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What are the historical facts with respect to why modern Christians believe in the manner that they do at present? Quoting from the Dissociation. In the sixth century Emperor Justinian declared war against the followers of Origen. At Justinian's instigation it appears that a local synod, which convened in Constantinople in the year , condemned the teachings of Origen, and ten years later, in , Justinian issued his anathemas against Origen, possibly submitting them for final ratification to an extra-conciliary or unofficial session of the Fifth Ecumenical Council - also called the Second Council of Constantinople.

The anathemas cursed, among other teachings of Origen, the doctrine of the pre-existence of the soul. The Catholic Encyclopedia gives some rather astonishing information concerning this Fifth Ecumenical Council, permitting the conclusion, on at least technical grounds, that there is no barrier to belief in reincarnation for Catholic Christians. With the exception of six Western bishops from Africa, the council was attended entirely by Eastern bishops, no representative from Rome being present. Although Pope Vigilius was in Constantinople at the time, he refused to attend. In fact, the Pope was Justinian's prisoner since November of , when he had been kidnapped from Rome.

The president of the Council was Eutychius, Patriarch of Constantinople. Violating previous agreements, Justinian in issued an edict against what was known as 'The Three Chapters,' the teachings of three supposed heretics. Justinian, however, refused Pope Vigilius' request for equal representation of bishops from the East and West, and summarily convened the council on his own terms; hence the Pope's refusal to attend.

When we learn that as many as bishops were present at the final meeting on June 2, only six of whom could possibly be from the West, it can safely be concluded that the voting during all the sessions was very much in Justinian's hands. The Council's 'decrees were received in the East, but long contested in the Western Church, where a schism arose that lasted for seventy years. Many learned writers believe so; and equal number deny that they were condemned; most modern authorities are either undecided or reply with reservations.

It is certain that the council opened on 5 May , in spite of the protestations of Pope Vigilius, who though at Constantinople refused to attend it, and that in the eight conciliary sessions from 5 May to 2 June , the Acts of which we possess, only the questions of the Three Chapters is treated. Finally it is certain that only the Acts concerning the affair of the Three Chapters were submitted to the pope for his approval, which was given on 8 December, , and 23 February, It is a fact that Popes Vigilius, Pelagius I , Pelagius II , Gregory the Great , in treating the fifth council deal only with the Three Chapters, make no mention of Origenism, and speak as if they did not now of its condemnation.

It must be admitted that before the opening of the council, which had been delayed by the resistance of the pope, the bishops already assembled at Constantinople had to consider, by order of the emperor, a form of Origenism that had practically nothing in common with Origen, but which was held, we know, by one of the Origenist parties in Palestine. The bishops [at this extra-conciliary session referred to in No. It is easy to understand how this extra-conciliary sentence was mistaken at a later period for a decree of the actual ecumenical council.

Italics added. However, one far-reaching result of the mistake still persists, namely, the exclusion from consideration by orthodox Christianity of the teaching of the pre-existence of the soul and, by implication, reincarnation. In the light of the references to reincarnation in the Bible, and of statements by some of the early Church Fathers, and now of the position of Catholic scholars in disclaiming the crusade against Origen, it is not remarkable that a growing number of the clergy are speaking favorably of the new interest in reincarnation, and are even hoping that this 'lost chord of Christianity' may once more vibrate in harmony with Christ's teaching of hope and responsibility.

Now what do Protestant scholars and theologians say about the supposed condemnation of Origen? Henry R. Did the Fifth synod examine the case of Origen and finally adopt the XV. Anathemas against him which are usually found assigned to it? It would seem that with the evidence now in our possession it would be the height of rashness to give a dogmatic answer to this question. Scholars of the highest repute have taken, and do take today, the opposite sides of the case. To my mind the chief difficulty in supposing these anathematism to have been adopted by the Fifth Ecumenical is that nothing whatever is said about Origen in the call of the council, nor in any letters written in connection with it; all of which would seem unnatural had there been a long discussion upon the matter, and had such an important dogmatic definition been adopted as the XV.

A wise person would ask the question? What if the Roman Emperor Justinian was wrong? With the anathema of the Church Father Origen, the question should be phrased: What if the emperor-politician Justinian was wrong in his condemnation of one of the most saintly and knowledgeable Christians in the history of the Church? Who was Origen? His is the highest name among the critics and expositors of the early Church.

He is perpetually engaged in the discussion of various readings of the New Testament, and employs language, in describing the then existing state of the text, which would be deemed strong if applied even to its present condition, after the changes which sixteen more centuries must needs have produced… Seldom have such warmth of fancy and so bold a grasp of mind been united with the lifelong, patient industry which procured for this famous man the honorable appellation of Adamantius.

While the vast majority of modern-day Christians will predictably agree with the actions of the emperor who purged and outlawed the teachings on the pre-existent soul from the Church, all this proves is that the thinking and Gospel paradigm of thought of the modern Christian is founded upon the dogma of Roman Emperors -- and, in the words of Brian McLaren, " Origen who was the greatest pre-Nicene biblical scholar, based all his theological positions on the scriptures -- but Origen had access to much purer and uncorrupted biblical texts see Bible Corruption.

Origen lived during a time-frame prior to the dogma of Roman Emperors being forced upon the Church -- at a time prior to when all Christians who opposed the religion of the emperors were hunted down and murdered as heretics. And unbeknown to most believers today is the fact that, while it is true that most of the modern-day doctrines of the Church was forced upon the Christian world in this same violent manner -- it can be asserted that the vast majority of modern-day believers are all victims of what has come to be known as the Stockholm Syndrome.

And while it can be stated that modern Christians have the Bible as a guide -- and are no longer reliant upon Rome -- the fact of the matter is that even the Protestant Churches received their Bibles directly from the hand of Rome -- after it was edited and corrupted to support the dogma of Roman Emperors who ruled with an iron fist over the acceptable doctrines of the Church see BibleCorruption.

