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September 11, 2006

Many years back I was a member of a congregation that had a large and vibrant group of young people in their religious education program. Not surprisingly, the specter of this class raises lots of emotions from kids — those who want to appear cool, like they know it already, and those who are nervous about having these conversations with their peers while adult leaders are present. So a lot of them lobby to opt out. In the midst of all of this was Scott. Scott was one of the gang. Scott had been diagnosed with cancer when he was 8 years old.

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He had already endured large doses of radiation and chemotherapy. In all my time at that congregation, I never saw Scott with hair. Why bother? Why make myself even more depressed? Scott was unprepared for the response from his peers.

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Scott — and the rest of us — were completely taken aback. You need to learn this stuff.

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No Scott, no class. They had an incredible, memorable, time together. Scott cracked jokes about everything and everyone, including himself. Everyone laughed, a lot. And later that spring, at the age of 14, Scott died.

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Some kids get it — they do the loving thing naturally. And, for some of us, walking together in love is learned behavior.

But I will always remember what Scott taught all of us about the potential of the congregation as a setting for this huge lesson in loving. My mentor was Kay Greenleaf, who this congregation honored at one of its summer galas for her work on marriage equity upstate.

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Now, I know that both the word, and the very idea of God, do not resonate with many of you here in the congregation. What I understand from these words is that Love as God, and God as Love, is not about belief so much as a way of life. Which takes practice, commitment and dedication. I, "STEPHEN," who have gone over the top of life to victory, dedicate this book—in answer to their wistful questionings and as a call to that wider service which shall embrace all time, all space, all being.


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Q UALM. Quantity is that development which results from the use an individual makes of his quality of consciousness.

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  4. Suppose now, Darby, you tell me what you understand by consciousness. I said, "Consciousness is awareness of self. Descartes would hold now that consciousness is more than thought. In the same way an insect, if you could interview the thing, would tell you that consciousness is less than thought.