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Carroll, Phys. Lett, 64, No. Sarkar and R. Endo, L. CAS, no. Lieberman and A. Holmes and Jerrold. Joardan and P. K S Jagadeesh, Chandramouli. H, Naveen Ghorpade. This would save lot of our time as we write or scribble faster than typing through other input devices and more efficient user interface is also achieved. This is done by having some of the sample sets of characters written by numerous people.

The task entails matching the handwritten characters with characters in the sample set and determining the character in the sample set which best matches the Test Character.

The aim of the second step of the recognition structure is to extract discriminant information from an image of a character, as well as to reduce its dimensions of representation. This reduction is required in order to make easier the conception of the classification system, when discriminant feature extraction allows to present competently a character to the classifier. This paper envisages using a number of benchmark datasets to carry out the task.

The first step is a feature extraction. Features such as shape, orientation, outline, character frontiers etc, have to be extracted from the character image. The features are then used for the pattern classification task. The output gives the class to which the character belongs. Cohen, J. Hull, and S. Simon O. Barat and N. Kim and V.

Srihari, Y. Shin, V. Phani Madhav Yannam, P. Jayasri, K. Rameshbabu, Suraj Bharath. With satellite and target positions and velocities expressed in the same coordinate system, the velocities are projected along the beam vector to find the relative velocity, and then calculate Doppler centroid frequency. The orbit of RISAT-2 is low inclination non-polar, non-sun synchronous orbit and the image data format is different. A module to calculate the satellite hour angle for both ascending and descending pass has been successfully implemented and integrated into the algorithm which is critical in calculating Fdc.

Cummings, Frank H. Nelson and W. IN Proc. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symp. Yaglom and A. Geometric Transformations. The Mathematical Association of America, 5. Caffario, P. Guccione and A. Monti Gaurnieri. IEEE Trans. Lozier, J. Digital Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar. Nowadays all the fields are computerized. So the valuable data is stored in computer. If the malware attacks on system then there may be chances of loss of data. Therefore it is very essential to provide security to system from Malware.

A file that needs to be analyzed is called as Gray list. Along with Malware writing technique the number of gray list is increasing in large scale. Then number of classification rule evaluation measures is considered. Here number of selection technique is used to order classification rule contained in classifier. According to our knowledge this is first effort that uses post processing technique.

Early history

It includes chi square, insignificant rule pruning. Then database coverage based upon chi square measure Rule Ranking mechanism is applied. From the experiment it is observed the promising result is obtained on gray list. This system is data mining base detection system. This makes it easy for virus analyst to identify the useful ones. Wang, Q. Xin, and F. Data Mining Workshops , pp. Bayer, A. Moser, C. Kruegel, and E. Sung, J. Xu, P. Chavez, and S. Security Appl. Dhanasekar, Dr. The negative output triple lift Luo converter performs the voltage conversion from positive source voltage to Negative load voltage.

The PI control for negative output triple lift Luo converter is tested for transient region, line changes, and load changes. Luo and H. Ramesh kumar and S. Kayalvizhi ,S. Natarajan and P. Saravanan , R. Comines and N. Control Theory Application, vol. Noha Kamal, Sherine S. The system depends on EasyPIC5 microcontroller development board as a modern digital communication system together with a smartg GSM development boards; both development boards are developed and manufactured by mikroElektronika.

This system is used to measure the water level in a field, and implement telemetry over wireless communication network system which Present a solution for irrigation system as an application. In this research a Pressure Sensor E-Tape Million Pressure sensor and handmade sensor are used to measure water level value, and calibrating the results.

Water level measurement system includes a control center Base station , a GSM modems, and a telemetry unit Sub Station , on the other hand the author developed friendly user interface for the wireless telemetry by means of Visual Basic which connect the base station with substations, and create a data base to save a historical data of measured water level.

In this Research the author developed an alarm system by using buzzer and flashing leds to warn if there are any errors at any station. Compared to other telemetry systems, in this system the measured data does not sent continuously but it is only sent when the data value is changed, so it provides a minimum size of data reserved in the room service and reduce the cost, on the other hand the other systems send measured data continuously so it reserve the channel all the time and increase the cost.