What set the stage for the sixth century anathema by the Emperor Justinian of those early Christians who embraced the teachings on the pre-existent soul, was the fourth century take-over of the Church by the Roman Emperor Constantine -- who in much the same manner, declared which doctrines of belief the Church would endorse, and then hunted down all who rejected the religion of the emperor as heretics. Resulting in the reality that t he Spiritual Core of Christianity remains virtually unknown today, because of direct government intrusion into the affairs of the Church with respect to acceptable doctrines of belief.

In the same way that in China only those Churches which are approved by the government are permitted -- with dissidents hunted down and imprisoned or even put to death -- so too was the Church that came into being in the fourth century under the direct control of the Roman Emperors. That the segment of the Church which called itself Orthodox, was a mere puppet of Pagan Rome and had little to nothing in common with the original teachings and objectives of Jesus and TheWay, should come as no surprise to the modern believer in view of the many statements of biblical scholars such as A.

Powell Davies who attempted to warn the Christian world that discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls had confirmed what they had suspected and believed all along -- i. Thus, this long ignored statement prompts us to ask: Why didn't the biblical scholars understand the true origin of Christianity prior to the discovery and examination of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

To answer this question we must consult the findings of Prof. No wonder, then, that the viewpoint of the successful majority has dominated all traditional accounts of the origin of Christianity… It suggests that these religious debates - questions of the nature of God, or of Christ - simultaneously bear social and political implications that are crucial to the development of Christianity as an institutional religion.

Why did the Emperor Constantine adopt Christianity as the only approved religion? What is important to understand is the fact that the universal religion of the Roman Empire was Mithraism -- and in the third century, Mithraism was failing in its purpose as a means for the government to control the people.

In the fourth century Christianity was adopted by the Roman Imperial Government as the official religion of the empire. Certainly not because the Roman Emperors and politicians wanted to become Christ-like! In the Roman Empire both these necessary conditions were filled conspicuously by Christianity At its essence, Mithraism was the worship of the sun-god that was born on Dec.

The day of religious observance was changed from the Sabbath, to Sunday which is the day of the sun -- i. The Mass was an integral part of Mithraism.

PDF Spiritual Maturity: Preserving Congregational Health and Balance (Prisms)

In not learning the lessons of history, modern believers have overlooked the fact that when despots rule, they not only annihilate all opposition -- but they " Which means that those doctrines of belief that are today seen as orthodox and promoted by the modern-day Church as being authentic, are themselves drawn from the side of " In the case of the Christian Church beginning in the fourth century, to disagree with the doctrines affirmed by the Emperor Constantine, carried with it the sentence of death.

Not a moment was lost in excluding the ministers and teachers of the separated congregations from any share of the rewards and immunities which the emperor had so liberally bestowed on the orthodox clergy. Once the Emperor Constantine began to rule over the Church, all opposition was hunted down and eliminated see Eye Witness Account. As an example: P erhaps one of the best voices to the institutional take-over of the Church is directly from the lips of the recent EPA official who was forced to resign see Top EPA Official Resigns where it is reported:.

Armendariz made the original remarks at a local Texas government meeting in He relayed to the audience what he described as a "crude" analogy he once told his staff about his "philosophy of enforcement. Armendariz went on to say that "you make examples out of people who are, in this case, not complying with the law The term BC with respect to the beginning of our Common Era, should be reevaluated to indicate Before Constantine with respect to the birth of the Christ that is worshiped in the modern Church and promoted by its secularized Orthodox dogma.

But the fact that the modern Christians worship the satanic god of Constantine should come as no surprise, in view of the fact that the Apostle Paul predicted that the worship of the true God would cease, and those who called themselves Christian would instead worship Satan see The Church of the AntiChrist. That the objective of what Paul portrays as the god of this world, is to keep the congregation of Christians ignorant and promoters of blind-faith in the spurious doctrines of Pagan Rome, has for the most part continued to inhibit the True Spiritual ReBirth of the Church.

And, just as equally important to understand, is that " With the removal of the teachings on the pre-existent soul, the void that was created has had such far ranging implications, that it has become impossible for modern believers and critics alike to even begin to get a valid sense of the original Gospel meaning and objectives. The modern Church is faith-based -- founded upon blind-faith -- because the reader lacks the necessary tools to even get a sense of the very purpose of the original teachings of TheWay.

And this secular imposed intervention where the Christian world was literally forced to succumb to the decree of a series of emperors, has had the far ranging effect of spiritually castrating the Church. What the Bible states is that the lives of each person is orchestrated and scripted by the Laws -- and yet, without an understanding of the Laws that the scriptures states controls all events in this world, the very purpose and meaning of life itself will remain a perpetual enigma -- as will the scriptures. And in the very next verse Jesus applies this same reality to man and states that every hair is accounted for -- i.

The decrees of the Emperor Justinian not only condemned the teachings on the pre-existent soul, but also the celebrated pre-Nicene Church Father Origen. Jerome portrays him as "a teacher second only to the Apostles". Yet, the Christian world has been largely disenfranchised from the deeper understanding of the Gospel message and spiritual meaning, because of the wholesale corruption of the scriptures see Bible Corruption -- and the adoption of manmade doctrines that were forced upon the Church by the Pagan Emperor Constantine -- culminating in the removal of the teachings on the pre-existent soul by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century.

Today, Christians have encountered a crossroads -- with their old world very quickly fading away, modern people are demanding answers that the dogma of Roman Emperors remains totally inadequate to supply. And while there is an answer to every question mankind poses -- answers that can only be presented by an Enlightened People of the Light and TheWay -- the dogma of the Roman emperors remains the very shackles that inhibits the Church from achieving its rightful place as the Light of the World.

And thus, the choice -- i. That of manmade pagan doctrines? What I will demonstrate is that the pre-Nicene conflict between the Spiritual Christians and those who portrayed themselves as faith-based Orthodox, has always been superficial -- with the only difference being that those concepts which have been traditionally embraced by the faith-based, are in fact elementary ideas pertaining to God that are necessary for the entry-level Christian who lacks the spiritual maturity that the biblical authors wrote warnings about see Mysteries Of The Gospel. With the problem being that so long as the faith-based believer continues to reject important original Gospel teachings, and retains an allegiance to the dogma of Roman Emperors and men in contradistinction to the core Gospel teachings and concepts of TheWay, the faith based believers will remain in an immature state -- perpetually divided by factions and sectarianism that inhibits their spiritual maturity.

