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Great to see this type of article. I converted to blades this year big mistake lost distance and accuracy, etc. I only have one hybrid my 3-hybrid in the bag, but I may go to 4 and 5 hybrid eventually…. There is no comparison for me between the 4h and 4i. The 4h flies further and higher and is much easier to hit from tee, fw, or rough.

I even use a 5h much of the time. Hybrids have been a great help for my game. Is there a difference in a driving iron and a 1 iron? Hoverever some utility irons have a hybrid club character hence I am sticking with driving iron.

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Forgiveness is king. More fairways hit with 4i but lower score with 4h: presumably the people who use a 4h have a better short game than the people who use a 4i. An IR hybrid usually parallels the loft and shaft length of a matching set of irons by the company who made them. I generally carry a 4W, 7W, 4H.

For three of about 15 courses I play regularly, I will carry a 4i also. These courses have a par 3 or two of about yards, or a short par 4 with a strange landing area. All of those clubs serve a specific purpose, and I can hit them solid more often than not. The reason my index is poor, which I suspect is the case with many other mid handicappers, is that I hit tee shots out of bounds and three putt a lot.

I seriously doubt switching out long irons for hybrids is going to drastically reduce the number of shots most people take in a round. Am I not understanding the data? Not saying the data is wrong — just really not what I would have expected. So the landing area typically has a softer landing area green sloping towards you, bunkers, etc.

The resulting flyer will tend to fly and roll further than a tee shot. I hit it and it stops after one bounce and a short roll on the greens. I hit it off the tee on two of the hardest holes on my home course because it is totally reliable. The data seem to support playing whatever club suits your eye best. According to the charts shown, in the best case, a 4h will save one stroke over the course of five rounds.

Somehow the hybrid appears to be easier to swing than the 4 iron.

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I think the 4 iron intimidates me more than the hybrid. Unfortunately I also hook the ball more with the hybrid. I hit my woods way yonder better than I ever thought about hitting hybrids. Been thinking of maybe pulling a Michelle Wie, and just adding a few more woods to the bag. Great article. I was actually surprised that the 4I compared so well to the 4H. Best thing I ever did. The only time I use my 5I is to hit out from under a tree.

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  • The 5I is a thing of beauty when I hit it. Problem is I have too many disaster shots with it. I am strongly considering taking the 5I out and adding a 6th wedge. My old red head Nike hybrids are real confidence builders. I love the small heads and they are just so much easier to hit than a low iron —consistently. The only discrepancy not addressed here is that most hndcps player carry a 4 iron instead of 4H, so the universe taken is not even for comparison.

    It would be interesting to do a test of the same group of players testing their best fit or gamers 4i vs their best fit on a 4H. If I aim left and try to hit a cut with the 4-iron, I know at worst the ball may not cut and will end up somewhere along my starting line. With the hybrid there are times where I have the dreaded double cross miss and those are never playable unless you are playing the easiest of courses with parallel fairways and no trees. Every low handicapper I know uses steel shafts in their irons and graphite shafts in their hybrids.

    Hybrids or Long Irons? A Teacher’s Perspective

    My irons are g but my hybrid is I can swing the hybrid much faster and hit it further less spin , but the consistency is awful. Absolutely agree on your statement. Same old here! I play a dreaded hole where water is on the left and OB on the right. Tee shot is trending towards the water and I can count endless times where a hybrid or wood was ending in a water. Why not shaft your hybrids with the same shafts as your irons? They would still be easier to hit, but more controllable.

    Also, some hybrids are weighted to fight a slice. Others are weighted neutrally. Very interesting results. Can you do the same study for 5i vs 5h? I must be an anomaly. I carry a driver, TM 3 hybrid, 2- 4 hybrids, one is a Calloway for out of the ruff, the other for the fairway. And then a 5 hybrid.

    I carry both. Most miss hits still go pretty straight, I just lose some distance. I find the contact on miss hits to be more playable with the hybrid so it gets the ball out of the rough and moving toward the hole easier, but I definitely have some wild misses in direction with it. BTW, Its not mentioned here, but other than the tee from where are the shots made? I assume more players will use hybrid from the rough and irons from the fairway. I would rather see statistics that indicate whether the iron or hybrid distance had a tighter dispersion.