On the other hand in this system we have two way actions, and alarm system which determine the error, where, and how to fix. Loft, E. Design and accuracy considerations for wildlife telemetry studies: some examples from ungulates. Keating, K. An alternative index of satellite telemetry location error.

Satellite telemetry performance of animal-tracking systems. Boyle, Dan. Vancil, Lloyd E. Ham Radio, p. Crook, Arthur G. Hydrol Sci. ARC Electronics. Retrieved 28 July The Human Computer Interaction HCI aspects involved in making a computing device available to a visually impaired person differ largely from that for a normal person using a computer.

This paper provides detailed information about a developed application which would enable and facilitate the visually impaired in connecting to the e-world. Our paper is an advanced and extensive description of this application that allows them to read websites online through the conversion of text to Braille language. This application has a special feature of voice commands through which user can give input in the form of speech as well as obtain the output in the form of speech.

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A previous paper on the same is the technical description of the previously developed system. This paper is a proposed and advanced model of the developed system highlighting its flaws and deficiencies and suggesting comprehensive changes and how to implement the same in the application design and construction of the original application. N, Rahul Tolani, Parish Vyas. Kapperman, A. Heinze, B. Hawkins, S. This structure is subjected to vibrations of turbine-generators and seismic loading. Mode shape, natural period, natural frequency, nodal displacement, member forces and moment of reinforced concrete turbine foundation were obtained by running this program.

The result shows that turbine foundation under Imperial Valley earthquakes does not exceed yield drift limit for monolithic connection and remain within the elastic condition. Thus, RC turbine foundation is safe and able to carry gravity load as designed according to BS Contradictory, turbine foundation experience exceeding yield drift limit but it is not safe and likely to collapse under San Fernando earthquake loading.

Livshits, A. Bhatia, K. Carr, A. Sulaiman, E. Chopra, A. Sadak Ali Khan, A. Suresh, N. Seetha Ramaiah. Magneto rheological MR dampers are a new class of devices that match well with the requirements and constraints of applications, including the necessity of having very low power requirements. The performance of MR damper depends on its magnetic and hydraulic circuit design. In this paper a finite element model is used to examine and investigate the 2- D axi-symmetric MR damper.

Nine different configurations of piston for MR damper are simulated in order to investigate how the profile of the piston affected the maximum pressure drop that the damper could provide. The simulation results of the different configuration of piston show that the performance of single coil with filleted piston ends was better than that of other configurations for the same magnitude of input current and piston velocity.

Ramallo, B. Laura M, Jansen and Shirley J. Spencer Jr. Dyke, M. Sain and J. Chun-Yu lai and W. T and Von Stryk. Manisha Sharma, Vandana Chouhan. Several general-purpose algorithms and techniques have been developed for image segmentation. However ,evaluation of segmentation algorithms thus far has been largely subjective , leaving a system designer to judge the effectiveness of a technique based only on intuition and results in the form of few example segmented images.

This is largely due to image segmentation being a ill defined problem-there is no unique ground truth segmentation of an image against which the output of an algorithm may be compared. There is a need for researchers to know on what parameters there suggested techniques can be evaluated. In this paper we have surveyed papers to present various evaluation parameters.

This paper presents 13 performance evaluation parameters that can be used to perform a quantitative comparison between image segmentation. Jayadevappa, S. Kumar and D. A Lee, A. Kouzani, E. Hossein Mobahi,Shankar R. Rao, Allen. Yang, Shanker. Francisco J. Estrada and Allan D. Anjum Sheikh, R. J Images, graphics and signal processing , 1, Sathya, R. Zhou Wang, Alan C. Bovik, Hamid. Sheikh, Eero. Ritu Agrawal, Prof. Logeswari and M. Aloui and M. Tamijeselvy, V. Palanisamy, T. Manoj Singhal.

