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The language of the lectures and the discussion is English. On the occasion, Madam Rector, Prof. In design and architecture practices, the visual communication and the built environment transmit rules and shape behaviour in a variety of, arguably, understudied ways. How to understand the normative nature of a picture? While classical realists focus on the individual dimension of political actors and their freedoms and responsibilities, many contemporary realists adopt broadly liberal values for political institutions. How Long is Now? The Re-Radicalization of Critical Thinking. The conference investigated the concept of testimony, notably war testimony, from different perspectives, i.

Targeted Killing with Drones? She earned her D. CAS SEE fellows have published or are about to publish an impressive list of publications in the period between and Benli, A. Diacritica Vol. Sites of memory and the criminalization of authoritarian pasts: Interrogating Goli Otok in a regional and transnational frame. Truth in Politics According to Spinoza, rights of individuals or groups are identical to their physical or psychical capabilities. Does it matter for excluded Roma whether water is public or private?

Architecture as Ideology: the perspectives of critical theory Benjamin and Adorno.

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Adorno, will be outlined. Robert D. In other words, are there normative reasons against intending harm and other bad effects which are not derived from reasons against harming or bringing those effects? The term is problematic in many ways.

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It is pronounced from aloof and entails the suggestion that politics is a matter of expertise, not to be soiled by the people. Zajc in Rijeka was a great motive for another collaboration of scientific and art institutions in Rijeka. I divided the presentation into three parts, namely the three point of views of my approach to the issue of the wall. Social Inequalities on the Urban Periphery?

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In the past forty years we have been witnessing a decline of public institutions in various areas. First, decline of institutions of welfare state. Second, decline of democratic institutions. There has been much talk recently of democratic deficit, particularly at EU level. In big societies, institutions also offer information regarding what others do or tend to do.

Some theories of democratization argue that quality of democracy and social equality are interrelated. Of the myriad terrorist organizations that emerged in the late s and s, those supporting the destruction of socialist Yugoslavia and the establishment of an independent Croatia were among the most active. Architecture and Anthropocene On the occasion of Prof. The Metaphysis of Gender. Not Simply a Woman or a Man. Is a metaphysically sound objectivist account of sexed identity possible?

Do gender categories exist because we recognize real distinctions in the world or because we agree to use gender terms while according to them categorical force? The Structure and Dynamics of Migrant Smuggling from Libya to Italy Migration and, in particular, irregular migration from North Africa and the Middle East represents one of the most relevant and demanding challenges that the European Union EU has to address in our age. Rethinking large-scale development projects in Belgrade and Zagreb There is one general question that motivated this research: To what extent global economic restructuring and neoliberalization influence urban planning processes in transitional cities?

In the below you can see our current Fellows. Workshop Program: Generation On The Move Description: The s had a long lasting impact on the children and youth of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, and Serbia, that can be seen nearly a quarter of a century after the outbreak of the Yugoslav wars. Hobsbawm and T.

#1. Stateless Democracy: The Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan [part 1]

Internationality and Simultaneity of Popular Music: Experiences of the Japanese Labour and Socialist Movements in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries We often hear that there is no border in [the world of] music, but we know much about national, and particularly local characteristics of popular music. In the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire. In the last two decades an increasing bibliography has focused on fascism in new ways, by shifting from a typological to a conceptual perspective and at the same time by developing transnational comparative approaches.

Evolutionary Aesthetics. Types of Spaces. Philosophy of Architecture.

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Stephane A. Masatoshi Kisaichi.

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Kondo Nobuaki. Tomohiko Uyama.

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Susumu Nejima. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Popular Movements and Democratization in the Islamic World. Description Ever since the terrorist incident of September 11th a general understanding seems to have arisen among people that the challenges posed by Islam have now acquired human and global dimensions. Popular Movements and Democratization in the Islamic World contains case studies of people's movements in diverse areas and periods, and it seeks to develop a comparative view of Islam and democracy that goes beyond the usual stereotype of Islam being incompatible with democracy.

Unravelling the complexities that have arisen between Islam and democracy is the principal task of Islamic scholars, and this book will undoubtedly prove a starting point for all such endeavours.

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  • Popular Movements and Democratization in the Islamic World.
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While primarily intended for students and scholars, this timely and important text will prove of interest even to general readers with interests in Islamic studies. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Add to basket.