right up until the last few months of his life. He never lost his unsurpassed showmanship. This photo, taken shortly before his death on January 10, , reveals that he was a commanding figure right up until the end. Her skill with the gun caught the attention of Pawnee Bill, who signed her to his show in Among the memorabilia she left behind was the Colt Buffalo Bill had given her.

Cole Younger above left was released from the Minnesota state prison in and was prohibited by his parole agreement from actually appearing in the show. The show lasted less than one season. Starting in , Buffalo Bill took his show on the road, wowing audiences with performers like these cowgirls and cowboys from the show. Over the next 20 years, the show would feature more than 1, performers from all over the world in their best attire. She would burst into the arena standing atop a pair of chestnut mares, one foot in each saddle, then race around the ring at top speed.

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Evil Spirit of the Plains Dr. William F.

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He began his career as an expert marksman in , having done nothing of significance up to that time. Doc and Bill did not get along, though, and they soon parted ways.

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Yet, he never approached Buffalo Bill in popularity. Leading them was William L. Mexican vaqueros were an important part of many of the Wild West shows. Minnie Lester We have no record of Minnie Lester who must have been one of the hundreds of cowgirl performers in stage and Wild West shows from the s throughout the turn of the 20th century. This photo dates from the s.

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She retired in , after injuries from a train accident made it too painful for her to continue riding. She and her husband settled in Greenville, Ohio, and gave shooting lessons. Little Miss Sure Shot would die in from pernicious anemia.

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She would play the Indian Princess, Dove Eye, and although a featured attraction, the true stars of the show were frontier scouts that Buntline had convinced to join the company: Buffalo Bill Cody and Texas Jack Omohundro above center. Omohundro fell in love with his costar and married Morlacchi in ; the two of them went off to start their own acting troupe in St. Buffalo Bill, of course, would become the founder of the most famous Wild West show known to man.

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Showmen Triumvirate Buffalo Jones at left was a hunter, adventurer and naturalist, best known for his efforts to save the buffalo from extinction. These men sure knew how to dress! Unknown Buffalo Gal Another performer in costume, most likely an actress appearing in a Western melodrama in the s.

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A moderately successful rival of Buffalo Bill, they remained on friendly terms and occasionally helped one another. When both were struggling financially, they merged shows in , a partnership that lasted for five years. In this photo, the young Pawnee Bill is outfitted in Mexican Vaquero style. Please review the types of cookies we use below.

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