Binary Decision Diagram based Reliability Evaluation. It means communication links may fail with known probability. I have found the reliability of the given network by using an exact method inclusion-exclusion formula and with binary decision diagram. I have found that the reliability obtained by both the method is same. Binary decision diagram based reliability evaluation involves three main steps. First ordering the given communication link by applying a heuristic approach. I have proposed a heuristic approach to generate the minimum size binary decision diagram.

Second generate the reliability function with the help of min-paths from source to sink. Rauzy, A. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, vol. Satyanarayana, A, Chang, M. Akers, B. Lucet, C. Manouvrier, J. Ionescu and N. Birkhauser Boston. Yeh, F. R no. Hardy, G. In: Proc. Imai, H. EA no. Carlier, J. Discrete Applied Mathematics. Gadani, J. Provan, J. Choi, M. Microelectron Reliability. Singhal, Manoj, Chauhan R. III No.

Coudert, O. Madre, J. Theologou, O. Bryant, R. ACM Computing Surveys. Wood, R. Networks vol. Hariri, S. C no. Ahmad, S. Friedman, S. Zang, X. Subsequently, the rapid evolution of computers began. The massive amount of processing power generated by computer manufacturers has always failed to quench the thirst for speed and computing capacity. If, as Moore's Law states, the number of transistors on a microprocessor continues to double every 18 months, then soon we will find the circuits on a microprocessor being measured on an atomic scale.

Today's advanced lithographic techniques can squeeze fraction of micron wide logic gates and wires onto the surface of silicon chips. Thus it can be seen that very soon we will be facing the need to create quantum computers which can harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks. Quantum computers have the potential to perform calculations a billion times faster than any silicon-based computer.

Also, theories suggest that every physical object, even the universe, is in some sense a quantum computer. If this is the case, then according to Turing's work which says that all computers are functionally equivalent; computers should be able to model every physical process. Scientists have already built basic quantum computers that can perform certain calculations; but a practical quantum computer is still years away. In this paper, we will be discussing about the history, development and the future scope of quantum computing.

The pros and cons of this future technology have also been compared and our analysis has been put forth. Deutsch, Proc. London, Ser. A , 97 Feynman, Int. Shor, P. Nielsen, M. Cory et al. Chuang, I. Deutsch, A. Janardhan, P. Ushasri, M. Murali Krishna, P. Performance parameters were determined at various values of brake mean effective pressure BMEP of the engine. The effect of void ratio, temperature of catalyst, space velocity on the reduction of oxides of nitrogen NOx in the exhaust of the engines was studied.

The emission levels of NOx in LHR engine were controlled by means of the selective catalytic reduction technique using lanthanum ion exchanged zeolite catalyst-A and urea infused lanthanum ion exchanged zeolite catalyst-B with different versions of the engine at peak load operation of the engine. Conventional engine CE showed deteriorated performance, while LHR engine showed improved performance with bio-diesel at recommended injection timing of 27obTDC before top dead centre and pressure of bar. Ramadhas, A. Pugazhvadivu, M. Agarwal, D. Applied Thermal Engineering, 27, , pp. Surendra, R, K.

Misra, R. Murali Krishna, M. University, Hyderabad, Shailendra Sinha and Avinash Kumar Agarawal. Gajendra Babu, M. Raheman, H. Banapurmath, N. Murugesan, A. Sahoo, P. Saad, P. Saad, D. Kamo, L. Parlak, A. Ciniviz, M. Hanbey Hazar. Rajendra Prasath, B. Tamilporai, P. Shabir, F. Modi, A. Murat Ciniviz. Mohamed Musthafa, M. Parker, D. Bhaskar, T. Rama Mohan, K. Krishna Murthy, P. Fulekar, M. Sharma, B. Khopkar, S. Herzog, P. P, et al. Ghosh, B. C Engines and Combustion. Chennai, , pp. Yvonne, T. Lin, H. Suresh Kumar, Bijan Sarkar. The first step is to identify which factors have the most significant influence on the reliability performance of photovoltaic modules and systems and how large is the effect.

With respect to reliability, the available method PHM Proportional Hazards Model can be used for predicting the effect of environment on the system reliability. The conventional reliability equation deals with over a time interval and is a measure of the probability for failure-free operation during the given interval, i. In this paper an attempt is made to modify the time equation of reliability with incorporating environmental impacts like temperature, wind and snow.