Why has the Church embraced the dogma of Roman Emperors, while rejecting the Original Gospel Objectives -- permitting itself to become immersed in this gravest absurdity and denial of Gospel teachings and facts? Because it is the victim of what has come to be known as Stockholm Syndrome -- and after being ravished and robbed of its spiritual core and essence by a series of pagan emperors who literally forced their dogma upon the Church, this same body of manmade dogma has rendered the Church spiritually impotent and unable to escape the very dogmatic shackles that enslave the Christian world in a self-exiled Spiritual Diaspora.

The life that everyone is living has a purpose and objective that few people are even aware of. There is no such thing as a meaningless or an accidental birth. Every life is planned and orchestrated within the construct of their higher purpose. Each life is the product of -- and in some respects -- the continuance of the previous lifetimes that the person's soul has lived.

That only a small percentage of the people can recall the previous lifetimes which their soul and true-self has lived, is because their higher soul-self does not incarnate into the body-vessel -- therefore, the culture-created temporal person they are in this world, is not their true-self -- and because they are not their true-self, from a paradoxical perspective it can be said that they have never lived any previous lifetimes. Yet, their present life has been directly orchestrated by the past actions and accomplishments of their true self that is unable to manifest in the life of the person because of the "natural" organic limitations of the physical body-vessel.

And the true purpose and objective of the Gospel Message, is to overcome these organic limitations -- thereby enabling the individual's true soul-self to fully manifest in the body. And this process of prevailing over the organic limitations of the body and bringing about the necessary expansion of mind and being that enables the person to perceive and possess man's Universal Truths that should be recognized as an UnAlienable Birth-Right, is the embodiment of the wisdom to Know Thyself -- as presented in the words of the Gospel of Thomas where it is stated: " But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty Whoever finds himself is superior to the world".

I entered into this life in order to restore the original teachings of TheWay which have become associated with the historical Jesus and Christianity. And while it has been strongly suggested by many alleged experts and scholars alike that there never was an historical man named Jesus. In setting the record straight -- while such a man did in fact exist, the account in the Gospels is strictly allegorical -- and yet, it is of primary importance to every man, woman and child who is presently walking the face of the earth!

And perhaps even more importantly is the question: Why do these essential teachings need to be restored? Further, the question should be posed as to what qualifies me to make such a statement? From a factual perspective, if as presented in the foregoing that the findings of the biblical scholars, experts and historians is true -- and that the Religion Of Roman Emperors has virtually nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay see above Religion Of Roman Emperors -- and, as Prof.

Pagles has presented, that the winners in history have written the historical accounts to support their version of the historical record -- even to the degree that to support the Religion Of Roman Emperors , important Gospel teaching were edited and even removed from the text of the Bible see BibleCorruption. Why would this be the solution? Because if it is true that each and every person alive today has the innate potential to draw nearer to their True Self -- i. Meanwhile, those who remain spiritually complacent to the higher objectives of seeking the truth -- and choose to remain intoxicated by the dogmatic opium of the Religion Of Roman Emperors -- will exercise their freewill to their own detriment.

That the Religion Of Roman Emperors removed important biblical teachings that conveyed this reality to the seeker, does not in any manner negate the reality of what is being conveyed. That this world can very much be portrayed as God's Divine School House, means that those who are complacent to the purpose of this world, have brought failure upon themselves -- regardless of what they proclaim with their lips.

Christians are those who do as the Gospel account of Jesus teaches -- and not blindly believe and proclaim faith in the Religion Of Roman Emperors. These are the facts: The Gospel account of Jesus has him stating that only those properly utilize the Key of Knowledge, and who seek out and enter in at the "narrow strait gate" , can enter into life see The Seventh Fatal Mistake. And to the detriment of the people, the Religion Of Roman Emperors has dogmatically stated that Jesus was wrong -- and have peddled exemptions to the very purpose and objectives of life for their own monetary and political gain.

And thus, my own objective and purpose is to convey to seekers the Truth of the Gospel Teachings -- and to present to them the means to prove the Truth within themselves by doing as Jesus commanded -- by properly utilizing the Key of Knowledge to enter in at the "narrow strait gate" , where the Truth of all Truths can be directly revealed to them from their Heavenly Father. In the same way that a child inherits the genetic traits of its parents, each person inherits the Spiritual DNA of their soul which has existed since the dawn of time. It can in fact be stated that the soul of each person is the cumulative manifestation of all the lifetimes that that soul has lived.

Yet, the authorities and counterfeit shepherds of the Religion Of Roman Emperors has convinced the congregation of faith-based believers that those who walked daily with the man Jesus -- discussed all questions pertaining to man, God and man's relationship to God, did not possess the intelligence to comprehend what Jesus taught and conveyed to them. And when they dogmatically corrupted even the very words that witnesses stated God spoke directly to mankind see TheTenWords. So they corrupted the very Words of God in order to make them support the tenets of the religion of Mithra -- i.

While there are countless similarities which have been explored between Mithraism and Christianity, the most profound difference is seen in the fact that in accord with the original Gospel accounts and the primary witnesses who had spoken directly to the historical Jesus, there was no place in these original teachings of Jesus as God Incarnate. What the original Ten Words spoken by the Father to mankind presented, was that the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus remained totally faithful to the Gospel teachings. He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely.

That the historical man Jesus became the pattern for all of mankind portrayed as the lost prodigal sons, because of his success in overcoming the Laws and returning to the Kingdom of Origination, is demonstrated in the words: "He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely.

In their eyes, Jesus of Nazareth was a mere mortal, the legitimate son of Joseph and Mary: but he was the best and wisest of the human race, selected as the worthy instrument to restore upon earth the worship of the true and supreme Deity. In the case of most Christians, the dogmatic opium of the Religion Of Roman Emperors has left them drowning in a sea of spiritual ignorance. The original Gospel message was a proclamation that each and every person has the innate potential to restore the Kingdom within them, and connect and learn directly from God. Moreover, when Spiritual Christians who had progressed to Maturity attempted to convey to the people the true meaning and objectives of the Gospel, they were hunted down as heretics -- often tortured and even burnt at the stake.