    At the end of the day, if you are yards out, which option will be consistently closest the hole? I am a lower handicap and find hybrid distance to be unpredictable. I think they may be easier to hit but the distance seems to be inconsistent. Totally agree KansasKing. The hybrid should just fit into the set to make the longer shots easier not to hit the ball further.

    The hybrids should just replace the irons and their distances not go extra yards. If your 4i goes but now your 4h goes and your 5i goes … good luck. How about wedge loft combinations — which group of wedge lofts seem to work best, higher handicaps versus lower. I have been using a 4 hybrid Callaway for years because I hit it higher than the 4 iron and I play the draw bias.

    But I can not get rid of my 4i because for me it is a great club for advancing the ball when a low shot is required. I like both for different reasons and keep both in the bag. The hybrid is better off the turf and they are both ok off a tee. I have dropped from a 13 at the beginning of the season and I think the data has a lot to do with it. That is insane. I like it but am not seeing the real benefit to my game. Bottom line, dig into your numbers, really dig in…then the decision will become obvious which is best for your game.

    Interesting findings. The highest iron I have is a 4 iron. I need a thin top line, smaller sole with some trailing edge relief for the correct turf interaction. Thanks for another great comparison. I switched from hybrids to a 4-iron and I ditched my 3-hybrid for the Ping G Crossover.

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    A few times, I have hit the hybrids off the toe or hooked it badly. Not only did it hurt my score, it destroy ed my confidence. When I get there, I will give the hybrids another chance. Give them a try, best way to judge is by smashing balls on the course. April 25, at AM I would not be afraid of switching to a hybrid. You can still hit them low if you need to but you also get that high soft landing shot into the green when you want it.

    I have an H1 and H2 in use and am very happy with both. Speedy Newmarket, NH. April 25, at PM Get fitted Numbers were better with the hybrids so went with that.. IMO, they're so easy to hit.. But find a titleist thursday and go from there.. April 25, at PM Hey Alex, I think it depends on the courses you play and the shots you want to hit. Or your a traditionalist. I've weighed the options myself and in the future am going to add 2 hybrids to replace my long irons.

    I also looked at the T-MB's as well, they are without a doubt the best long irons I've ever hit. The hybrids beat out the T-MB's by the slimmest of margins. Hope this helps a little.


    Kenneth C Bellevue, WA. April 25, at PM I didn't have that concern, but, my main concern was making the game easier for me. There are, also, plenty of more forgiving options than CB long irons. April 25, at PM id go with the hybrids for sure. There is nothing wrong with using hybrids, especially with how good the new is. April 26, at PM It's very player specific, I have a couple hybrids and a long iron however I would pick my hybrids all day long if I had to keep one. I personally find hybrids a lot friendlier and easier to hit but that is just down to the abilities of the player.

    Hybrids can be very versatile and friendly!! But there is the odd occasion where a lower flighted iron would be ideal. The club also features a center of gravity in the rear and the back for higher launch angles, as well as a tiered internal sole for additional ball speed. Available in 2- through 6-hybrid options and with an array of grips or flexes, just about any golfer will love the Ping G hybrids. One of the best hybrid clubs around is also one of the most versatile. The Cobra King F8 hybrid has a number of features focused on delivering benefits for golfers of all types.

    The club has a dual rail system for strength in a variety of shots and greater forgiveness regardless of where your ball is. Additionally, the Cobra has a rear-positioned center of gravity and a thin, stainless steel face with added flex for faster and farther ball strikes. The crown even has improved aerodynamics with polymer trips around the perimeter for less drag on the downswing.

    The Cobra King F8 is designed to be the length, loft and lie angle of a 7-iron and can be purchased with 3-, 4- or 5-hybrid configurations. Golfers can opt for a lite, regular or stiff flex and the Cobra King F8 clubs all have a graphite shaft. Available as a set or individually, Tour Edge offers this hybrid in every club configuration from 4-hybrid to sand wedge. Additionally, the club features a hollow body and a thin face for extra distance and forgiveness with each shot.

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