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In , he decided to take on a legend once more, recreating the Seven Voyages of Sinbad from Oman to China, testing the mythical Tales of the Arabian Nights in a ship made from Malabar timbers. He has written books about all of them. The Viking trilogy - an international best seller translated into more than a dozen languages. The central character is a minor Saxon Prince Sigwulf, saved from execution after his family is slaughtered by the ruthless King Offa.

Why was he spared His 'Devil's Mark' - eyes of different colour. Forced into exile, Sigwulf finds himself in a world of danger, treachery and adventure.

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  2. Books: Sworn Brother | Tim Severin.
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Sworn Brother is the second book in the series. London, a few months have passed since Thorgils has escaped the clutches of the Irish Church only to find himself at the centre of a capricious love affair with Aelfgifu, wife of Knut the Great, ruler of England, and one of the most powerful men of the Viking empire. Add to Wishlist.

Sworn Brother

Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews Steeped in bloody battles and brooding Norse mythology, this epic saga follows the exploits of Viking adventurer Thorgils Leiffson.

King's Man Viking 3.

Sworn Brother Viking Trilogy. Odinn's Child Viking 1. In Stock.

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  • Other Books by Tim Severin. A powerful blood brother of his was the Kikuyu chieftain Waiyaki Wa Hinga.

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    There may be some evidence that Native Americans performed blood oathes to bring about alliances between tribes. Blood brothers among larger groups were common in ancient Southeastern Europe where, for example, whole companies of soldiers would become one family through the ceremony. It was perhaps most prevalent in the Balkans during the Ottoman era, as it helped the oppressed people to fight the enemy more effectively; blood brotherhoods were common in what is today Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bulgaria , Croatia , Greece , Montenegro , Serbia , Republic of North Macedonia.

    Christianity also recognized sworn brotherhood in a ceremony known as Greek : adelphopoiesis , Slavic : pobratimstvo in the Eastern Orthodox churches; known as Latin : ordo ad fratres faciendum in the Roman Catholic church. The tradition of intertwining arms and drinking wine is also believed to be a representation of becoming blood brothers. Blood brotherhood, highly ritualized and subjected to a strong code, was a common practice in the Caucasus , especially among the mountaineers.

    Some relics of this tradition survive to this day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    For other uses, see Blood brother disambiguation. For the band, see Blood Covenant band.

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