Resulting in the prediction that if the esoteric knowledge of the Gospel were to become lost, that seekers would perpetually wander in error, unable to find the Truth see Always To Wander In Error. In most cases, each person is born into this life to continue the developmental evolution that that person's soul accomplished throughout its previous lifetimes. If you are an undeveloped soul who was a follower of the dogma, philosophy and culture of the carnal men of this world from life to life, then you will continue to be a follower in this and future lives.

And this squandering away one's life on the dogmatic opium of men will continue virtually unchecked -- from life to life to life -- until you begin to see, truth over manmade doctrines of belief. And in this respect Paul warned: "Howbeit we speak wisdom among the perfect: yet a wisdom not of this world, nor of the rulers of this world, which are coming to nought" 1 Cor ERV. That the intellectuals and wise men of this world can never grasp the higher reality of the soul without themselves building upon the proper foundation of thinking and lifestyle -- and themselves having matured to the condition of perfection portrayed above by Paul -- is the reality that confronts every person who has ever walked the face of the earth since the very dawn of time as presented in The Second Fatal Error.

If, on the other hand, you did as Jesus taught and walked the "narrow path" seeking Truth and Knowledge in your past, then you will be so inclined to seek Truth and Knowledge over the dogma and philosophies of this world in your present life. The psychic Edgar Cayce was once asked why so many people who requested Life Readings were famous people in the past?

And his answer was that only those souls who were not complacent, and accomplished much in their past, would be inclined to seek truth and knowledge in the present. And based upon the Spiritual DNA that I inherited in this life, I was able to tap into not only the great body of wisdom and knowledge of the past lives my higher soul-self has lived, but also to be able to tap into my higher soul-self, as well as the Indwelling Logos.

And when rightly understood, this ability to tap into one's Source of Being, is a primary objective of the Gospel Teachings and Message. And as both Edgar Cayce and Origen stated, my present life is basically a continuation of all the many highly evolved spiritual lives that my soul has lived, over the course of eons of lifetimes in the past. And what this means is that from life to life, I have been able to bypass the dogmatic opium that mesmerizes and intoxicates the multitude of people, and I can from life to life tap into Genuine Higher Truth and Knowledge that is not understood by the vast majority of people.

As an example: In the first century CE I lived as Jacob who people call James, the Brother of Yeshua who they call Jesuss -- but even this life was the product of countless lifetimes as a seeker previous to that time-period. And after that life as a bishop in the Church, I personally knew Origen -- as a 4th century Ebionite Elder, I orchestrated the preservation of seven 7 libraries of scriptures which would have been destroyed by the Church of Constantine see Pure Scriptures -- with the corruption of both the Church and the Bible, I was there at the founding of Islam which was supposed to restore the teachings of TheWay before being itself falling into corruption -- the account of St.

Francis was actually drawn from two priests who were named Francis, and I was one of them see Alchemical Transformation -- and while there were numerous lesser known lives in between, I lived as Thomas Paine and charged with orchestrating what has come to be our Constitutional foundation that is responsible for American Exceptionalism see American Spirituality. And it is very much the entering " In the same way that it is not an accident that I know and understand what others do not, neither is it an accident that each person's station in life is the product of the accomplishments of their soul in previous lifetimes.

Spiritual Maturity: Preserving Congregational Health and Balance (Prisms)

Which means that you not only have to overcome the limitations of the brain and physical body-vessel, but you have to grow and evolve your facilities of mind that enable you to bring about the next stage of birth, and become ONE with your Unknown Self -- which can be portrayed as your higher soul-self. When the Buddha became Enlightened, he did not arise and preach God to the people in the manner of the Hindus, because he moved past their spiritual immaturity and found the seat of self. And while the spiritually immature preach and teach God, the focus of the words in the Gospel of Thomas is Knowing Self.

In Gospel Of Thomas saying 84, the image-self does not rejoice over seeing God -- but rather, their likeness, which is their True Self -- i. Saying 84 does not proclaim: When you see God you rejoice -- but when you see those people who did not become manifest, " The esoteric truths that could only be revealed to those who had moved beyond what Paul portrayed as the elementary and entry level parabolic teachings see Mystery Of The Gospel -- and was portrayed as those who were able to Enter Into The House -- was the higher reality of the soul that is a Being of Light, and does not incarnate into the body.

And in accordance with the Laws, in the same way that your soul must return to it's Source, you must return to your source. And it is through these cycles of birth, development and return, that the soul-self evolves to perfection through the experiential knowledge gained in the life of each embryonic-image that is generated into this world. Holographically, your higher soul-self must in the Omega, return to its Source, which is Creator-God.

The spiritually immature attempt to skip over their True Self, which is their higher Soul-Self -- i. And thus, the leaders of the spiritually immature have been preaching God and depriving their brothers and sisters of Life, since the dawn of time itself. If, on the other hand, the person who escaped the illusions of the Cave of this world came and told the other prisoners that they escaped to heaven and saw God, the prisoners inside the cave would proclaim this person a prophet -- or, even God incarnate.

But the very fact that the few who actually escape the Cave of Illusions of this world, attempt to convey to the prisoners the reality of Self that the Gospel of Thomas states you must come to Know, causes the prisoners to condemn these few who escape the Cave of Illusions as heretics, madmen, and demon-possessed. A paradox is two opposite and often conflicting truths that oppose each other even though they are both equally true.

And one of the greatest of man's paradoxes which confront him, is the reality that while all of Creation dwells within the Mind of God, man dwells within God by PROXY -- meaning that while your higher soul-self is the direct offspring of Creator-God, you are the direct offspring of your higher soul-self -- i. And in not understanding the Cosmology of Mind and the many images that make up the higher Soul-Self, or True Self that is not manifest in this physical world, you will mentally and spiritually flat-line in the manner of the Hindus who preached God to the people, in the time of the Buddha.

In an interview for Christianity Today, Lisa Ann Cockrel quoted Brian McLaren's statement: "One of the problems is that the average Christian in the average church who listens to the average Christian broadcasting has such an oversimplified understanding of both the Bible and of church history - it would be deeply disturbing for them to really learn about church history" see Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right.

