Manual Natural Gas Seepage: The Earth’s Hydrocarbon Degassing

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Methane on Mars: potential origin and seepage - Giuseppe Etiope (SETI Talks 2016)

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Natural Gas Seepage: The Earth’S Hydrocarbon Degassing 2015

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 2 , , Geophysical Research Letters 29 8 , , Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Privacy Terms. Migration of carrier and trace gases in the geosphere: an overview G Etiope, G Martinelli Physics of the earth and planetary interiors , , Nature Geoscience 2 12 , , Earth System Science Data 8 2 , , Nature , 88 , A new estimate of global methane flux from onshore and shallow submarine mud volcanoes to the atmosphere G Etiope, AV Milkov Environmental Geology 46 8 , , Natural emissions of methane from geological seepage in Europe G Etiope Atmospheric Environment 43 7 , , Earth's degassing: a missing ethane and propane source G Etiope, P Ciccioli Science , , Chapter 9 of "Natural Gas Seepage".

Natural Gas Seepage in Rome. Hunting ancient seeps in the Eternal City.

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Photo credits a, c, e, and f G. Etiope; b L. The surface expressions of natural gas seepage can be classified on the basis of spatial dimension, visibility, and fluid typology, as summarised in the following. Gas bubbling from groundwater filled wells, or other shallow water bodies, are considered gas seeps since surface water is only being crossed by the gas flow.

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Dry gas flow through rock and dry soil can produce flames by self-ignition fire seeps or everlasting fires ; more generally, however many vents can be easily ignited artificially. Mud volcanoes , related to sedimentary volcanism release a three-phase gas, water and sediment mixture. Gas is typically released from gryphons, craters or bubbling pools salses. Oil seeps release mainly liquid hydrocarbons.

gas seepage - Giuseppe Etiope - Natural Gas Geology and Geochemistry

The amount of gas in oil seeps decreases during oil exposure to the atmosphere, with subsequent oxidation, biodegradation, and solidification into asphalts and tars solid seeps. Water springs or water-seeps essentially refer to groundwater issuing from natural springs or in very shallow wells, with a significant concentration of gas in solution; water may have a deep origin and may have interacted with gas during its ascent to the surface. Miniseepage is the invisible, diffuse exhalation of gas surrounding visible seeps within a macro-seepage zone.

It is a sort of halo that surrounds a channelled seep. The concept is very important because it makes a clear distinction between the visible point of gas emission a crater, a vent, or a flame and the surrounding soil. Microseepage is the invisible, slow, continual, or episodic exhalation of methane and light alkanes from gas-oil-prone sedimentary basins, independent of the presence of macro-seeps.

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Microseepage can only be detected using soil-gas analyses, revealing anomalous concentrations of gaseous hydrocarbons in the soil, or using closed-chamber techniques that allow determinations of gas flux to the atmosphere. Here are some of my papers on seepage: 1. Etiope G. A thermogenic hydrocarbon seep in shallow Adriatic Sea Italy : gas origin, sediment contamination and benthic foraminifera.

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