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Britannic; back in Liverpool for the Railway Centenary exhibition.

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Allan gives another department store the once-over. Priestley novel about a travelling concert party. Post-War survival for housewives. But is she? Have We Missed the Boat? High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman 28 min Medium Shirley can channel the dead famous, ably assisted by canine spirit guide Sheba. Hints and Hobbies No. Home Movies of T. Hull Fair No. Hosted by Lesley Judd.

A 4 minute wonder starring Stephen Frears. International Association Match, England v. Wells to Isaac Asimov and J. J L McAdam Ltd. Jack Petersen v. Kensington Calling! Priestley adaptation. Margaret Bannerman stars in this silent feature film adaptation from And do teenagers in the 80s share the same concerns?

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Leeds — United! Watson in the race to discover DNA in s Cambridge. London Can Take It! Priestley returns to his native Bradford to see what changes have taken place over 40 years. A father and son discover that they have something in common. Based on the story by W. Somerset Maugham. Based on a short story by Agatha Christie.

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This East Yorkshire emporium stocks everything the s family could need. May We Borrow Your Husband? Medium The Michael Simpson 31 min A medium causes upset at a North East social gathering in this rarely seen play. The Medium Exposed? Martin 6 min Faking the ability to contact the dead proves to be a big mistake for one Edwardian charlatan. Memorial Service at St. Mining Review4th Year No. Mining Review 12th Year No.

Mining Review 13th Year No. Mining Review 1st Year No. Mining Review 22nd Year No. Mining Review 7th Year No. What do you think of it so far? Based on the stories by Kate Roberts. Festive edition of the popular culture clash comedy. George V opens the still controversial landmark. No Parlour Pastime! Downstreeters in a messy — and very wet — game in Chester-le-Street, shot five years before it was banned. No Problem! Oh Boy! Oh Rosalinda!

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What will the neighbours say? A samphire picker explains his vocation in the marshes of Blakeney, Norfolk. Saturday Morning Out — Halifax etc. Naveen wants sex. A tale of love, lust and unbearable frustration. Seven Up! Gracie Fields comes to the rescue of unemployed shipbuilders. Few recent TV films have created so much debate. Directed by Humphrey Jennings. Sing As We Go! Spellbound John Harlow 82 min A bereaved young man falls under the influence of a group of Spiritualists.

North West people contribute to the collection of scrap steel. Dan Smith scandal. By Anja Kirschner. Kojak himself narrates this pun-filled 80s travelogue. Kennedy on the day following his death. Follow that hood! Three women enjoy the spa treatment. You decide. Titanic: A Question of Murder?

The Tomorrow People find a new recruit in the first ever episode of the hit show. The controversial legacy of Modernism. Elvies paddle steamer to Llandudno with Mitchell and Kenyon. Politically correct viewers, look away now. Uncle Denis? A man finds taking his clothes off more difficult than usual. A brilliant, touching short reminiscent of Tim Burton.

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Medieval football, the Ashbourne way. Wales v. Went the Day Well? What a Life! A film for pessimists. What Will You Be Doing in ? Reilly, Henry Thomas, Brendan Gleeson. Happy new year PodCavern friends!

Last year was quite the ride to say the least of wild ups and downs. Did we miss anything? On part 2 of our holiday themed episodes, we grab a nice cup of cocoa and put on our ugliest sweaters to decide once and for all what the best things to watch on Christmas are. Love our list? Loathe it entirely? You got better ideas for what makes a better Christmas movie?

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