But in view of the fact that the original followers of Jesus were all hunted down as heretics because they refused to accept the religion of the emperor, it should come as no surprise that modern Christianity has virtually nothing in common with both the pre-Nicene Church, or the original teachings of TheWay. The Second Fatal Mistake - The Higher Reality Of The Soul And Kingdom Is Incomprehensible To Christians Of The Simple Faith: After Paul had personally taught the congregation of Christians at Corinth, he warned them that all he could give and teach them -- and all that they could receive and comprehend -- was the elementary Gospel teachings that were allegorically presented in what appeared to be an historical account of Jesus and him crucified.

Paul portrayed these entry-level doctrines as the traditions of "Jesus and the crucifixion". This fact is explored and proven in the subheading entitled Mystery Of The Gospel. Even after personally teaching this Christian Congregation, Paul warns them that the higher reality of the soul and the Kingdom is so incomprehensible to man in his "natural" organic condition of mind, that they would condemn and reject the spiritual meaning of the Gospel as utter "foolishness"!!! To even imagine that the modern Christian whose doctrines of belief is based upon what the Biblical scholar points out is the gravely flawed "..

Most people who read the Gospels skip over where Jesus teaches the people only in the enigma of parables see In The House - Taught In Parables -- portraying the people as being dull of hearing, with eyes that do not see, and hearts that cannot comprehend anything beyond what is superficial and lacking in depth of understanding.

Yet, modern Bible readers mechanically skip over this warning without ever asking the reason why the people who are portrayed as either "without" , or "outside" , as being incapable of comprehending with any depth of reason and intellect? And because the modern bible reader never poses this question of primary importance, the modern reader remains totally disenfranchised from the true meaning of the scriptures. Which is why Paul warned that even the congregation of believers who he personally taught -- a congregation of believers who Paul portrays as having been " What should be troubling to the modern believer is that Paul openly admits that the baptized and confirmed Christians at Corinth -- people who had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and received the gifts of the laying on of hands and speaking in tongues -- people who were not taught by preachers and priests, but the Apostle himself -- were not yet able to understand and comprehend what Paul referred to as the Mysteries of the Gospel of God.

To skip over the warning of Paul that the congregation of believers who he had himself taught, baptized and confirmed, would reject the spiritual meaning of the Gospel as utter "foolishness" see Mystery Of The Gospel , remains one of the greatest absurdities of the Church that remains in its forefront of spiritual failure. With respect to the question as to why the people who are portrayed as either "without" , or "outside" , are incapable of comprehending the True Gospel Teachings with any depth of reason and intellect?

Paul warns that the entry-level acts of baptism, confirmation and turning to Christ, is not enough to comprehend the Spiritual Meaning of the Gospel. And this is why the Gospel of Thomas states: "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you". For the preparation of the manuscript we read and mention 44 scientific articles. However, for the theme contextualization, we consulted historical and books sources 16 in total related to the topic. He taught comparative anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and mathematics Kardec was invited to use the scientific method systematic and controlled observation, experiments or field research, and analyze by the logic prism to investigate spiritual phenomena, then he listed thousands of questions about social, familiar, personal, and spiritual life; God, science, and religion and sent them to around 1, Spiritist centers in different countries around the world to assess whether the responses had concordance.

The statistically relevant answers were taken as " Revelations ". He said: " The only sure guarantee of the teaching of spirits is the concordance of the revelations made spontaneously, through a large number of mediums, strangers to each other, and in many places " Based on his investigations, he formulated the " Spirit philosophy " 27 which he considered as an observational science and a way of life for the moral improvement, but not a religion itself Nowadays, Spiritism is considered to be a science, a philosophy, a way of life, and a religion 29 , whose guided by principles of the survival of personality after body death spirits and mediumship possibility of contact between incarnate and discarnate minds , reincarnation, and spiritual evolution through intellectual and ethical and moral evolution 22 , 30 - Jesus Christ is considered the most perfect and important model of spiritual evolution to be followed Of the five books, " The Spirits' Book " was considered the most important because it addresses questions in total of philosophy outline In this way, the study of mediumship is important to understanding the phenomenon veracity and mind-brain relationship.

For this reason, Rocha et al. From a scientific perspective, researchers have studied and produced interesting knowledge about Spiritism. Peres et al. The aim was to investigated psychography technique spirit writes through the medium's hand and potential associations with alterations in cerebral activity.

They observed that the psychographers showed lower levels of activity in some brain areas culmen, hippocampus, inferior occipital gyrus, anterior cingulate, superior temporal gyrus, and pre-central gyrus during psychography compared to their normal non-trance writing.

In addition, Lucchetti et al. It is important to point that the advancing understanding of epilepsy has influenced the balance between faith and superstition and rationalism and science. In this sense, the story of Wise-Knut is notable. He was born in Norway in and lived for 84 years. He had severe and untreated epilepsy with apparent ictal, postictal, and interictal religious symptoms.

A spiritual awakening after a seizure cluster was a turning point in his life. He heard voices and had religious delusions and believed that his extraordinary abilities were a gift from God and his story corroborates the impression that epilepsy may have had a considerable role in the history of religions as well as mystics and religious figures of the past that are currently thought to have had epilepsy By Spiritism perspective in the introduction of " The Spirits' Book ", Kardec says that the causes of cerebral hyperexcitability are the life disappointments and misfortunes that result from psychological and emotional stress.

In epilepsy, the suicide rate is higher as a result of psychological and emotional disturbances 38 ; thus religion, faith, and spirituality could potentially benefit the health and mental well-being of epilepsy sufferers. Traditionally, this strategy has been called "coping" 4 and has been shown to be beneficial for people with epilepsy 12 - 13 , 39 - Coping strategies are described as cognitive and behavioral efforts to deal with situations of harm, and problem-solving techniques that are utilized to reduce psychological and emotional burdens Indeed, the relationship between Spiritism and epilepsy is clearly demonstrated in questions and of "The Spirits' Book" 37 where Kardec asks the Spirits: " Can a spirit temporarily assume the envelope of a living person that is to say; can he introduce himself into an animate body, and act in the room and place of the spirit incarnated in it?

