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Tweaking genes to prevent your child dying early from a genetic disorder would be acceptable to most people, but we need to ask how far we should go. If more people thought and acted in the same way, societies would probably be happier and safer.

Ethics of science and technology

But at what cost? The battle between online privacy and national security is reaching fever pitch. Where we end up depends on which Faustian bargains we are willing to strike. Robot soldiers that follow orders, unclouded by human emotions, might reduce casualties in conflicts. But who will take responsibility for their actions? New forms of life could help tackle problems from famine to global warming, but releasing them into the wild raises biosafety concerns.

Future generations risk inheriting an overcrowded, suffocating planet. Taking action may mean what was taboo is now common sense.

Can technology challenge established ethical norms and structures?

Scientific research may lead to benefits and advances, but they seem to go hand-in-hand with death and destruction. Home The ethics issue: The 10 biggest moral dilemmas in science.

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The ethics issue The 10 biggest moral dilemmas in science Minimising suffering. How we should respond to the ways in which AI is transforming our world. What happens when a machine faces a moral dilemma?

“Exploring Ethics: Across Art, Humanities, and Science” was held on May 8 at The Block Museum

David Edmonds investigates. Chris Vallance explores the long-term results of the hacking of climate scientists' emails. Can science offer us a realistic prospect of immortality and would it be desirable? Dr Mark Lythgoe investigates the science of erasing memories. Aleks Krotoksi explores whether we can embed ethics into our technologies.

Aleks Krotoski looks at whether we have all become techno-fundamentalists. Surgeon Gabriel Weston sees how medical technology has changed us.

David Reid warns of the dangers of encoding unconscious bias into artificial intelligence. Combative, provocative and engaging debate chaired by Michael Buerk. Will artificial intelligence lead to a more unequal world? This bibliography includes examples of different ways instructors have used case studies to introduce ethical topics to their students and resources for finding cases and incorporating them into the classroom.

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Ethics for Science & Technology Management | Master of Business and Science Degree

ISBN Over the last few decades, research, activity, and funding has been devoted to improving the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine. In recent years the diversity of those participating in these fields, particularly the participation of More Info. Copyright This concise introductory guide explains the values that should inform the responsible conduct of scientific research in today's global setting. National Academy of Engineering.