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Book description: Everything you need to create standards compliant, cross-browser compatible Websites with Dreamweaver 8. If you know that the man uses PHP and is interested in building websites then this book should be a good gift for him. Firefox Secrets A perfect gift for fans of the famous Firefox Browser!

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This is also a book for non-Freaks who want to tune their Firefoxbrowser. Book description: Firefox expert Cheah Chu Yeow leads you through the undocumented preferences allowing you to control everything from how wide the 'search' box is to what happens which you hold down "Shift" and roll your mouse wheel! Very usefull and interesting for a man who is interested in JavaScript Warning: Don't mix JavaScript with Java, these are two totally different Languages! Book description:. You learn how to programm a professional website! This book is only a good gift if he has some basic knowledge about Flash.

Book description: Learn to develop professional Flash effects and elegant applications easily. Each step-by-step solution combines complete ActionScript code with clearly illustrated discussion, helping you to add valuable impact to your Web projects. NET Book description:. Book description: He explains it all -- from the basics to advanced tips and tricks -- using real-world examples of this practical, standards-compliant and forwards-compatible technology. SEO Book There are lots of people out there who are selling this type of book.

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Creating Custom Sliders For All Purpose Programming in Flash Actionscript 3.0

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