He identifies an incarnate spirit, whose faults and virtues are similar to him for a joint action. However, it is always the incarnate spirit that acts as he wants on the matter that constitutes the body.

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So: a disembodied spirit cannot take the other's body which lies incarnate, because it is linked to his physical wrap to the end of their material existence". If there be no such thing as possession, in the ordinary sense of that term - that is to say, cohabitation of two spirits in the same body is it possible for one soul to find itself dominated, subjugated, obsessed by another soul to such a point as that it will is, so to say, paralyzed? The Spirits answer that these people are the real possessed. They also say that this domination spiritual obsession will happen only with the agreement of the person, either through weakness or desire.

At this time, the Spirits say something interesting to Kardec, namely that people with epilepsy need medical treatment rather than exorcism, and in many cases are seen as spiritually possessed.

Thus, it is necessary that clinical and health professionals have information and theoretical subsidies to differentiate the diagnosis between healthy spiritual experiences with psychotic and dissociative experiences and mental and neurological disorders According to Spiritism, spiritual obsessions are defined as the persistent actions of evil spirits within a person For Kardec, obsessions are caused by the moral imperfections that exist in all people.

The moral imperfections render them susceptible to receive and accept the obsessing spirit's harmful influences, progressively aggravating the patient's disease. However, in Spiritism the treatment of the spiritual causes is fundamental for the success full outcome of the medical treatment for mental disorders The main element for the treatment of obsession is a change in the patient's behaviors and attitudes moral evolution. Making these changes may prevent obsession by spirits.

Additionally, individual prayers and the laying on of hands as Jesus did could be beneficial in harmonizing the spirit of the obsessed subject This journal addressed many different issues, including epilepsy. An article published by his French disciples in January, , describes the treatment of a person with epilepsy who suffered seizures every night for 27 years.

The treatment lasted 35 days and consisted of " fluidic emission " through the laying on of hands after the spirit therapists prayed to God to send his " spiritual workers ", "good spirits" to cure this man. Once the treatment had finished and the seizures had ceased, they then started another treatment of four patients, described as follows:.

At this time we give our care to a second epileptic. This time the disease may be more rebellious, to be hereditary. The father left in four children the germ of this disease. Finally, with the help of God and good spirits, hope it reduces in the four. We see clearly that Spiritism takes into account the organic limitations which facilitate spiritual obsession and the consequent emergence or worsening of a pathological condition 18 , 44 - The treatment of neurological disorders by spiritual therapy and religion care.

Many health foundations and institutions follow the philosophy of Spiritism In Brazil, spiritist psychiatric hospitals began to integrate traditional medical treatment with complementary spiritual therapy. Evidence has shown a positive impact of spirituality and religiosity practices in different scenarios on mental health, neurologic disorders, quality of life, and well-being, including a positive effect on epilepsy 48 - It is important to note that positive health outcomes are related to religiosity and spirituality participation and care. For example, support for parents of children with chronic disease such as cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis parents reported higher levels of emotional support from religious congregation members and institutions by using the religiosity as a positive disease coping strategy In addition, Stroppa and Moreira-Almeida 54 investigate the relationship between religiosity and health status and quality of life among bipolar disorder patients.

They demonstrated that religiosity and positive religious coping strategies are associated with fewer depression symptoms. In the other hand, negative religious coping strategies are associated with worse quality of life. Thus, religiosity is a relevant aspect of people' lives and a health dimension and should be taken into account by physicians when assessing and managing bipolar patients.

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It has also been shown that treatment of mental illness may involve symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. These often explained as spiritual disorders possession. People with mental distress seek in the religious entities acceptance and reception. Shepherd, show me how to go O'er the hillside steep, How to gather, how to sow,— How to feed Thy sheep; I will listen for Thy voice, Lest my footsteps stray; I will follow and rejoice All the rugged way. Thou wilt bind the stubborn will, Wound the callous breast, Make self-righteousness be still, Break earth's stupid rest.

Strangers on a barren shore, Lab'ring long and lone— We would enter by the door, And Thou know'st Thine own. So, when day grows dark and cold, Tear or triumph harms, Lead Thy lambkins to the fold, Take them in Thine arms; Feed the hungry, heal the heart, Till the morning's beam; White as wool, ere they depart— Shepherd, wash them clean. Christ My Refuge. O'er waiting harpstrings of the mind There sweeps a strain, Low, sad, and sweet, whose measures bind The power of pain. And wake a white-winged angel throng Of thoughts, illumed By faith, and breathed in raptured song, With love perfumed.

Then his unveiled, sweet mercies show Life's burdens light. I kiss the cross, and wake to know A world more bright. And o'er earth's troubled, angry sea I see Christ walk, And come to me, and tenderly, Divinely talk. Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock, Upon Life's shore; 'Gainst which the winds and waves can shock, Oh, nevermore! The land whereon stands The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, was first purchased by the church and society. Owing to a heavy loss, they were unable to pay the mortgage; therefore I paid it, and through trustees gave back the land to the church.

In I had to recover the land from the trustees, reorganize the church, and reobtain its charter—not, however, through the State Commissioner, who refused to grant it, but by means of a statute of the State, and through Directors regive the land to the church. In I reconstructed my original system of ministry and church government. Thus committed to the providence of God, the prosperity of this church is unsurpassed. From first to last The Mother Church seemed type and shadow of the warfare between the flesh and Spirit, even that shadow whose substance is the divine Spirit, imperatively propelling the greatest moral, physical, civil, and religious reform ever known on earth.

In the words of the prophet: "The shadow of a great rock in a weary land. This church was dedicated on January 6, anciently one of the many dates selected and observed in the East as the day of the birth and baptism of our master Metaphysician, Jesus of Nazareth. Christian Scientists, their children and grandchildren to the latest generations, inevitably love one another with that love wherewith Christ loveth us; a love unselfish, unambitious, impartial, universal,—that loves only because it is Love.

