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The reader is led through topics ranging from the use of filters , to how to use C for programming robust Unix applications, and the basics of grep , sed , make , and awk. The book closes with a tutorial on making a programming language parser with yacc and how to use troff with ms and mm to format documents, the preprocessors tbl , eqn , and pic , and making man pages with the man macro set. The appendices cover the ed editor and the abovementioned programming language, named hoc , which stands for "high-order calculator". Although Unix still exists decades after the publication of this book, the book describes an already mature Unix: In , Unix had already been in development for 15 years since , it had been published in a peer-reviewed journal 10 years earlier SOSP , , "The UNIX Timesharing System" , and at least seven official editions of its manuals had been published see Version 7 Unix.

In , several commercial and academic variants of UNIX already existed e. The book was written not when UNIX was just starting out, but when it was already popular enough to be worthy of a book published for the masses of new users that were coming in. Technical editor Ben Everard for Linux Voice magazine praised the book for providing relevant documentation despite being 30 years old and for being a good book for aspiring programmers who don't know much about Linux.

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