John H. Wei Huangy, Mircea R. Robert N. Meroney a and David E. Ross, M. Alireza Ghasemi, Soumaya Yacout, M. Rohoumaa, I. Molokhiab, A. Adekpedjou, K. Fawzi and D. Xueli Gao, Javad Barabady, Tore Markset - An approach for prediction of petroleum production facility performance considering artic influence factors, Elsevier Reliability and System Safety Journal 95 ,Pages : — Vsn Raghu Babu, T.

With respect to security, the emerging risks of denialof service DOS attacks will evolve into a critical danger asthe availability of mobile networks becomes more and moreimportant for the modern information society. This paperoutlines a critical flaw in GSM networks which opens theavenue for distributed denial of service attacks. We proposea way to mitigate the attacks by adding minimalauthentication to the GSM channel assignment protocol.

Ashwin, S. Aravind Kumar, S. Arun Kumar. However, this is a challenging problem due to structure of cancer cells. Lung cancer detection, classification, scoring and grading of histopathological images is the standard clinical practice for the diagnosis and prognosis of lung cancer. It is a very complex and time-consuming duty for a pathologist to manually perform these tasks. Robust and efficient computer aided systems are therefore indispensible for automatic lung cancer detection.

The delineation of anatomical structures and other regions of interest is a key component in CAD systems. This is achieved through soft computing techniques which automatically and accurately highlight potential actionable lung nodules and rapidly compute measurements of detected regions. Soft computing systems like neural networks and fuzzy systems are valuable in lung cancer screening to improve sensitivity of pulmonary nodule detection beyond double reading, at a low false-positive rate when excluding small nodules.

Several pilot studies have shown that these CAD modules can successfully locate overlooked pulmonary nodules and serve as a powerful tool for diagnostic quality assurance. This paper reviews the literature pertaining to the different types of novel neural network and fuzzy based automated CAD systems for robust lung nodule detection. Furthermore, prevailing research trends and challenges are acknowledged and guidelines for future research are discussed.

Austin, N. Mueller, P. Friedman, et al. Manuel G. Rumelhart, G. Hinton, and R. Smith and J. SUSAN - a new approach to low level image processing. Journal of Computer Vision, 23 1 , May Antonelli, G. Frosini, B. Lazzerini and F. Clifford Samuel, V. Saravanan, M. Jyh-Shyan Lin, Panos A. Amal A. For their own improvement they need to compare their product with their competitors to know the difference of security levels detected for the same type malware.

To do such comparisons, the companies need to analyse the actions taken by the antivirus with toaster window displayed on desktop and hence they need to compare a large number of screen-shots of those actions. This project is used for automation of all these process to provide effective and better way of screen shot analysis by extracting text from them. Hence, the purpose of this project is to analyse and classify the actions taken by an antivirus for particular malware with the help of screen shots of those actions.

It reduces the manual efforts and provides an automated way recognizing the activities done by an antivirus. In Proc. Cai, J. Song and M. Pradip P. Patel, Sameena Zafar. Various antennas for wide band operation have been studied for communication and radar system.

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The fractal antenna is preferred due to small size, light weight and easy installation. To see the behavior of drill either experimental or Finite Elemental Analysis can be used. By using both the methods validation of results can be possible. Ashkan Sahraie Jahromi, K. Habeeb Ur Rahman, R. Bassi, B. Grzesik, P. Athulan Vijayaraghavan, David A. Raviraj Shetty, Laxmikant K. Pai and S. Kadirgama, M. Noor, W. Harun and C. Namrata Rajendra Shah, Aishwarya Vishwakarma. Review on Text Document Watermarking. That digital signal is called watermark. Text document watermarking is the process of hiding digital data into text document such that it preserves ownership of document.

This paper focuses on watermarking process and various techniques including their benefits and limitations. Zunera Jalil and Anwar M. Robert and T. Huijuan Yang, Alex, and C. Almabrouk W. The nature of computer-supported cooperative work CSCW is to facilitate work using technology in such a way that supports human interaction in cooperative work situations.