Moreover, they love their enemies, even those that hate them. This we all must do to be Christian Scientists in spirit and in truth. I long, and live, to see this love demonstrated. I am seeking and praying for it to inhabit my own heart and to be made manifest in my life. Who will unite with me in this pure purpose, and faithfully struggle till it be accomplished? Let this be our Christian endeavor society, which Christ organizes and blesses. While we entertain due respect and fellowship for what is good and doing good in all denominations of religion, and shun whatever would isolate us from a true sense of goodness in others, we cannot serve mammon.

Christian Scientists are really united to only that which is Christlike, but they are not indifferent to the welfare of any one. To perpetuate a cold distance between our denomination and other sects, and close the door on church or individuals—however much this is done to us—is not Christian Science. Go not into the way of the unchristly, but wheresoever you recognize a clear expression of God's likeness, there abide in confidence and hope.

Our unity with churches of other denominations must rest on the spirit of Christ calling us together. It cannot come from any other source. Popularity, self-aggrandizement, aught that can darken in any degree our spirituality, must be set aside. Only what feeds and fills the sentiment with unworldliness, can give peace and good will towards men. All Christian churches have one bond of unity, one nucleus or point of convergence, one prayer,—the Lord's Prayer.

It is matter for rejoicing that we unite in love, and in this sacred petition with every praying assembly on earth,—"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. If the lives of Christian Scientists attest their fidelity to Truth, I predict that in the twentieth century every Christian church in our land, and a few in far-off lands, will approximate the understanding of Christian Science sufficiently to heal the sick in his name.

Christ will give to Christianity his new name, and Christendom will be classified as Christian Scientists.

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When the doctrinal barriers between the churches are broken, and the bonds of peace are cemented by spiritual understanding and Love, there will be unity of spirit, and the healing power of Christ will prevail. Then shall Zion have put on her most beautiful garments, and her waste places budded and blossomed as the rose. Eddy's Work and Her Influence. Boston, Mass. This movement, under the guise of Christian Science, and ingenuously calling out a closer inquiry into Oriental philosophy, prefigures itself to us as one of the most potent factors in the social evolution of the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

History shows the curious fact that the closing years of every century are years of more intense life, manifested in unrest or in aspiration, and scholars of special research, like Prof. Max Muller, assert that the end of a cycle, as is the latter part of the present century, is marked by peculiar intimations of man's immortal life. The completion of the first Christian Science church erected in Boston strikes a keynote of definite attention. It is one of the most beautiful, and is certainly the most unique structure in any city.

On the front is a marble tablet, with the following inscription carved in bold relief:—. A testimonial to our beloved teacher, the Rev. The church is built of Concord granite in light gray, with trimmings of the pink granite of New Hampshire, Mrs. Eddy's native State. The architecture is Romanesque throughout. The tower is one hundred and twenty feet in height and twenty-one and one half feet square. The entrances are of marble, with doors of antique oak richly carved.

The windows of stained glass are very rich in pictorial effect. The lighting and cooling of the church—for cooling is a recognized feature as well as heating—are done by electricity, and the heat generated by two large boilers in the basement is distributed by the four systems with motor electric power. The partitions are of iron; the floors of marble in mosaic work, and the edifice is therefore as literally fire-proof as is conceivable. The principal features are the auditorium, seating eleven hundred people and capable of holding fifteen hundred; the "Mother's Room," designed for the exclusive use of Mrs.

Eddy; the "directors' room," and the vestry. The girders are all of iron, the roof is of terra cotta tiles, the galleries are in plaster relief, the window frames are of iron, coated with plaster; the staircases are of iron, with marble stairs of rose pink, and marble approaches. The vestibule is a fitting entrance to this magnificent temple.

In the ceiling is a sunburst with a seven-pointed star, which illuminates it. From this are the entrances leading to the auditorium, the "Mother's Room," and the directors' room. The auditorium is seated with pews of curly birch, upholstered in old rose plush. The floor is in white Italian mosaic, with frieze of the old rose, and the wainscoting repeats the same tints. The base and cap are of pink Tennessee marble.

On the walls are bracketed oxidized silver lamps of Roman design, and there are frequent illuminated texts from the Bible and from Mrs. Eddy's "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" impanelled. A sunburst in the centre of the ceiling takes the place of chandeliers. There is a disc of cut glass in decorative designs, covering one hundred and forty-four electric lights in the form of a star, which is twenty-one inches from point to point, the centre being of pure white light, and each ray under prisms which reflect the rainbow tints.

The galleries are richly panelled in relief work. The organ and choir gallery is spacious and rich beyond the power of words to depict. The platform—corresponding to the chancel of an Episcopal church—is a mosaic work, with richly carved seats following the sweep of its curve, with a lamp stand of the Renaissance period on either end, bearing six richly wrought oxidized silver lamps, eight feet in height. The great organ comes from Detroit. It is the gift of a single individual—a votive offering of gratitude for the healing of the wife of the donor.

The "Mother's Room" is approached by an entrance of Italian marble, and over the door, in large golden letters on a marble tablet, is the word "Love. The room is toned in pale green with relief in old rose. The mantel is of onyx and gold. Before the great bay window hangs an Athenian lamp over two hundred years old, which will be kept always burning day and night. Leading off the "Mother's Room" are toilet apartments, with full-length French mirrors and every convenience. The directors' room is very beautiful in marble approaches and rich carving, and off this is a vault for the safe preservation of papers.

The vestry seats eight hundred people, and opening from it are three large class-rooms and the pastor's study. The windows are a remarkable feature of this temple. There are no "memorial" windows; the entire church is a testimonial, not a memorial—a point that the members strongly insist upon. In the auditorium are two rose windows—one representing the heavenly city which "cometh down from God out of heaven," with six small windows beneath, emblematic of the six water-pots referred to in John ii.

The other rose window represents the raising of the daughter of Jairus. Beneath are two small windows bearing palms of victory, and others with lamps, typical of Science and Health. Another great window tells its pictorial story of the four Marys—the mother of Jesus, Mary anointing the head of Jesus, Mary washing the feet of Jesus, Mary at the resurrection; and the woman spoken of in the Apocalypse, chapter 12, God-crowned.

In the gallery are windows representing John on the Isle of Patmos, and others of pictorial significance. In the "Mother's Room" the windows are of still more unique interest. A large bay window, composed of three separate panels, is designed to be wholly typical of the work of Mrs. The central panel represents her in solitude and meditation, searching the Scriptures by the light of a single candle, while the star of Bethlehem shines down from above.

