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Electron transport coefficients in SiH4and Si2H6in dc and rf fields. The influence of excited states on the kinetics of excitation and dissociation in gas mixtures containing methane. Jelenak A. Drift method of measuring electron number density produced by ionizing radiation. Non-hydrodynamic transport theory of charged particle swarms in neutral gases.

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment. Scattering theory relevant to the linear transport of particle swarms. Journal of Statistical Physics. An analysis of transverse evolution of electron swarms in gases using moment equations and a propagator method.

The evolution of simple velocity average of ions in gases in time-varying electric fields and static magnetic fields. Electron transport parameters in CO2: scanning drift tube measurements and kinetic computations. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. Lindinger W. Calculation of ion mobilities by means of the two-temperature displaced-distribution theory.

White Ronald D. Spherical-harmonics decomposition of the Boltzmann equation for charged-particle swarms in the presence of both electric and magnetic fields. Transport coefficients for electrons in water vapor: Definition, measurement, and calculation. Ion distribution of a weakly ionised gas in an intense electric field. Non-equilibrium transport of positron and electron swarms in gases and liquids. Monte Carlo simulation of non-conservative positron transport in pure argon. Transverse electron swarm parameters by a Fourier-transformed Boltzmann equation analysis.

Journal of Mathematical Physics. Journal of Applied Physics. Kinetic theory of a nonequilibrium plasma: Evaluation of the vectorized collisional Boltzmann equation. Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics.

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Molecular-dynamics simulation of electron-ion recombination in a nonequilibrium, weakly ionized plasma. Momentum transfer theory of nonconservative charged particle transport in mixtures of gases: General equations and negative differential conductivity. Electron thermalization in gases. Diatomic molecules H2, N2, and CO. Transport coefficients defined by arrival-time spectra of electron swarms in methane gas.

Nonequilibrium macroscopic descriptions of electrons in weakly ionized gases. Expression for momentum-transfer scattering in inelastic collisions in electron transport in a collisional plasma. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. On the calculation of ion swarm properties by velocity moment methods. Measurements and analysis of electron transport coefficients obtained by a pulsed Townsend technique. Solution of the one-dimensional linear Boltzmann equation for charged Maxwellian particles in an external field. Evolution equation and transport coefficients defined by arrival-time spectra of swarms.

The cumulative measure of a force: A unified kinetic theory for rigid-sphere and inverse-square force law interactions. Multiterm calculations of electron energy distributions and transport coefficients in Ar and Hg. Braglia G. Particles dispersed in a dilute gas. From the Langevin equation to a more general kinetic approach. Comment on the discrete ordinate method in the kinetic theory of gases. E, Ness K. F, Sneddon G. E, Viehland Larry A. Electric field dependence of transient electron longitudinal and transverse diffusion coefficients in rare-gas moderators.

Comments on electron transport in gases with particular reference to argon. Linear kinetic equation: long-time behavior of one-particle distribution function. Vrhovac S. The European Physical Journal B. Integral cross sections for electron impact excitation of electronic states of N2. Recent advances in the application of Boltzmann equation and fluid equation methods to charged particle transport in non-equilibrium plasmas. Comparative calculations of electron-swarm properties inN2at moderateENvalues.

Transport Theory and Statistical Physics. Three species one-dimensional kinetic model for weakly ionized plasmas. Method of averaging over a distribution function satisfying a linear kinetic equation. Diffusion tensor of electron swarm in electric field in gases. The influence of the conservative inelastic collisions.

Magnetic fields amplify in a turbulent plasma

Time dependent electron distribution functions and degradation spectra: A comparison of the Spencer—Fano equation and the Boltzmann equation. Part A. Applied Radiation and Isotopes. Measurement and interpretation of swarm parameters and their application in plasma modelling. Mobility and diffusion of atomic helium and neon ions in their parent gases.

Force on a Moving Charge in a Magnetic Field: Examples and Applications

Thermal relaxation and entropy for charged particles in a heat bath with fields. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General. Monte Carlo and Boltzmann calculations of the density gradient expanded energy distribution functions of electron swarms in gases. Stability of the upwind discrete energy approximation to the Spencer-Lewis equation of electron transport. A multi-term solution of the nonconservative Boltzmann equation for the analysis of temporal and spatial non-local effects in charged-particle swarms in electric and magnetic fields.

Transport coefficients and scattering cross-sections for plasma modelling in CF4-Ar mixtures: a swarm analysis. Development of swarm transport theory in radio-frequency electric and crossed electric and magnetic fields. Transport coefficients for atomic ions in atomic or diatomic neutral gases. Coulomb collisions in the Boltzmann equation for electrons in low-temperature gas discharge plasmas. Self-consistency of electron-THF cross sections using electron swarm techniques. Casey M. Transport coefficients for electrons in argon in crossed electric and magnetic rf fields.

Benchmark calculations of nonconservative charged-particle swarms in dc electric and magnetic fields crossed at arbitrary angles. Monte Carlo studies of non-conservative electron transport in the steady-state Townsend experiment. Third-order transport coefficients of ions in electrostatic fields.

Electron macrokinetics in partially ionized gases: The hydrodynamic regime.

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Foundations of modelling of nonequilibrium low-temperature plasmas. Boltzmann equation description of electron transport in an electric field with cylindrical or spherical symmetry. Diffusion theory of electrons in a uniform electric field: Time-of-flight analysis. Monte Carlo studies of electron transport in crossed electric and magnetic fields in CF4.

A hydrodynamic description of electron flow in a strong electric field. Kinetics of ions in a neutral gas upon abrupt application of an electric field.

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II: Various models of interaction. Segur P. A survey of the numerical methods currently in use to describe the motion of an electron swarm in a weakly ionized gas. The spatio-temporal development of electron swarms in gases: moment equation analysis and Hermite polynomial expansion.

Kinetic theoretical and fluid modelling of plasmas and swarms: the big picture. Selected bibliography on atomic collisions: Data collections, bibliographies, review articles, books, and papers of particular tutorial value. McDaniel E. Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables. A study of the mass ratio dependence of the mixed species collision integral. Paveri-Fontana Stefano L. Date H. Boltzmann analysis of electron swarm parameters in CF4 using independently assessed electron-collision cross sections. Bordage M. Effect of small admixtures of N2, H2 or O2 on the electron drift velocity in argon: experimental measurements and calculations.

Plasma Physics

Stano M. The European Physical Journal D. Diffusion tensor of electron or light ion swarm in electric fields in gases. Transport properties of gaseous ions over a wide energy range. Part III. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube.

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