The proposed application system would be the tools that will facilitate and automate workflow in this organization. This study was also proposed an outline policy for the organization based on the use of the automated system. For this study, the researcher designed a survey and distributed organization to 40 employees of this organization. Besides that, since the study is about current workflow, an observation was conducted to see how process is done.

Findings revealed that most of the participants replied positively that they are seriously in need to use up-to date automated technology to ease their interaction in that unit. Department of Information and Computer Science.

The Architecture And Engineering Of Digital Computer Complexes Volume 2

University of California, Irvine. Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Zubair A. Shah Latif Town, Karachi, Pakistan, Page 4. Baecker, R. Page 6. Baker, S.. Getting the most from your intranet and extranet strategies. Baker, S. Barber, P. Putting Your Organization on the Internet. THE Grantsmanship Center..

Horstmann, T. Berghel, H. Berners-Lee, T. Best, M. Bowers, J. Blackmore, P. Campbell, J. Castells, M. Christensen, U. Curry, A. The intranet - an intrinsic component of strategic information management [Electronic version]. International Journal of Information Management, , 20 4 , Dix, A. Human-Computer Interaction. New York: Prentice Hall. Ellis, C. Gibbs and G. Fichter, D. Recipes for intranet standards [Electronic version]. Online Weston, Conn. Fisher, D. Terms of Service, Ethics and Bias.

Great America Parkway. Fitzpatrick, G. Work, Locales and Distributed Social Worlds. Gerson, Elihu M. Greif, I. Olson, D. Galegher, R. Kraut, C. Egido Eds. Sustainable Public Transportation in Malaysia. Depending on the estimations conducted in for the number of automobile vehicles will increase to 15, million vehicles by Furthermore, it has been estimated that the motorcycles number is higher than the other types of the vehicles.

The implications of the crucial increasing of street vehicles will disrupt widely the environment and human rather than the other types of the Malaysian infrastructure built. Therefore, the scientists suggest the Malaysian government to encourage the sustainable public transportation by reducing the costs and the ground fuel elimination. Briceno-Garmendia, A. Estache, N. Gwilliam, "Urban transport in developing countries. Harrington, and V. Mcconnell, 5. Motor vehicles and the environment. Mage, G. Ozolins, P. Peterson, A. Webster, R Orthofer, V. Vandeweerd, and M.

Gwynne, Urban air pollution in megacities of the world. Atmospheric Environment, vol. Mage, and O. Sharifi, L. Boerboom, K. Shamsudin, and L. Veeramuthu, Spatial multiple criteria decision analysis in integrated planning for public transport and land use development study in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

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Pushpalata Verma, K. This paper presents a high speed 8x8 bit Vedic multiplier architecture which is quite different from the Conventional method of multiplication like add and shift. The most significant aspect of the proposed method is that, the developed multiplier architecture is based on Vertical and Crosswise structure of Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics. It generates all partial products and their sum in one step.

This also gives chances for modular design where smaller block can be used to design the bigger one. So the design complexity gets reduced for inputs of larger no of bits and modularity gets increased. Finally the results are compared with Conventional multipliers to show the significant improvement in its efficiency in terms of path delay speed. Thapliyal and H. R Arbania. Chidgupkar and M. Edu, Vol. Thapliyal H. Ramalatha, M. Prabha S. Patil and D. Umesh Akare, T.

More and R. One way to satisfy this need is to use MEMS technology to develop a sensor that will contain, in a single package, capabilities to simultaneously measure T, P, and RH of its environment. Because of the advantages of MEMS technology, which include small size, low power, very high precision, and low cost, it was selected for use in this paper.

In this paper we present overview of microelectromechanical system MEMS sensors and its application, is the technology of very small mechanical devices driven by electricity. The critical physical dimensions of MEMS devices can vary from well below one micron on the lower end of the dimensional spectrum, all the way to several millimeters, it merges at the nano-scale into nanoelectromechanical systems NEMS and nanotechnology. David S. Eddy And Douglas R. Akhatar J. B, Pant B.

