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Success will be measured along the way and will look different at each stage of the process. For starters, just building the initial beta will be a measure of success.

Ever Had a Missed Connection? (This Is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day)

At that point, I want to build up a user base of early adopters and begin to gain traction in NYC. We have specific metrics to measure that success, but in general, acquiring initial users will be another sign of success along the way.

"Lost & Found App: Another Missed Connection"

Launching the product in the app store is next on the list. There is a lot of work that goes into a launch so that will certainly be another moment of success as we move forward.

No More Missed Connections Thanks To This New App

From there I want to continue to provide value to our users. Providing that value to people will be the ultimate measure of success.

Missed Connections – Love, Lost and Found

An investment like that validates the fact that we are providing value to a growing number of users. To sum it up, success will be measured in the value we provide to our users. The more value we create the more users we will have. Everything else will follow that.

Sophie Blackall and the Missed Connections of the Mail

Be passionate about it. Passion will help it seem less like work, especially when you are doing it on the side of your regular job. How has GA been helpful throughout this process? The BFT class itself was incredibly helpful in the way it guided me to build out the business in a structured manner. My classmates were all awesome too. We had a great time collaborating and giving each other feedback, which was very helpful.

Missed Connections

The GA community is also a tremendous resource. The different workshops, meetups and social gatherings were a huge part of the learning experience. I tried to participate in as many of these as possible and continue to do so even after the course.

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June was our teacher and Eleanore was our TA, and they are both awesome. Beyond their ability to teach the curriculum was a dedication to helping each of us build our ideas and skills.

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Both of them have a lot of experience with startups which made for an invaluable learning environment. General Assembly Toggle Menu. Europe London Paris. Asia Singapore.

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Australia Melbourne Sydney. Why GA? For centuries the lovelorn have carved messages in tree trunks and rolled letters into bottles and cast them out to sea. Some of the illustrated messages were written by their smitten authors moments after the encounter took place, and others decades later.


Some are written to an impossible love interest, a person famous or dead or forbidden for one reason or another, and some lament the loss of a familiar lover. Hopeful, pensive, lonely, drunken, optimistic — they span the entire spectrum of human emotion. Images via Sophie Blackall. Brain Pickings participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.