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Akhtar J. D and Deshwal, V. Kendall, D. A8 No. Mehregany and S. Mehregany, K. Gabriel, and W. Fan, Y. Tai, and R. Express Quantum Electron. Shobha Sharma. This stack effect is utilized in combination with forward biasing of a transistor to have low power but high speed inverter without loosing the maximum and minimum voltage swing at the output. B doris, IEDM 4. Saurabh P. Bahurupi, D. Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition. PCA is a statistical approach used for reducing the number of variables in face recognition.

While extracting the most relevant information feature contained in the images face. These eigenvectors are obtained from covariance matrix of a training image set called as basis function. The weights are found out after selecting a set of most relevant Eigenfaces.

Recognition is performed by projecting a new image test image onto the subspace spanned by the eigenfaces and then classification is done by distance measure methods such as Euclidean distance. A number of experiments were done to evaluate the performance of the face recognition system. Zhao, R.

Chellappa, P. Phillips and A. ACM Comput. Turk and A. Poon , M. Springer-Verlag Alvarado , W. Pedrycz ,M. Jarillo, W. Pedrycz , M. Eleyan and H. Jain et al. Indian face database www. FaceDatabase Vasanthi, M. Gopila, I. It was simulated a one machine control to check if the Fuzzy and PID controller implementation was possible. After that the controller developed was applied in field excitation system to show its behavior, which results were compared to the results obtained with the AVR itself.

Anderson and A. Hadi Saadat. H Mamdani and S. Man Mach. R Ashwath, Roopa. We begin with a description of the algorithm. Included are aspects of design specifications that must be considered when implementing the Viterbi algorithm as well as properties of Verilog HDL that can be used to simplify or optimize the algorithm. IEEE transactions on magnetics, vol. Cheung, G. Constantinides, J. New York:Springer. Shung, C. Sivakumar, N. Krishna Mohan, B. Automation of 10 KW Biomass Gasifier and its effectiveness on saw dust briquettes with binder cow dung.

On the other hand rural biomass gasification projects for power generation are facing lot of practical difficulties on operational effectiveness of gasification due to shortage of man power and knowledge worker for the operation of gasifier. Preparation of briquettes and starting and stopping of gasifier is a difficult task in many rural areas.

So many rural power projects are failed to take momentum on implementation. This paper is focus on experimental investigation on effectiveness of automation of rural 10 KW biomass gasifier and its effectiveness. The results reveal that it improved gasification efficiency and less dependent of human man power. Automation leads to complete combustion and it helps to improve the reduction process of gasification. Quality of product gas produced is comparatively better in automation of gasifier.

Simone, F. Barontini, C. Nicolella, L. Tognotti Proceedings of the European Combustion Meeting. Felix Fonseca Felfli David E. Clarke Ayhan Demirbas Fuel Processing Technology, 55, — Harwin Saptoadi Asian journal of energy Environment 9, Prokash C. Roy,Amitava Datta, Niladri chakraborty Renewable Energy 3, One of the main application areas in Digital Image Processing methods is to improve the pictorial information for human interpretation.

Most of the digital images contain noise. This can be removed by many enhancement techniques. Filtering is one of the enhancement techniques which is used to remove unwanted information noise from the image. It is also used for image sharpening and smoothening. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the filtering techniques by performing different operations such as smoothening, sharpening, removing the noise etc. This project has been developed using Java language because of its universal acceptance and easy understandability. Brinkman B. Lee International journal on pattern Analysis and ma-chine intelligence, pp.

Nagao M and Matsuyama T. Handley D. Lee J Graphics and Image Processing, vol. Aghagolzadeh S. Buades A. M Ozaki, Y. Adachi, Y. Iwahori, and N. Ishii, Application of fuzzy theory to writer recognition of Chinese characters, International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 18 2 , , Most studies on frequent itemset mining focus on mining precise data. However, there are situations in which the data are uncertain.

This leads to the mining of uncertain data. There are also situations in which users are only interested in frequent itemsets that satisfy user-specified aggregate constraints. This leads to constrained mining of uncertain data. Moreover, floods of uncertain data can be produced in many other situations. This leads to stream mining of uncertain data. In this paper, we propose algorithms to deal with all these situations. We first design a tree-based mining algorithm to find all frequent itemsets from databases of uncertain data.

We then extend it to mine databases of uncertain data for only those frequent itemsets that satisfy user-specified aggregate constraints and to mine streams of uncertain data for all frequent itemsets. Our experimental results show the more effectiveness than existing methods. Aggarwal, Y. Li, J. Wang, and J.

Bernecker, H. Kriegel, M. Renz, F. Verhein, and A. Chau, R. Cheng, B. Kao, and J. Cormode and M. Chui and B. Chiu, Y. Wu, and A. Giannella, J. Han, J. Pei, X. Yan, and P. Jiang and L. Kriegel and M. Leung and D. Li, Z. Chen, and Y. Manikonda, A. Mangalampalli1, V. There is no proficiency for the user at several levels such as security, context management, web applications and related information. Attacker has also been activated to steal or destroy the confidential and most secured data.

In past various attacks has been notified with severe disastrous result.

The History of Computing

In this paper we have presented various types of web attack and also different methods and techniques to detect and prevent them, finally we have evaluated these web attacks by different approaches. For stopping and detecting these attacks, References: 1. Gabrilovich E. Anthony Y. Liu W. Matt Blaze.

Simple UNIX time quantization package. Previously available on the web. Jarrett Rosenberg. Carnegie Mellon University. Kavya Cheraukula, Chowdam Venkata Sudhakar. We propose to exploit the inherent memory soft redundancy for on-chip memory design. Due to the mismatch between fixed cache line size and runtime variations in memory spatial locality, many irrelevant data are fetched into the memory thereby wasting memory spaces. The proposed soft-redundancy allocated memory detects and utilizes these memory spaces for jointly achieving efficient memory access and effective error control.

Mupid, M. Mutyam, N. Xie, and M. Agarwal, B. Paul, S. Mukhopadhyay, and K. Mukherjee, J. Emer, and S. Hughes and J. Zhou and K. Chakraborty, S. Kulkami, M. Bhattacharya, P. Mazumder, and A. Biberstein and T. Suzuki, Y. Yamagami, I. Hatanaka, A. Shibayama, H. Akamatsu, and H. Reinhardt and S. International Symposium on Computer Architecture, pp. Fellman, R.

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Kaneshiro, and K. Veidenbaum, W. Tang, R. Gupta, A. Nicolau, and X. Pujara and A. K Mahesh Dutt, H. They allow the Design Engineer to tailor the material in order to achieve the desired performance requirements because of their anisotropic properties.

Therefore, it has become very necessary for Engineers to develop tools which allow the Design Engineer to obtain Optimized designs considering the structural requirements. Based on these requirements, this work considers the Dynamic behavior of Components manufactured from Fiber- reinforced Composite Materials. Experimental Dynamic Tests were carried out using specimens of different thickness.

From the results obtained, the influence of the fiber orientations as well as the stacking sequences on the modal parameters like Natural frequency, Damping etc. Gentle, C. R Maly, R. Joseph and Johnson, Conor, D. Raville, M. September Markus, S. Silverman, I. Marur, S. Maheri, M. Sakiyama, T. Dow M. Son, I. Pravin R. Kubade, V. The parameters considered are pulse-on time Ton , peak current Ip , duty factor t and gap voltage Vg. The experiments were performed on the die-sinking EDM machine fitted with a copper electrode. The experiments planned, conducted and analyzed using Taguchi method.

It is found that the MRR is mainly influenced by Ip ; where as other factors have very less effect on material removal rate. Electrode wear rate is mainly influenced by peak current Ip and pulse on time Ton , duty cycle t and gap voltage Vg has very less effect on electrode wear rate. Peak current Ip has the most influence on radial overcut then followed by duty cycle t and pulse on time Ton with almost very less influence by gap voltage Vg. Luis, I. Puertas, G. Journal of Adv. Puertas, C. Journal of Materials Processing Technology Tomadi, M.

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