Above this is a panel containing the Christian Science seal, and other panels are decorated with emblematic designs, with the legends, "Heal the Sick," "Raise the Dead," "Cleanse the Lepers," and "Cast out Demons. The cross and the crown and the star are presented in appropriate decorative effect.

The cost of this church is two hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars, exclusive of the land—a gift from Mrs. Eddy—which is valued at some forty thousand dollars. The order of service in the Christian Science Church does not differ widely from that of any other sect, save that its service includes the use of Mrs. Eddy's book, entitled "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," in perhaps equal measure to its use of the Bible. The reading is from the two alternately; the singing is from a compilation called the "Christian Science Hymnal," but its songs are for the most part those devotional hymns from Herbert, Faber, Robertson, Wesley, Bowring, and other recognized devotional poets, with selections from Whittier and Lowell, as are found in the hymn-books of the Unitarian churches.

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For the past year or two Judge Hanna, formerly of Chicago, has filled the office of pastor to the church in this city, which held its meetings in Chickering Hall, and later in Copley Hall, in the new Grundmann Studio Building on Copley Square. Preceding Judge Hanna were Rev.

Easton and Rev. Norcross, both of whom had formerly been Congregational clergymen. The organizer and first pastor of the church here was Mrs. Eddy herself, of whose work I shall venture to speak, a little later, in this article. Last Sunday I gave myself the pleasure of attending the service held in Copley Hall. The spacious apartment was thronged with a congregation whose remarkable earnestness impressed the observer. There was no straggling of late-comers. Before the appointed hour every seat in the hall was filled and a large number of chairs pressed into service for the overflowing throng.

The music was spirited, and the selections from the Bible and from Science and Health were finely read by Judge Hanna. Then came his sermon, which dealt directly with the command of Christ to "heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. The discourse was able, and helpful in its suggestive interpretation. Later I was told that almost the entire congregation was composed of persons who had either been themselves, or had seen members of their own families, healed by Christian Science treatment; and I was further told that once when a Boston clergyman remonstrated with Judge Hanna for enticing a separate congregation rather than offering their strength to unite with churches already established—I was told he replied that the Christian Science Church did not recruit itself from other churches, but from the graveyards!

The church numbers now four thousand members; but this estimate, as I understand, is not limited to the Boston adherents, but includes those all over the country. The ceremonial of uniting is to sign a brief "confession of faith," written by Mrs. Eddy, and to unite in communion, which is not celebrated by outward symbols of bread and wine, but by uniting in silent prayer. The "confession of faith" includes the declaration that the Scriptures are the guide to eternal Life; that there is a Supreme Being, and His Son, and the Holy Ghost, and that man is made in His image.

It affirms the atonement; it recognizes Jesus as the teacher and guide to salvation; the forgiveness of sin by God, and affirms the power of Truth over error, and the need of living faith at the moment to realize the possibilities of the divine Life. The entire membership of Christian Scientists throughout the world now exceeds two hundred thousand people.

The church in Boston was organized by Mrs. Eddy, and the first meeting held on April 19, It opened with twenty-six members, and within fifteen years it has grown to its present impressive proportions, and has now its own magnificent church building, costing over two hundred thousand dollars, and entirely paid for when its consecration service on January 6 shall be celebrated.

This is certainly a very remarkable retrospect. Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of this denomination and Discoverer of Christian Science, as they term her work in affirming the present application of the principles asserted by Jesus, is a most interesting personality. At the risk of colloquialism, I am tempted to "begin at the beginning" of my own knowledge of Mrs. Eddy, and take, as the point of departure, my first meeting with her and the subsequent development of some degree of familiarity with the work of her life which that meeting inaugurated for me. It was during some year in the early '80's that I became aware—from that close contact with public feeling resulting from editorial work in daily journalism—that the Boston atmosphere was largely thrilled and pervaded by a new and increasing interest in the dominance of mind over matter, and that the central figure in all this agitation was Mrs.

To a note which I wrote her, begging the favor of an interview for press use, she most kindly replied, naming an evening on which she would receive me. At the hour named I rang the bell at a spacious house on Columbus Avenue, and I was hardly more than seated before Mrs. Eddy entered the room.

She impressed me as singularly graceful and winning in bearing and manner, and with great claim to personal beauty. Her figure was tall, slender, and as flexible in movement as that of a Delsarte disciple; her face, framed in dark hair and lighted by luminous blue eyes, had the transparency and rose-flush of tint so often seen in New England, and she was magnetic, earnest, impassioned.

No photographs can do the least justice to Mrs. Eddy, as her beautiful complexion and changeful expression cannot thus be reproduced. At once one would perceive that she had the temperament to dominate, to lead, to control, not by any crude self-assertion, but a spiritual animus. Of course such a personality, with the wonderful tumult in the air that her large and enthusiastic following excited, fascinated the imagination.

What had she originated? I mentally questioned this modern St. Catherine, who was dominating her followers like any abbess of old. She told me the story of her life, so far as outward events may translate those inner experiences which alone are significant. At the time I met her she must have been some sixty years of age, yet she had the coloring and the elastic bearing of a woman of thirty, and this, she told me, was due to the principles of Christian Science.

On her father's side Mrs. Eddy came from Scotch and English ancestry, and Hannah More was a relative of her grandmother. Deacon Ambrose, her maternal grandfather, was known as a "godly man," and her mother was a religious enthusiast, a saintly and consecrated character. One of her brothers, Albert Baker, graduated at Dartmouth and achieved eminence as a lawyer. As a child Mary Baker saw visions and dreamed dreams. When eight years of age she began, like Jeanne d'Arc, to hear "voices," and for a year she heard her name called distinctly, and would often run to her mother questioning if she were wanted.

One night the mother related to her the story of Samuel, and bade her, if she heard the voice again to reply as he did: "Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth. This caused her tears of remorse and she prayed for forgiveness, and promised to reply if the call came again. It came, and she answered as her mother had bidden her, and after that it ceased. These experiences, of which Catholic biographies are full, and which history not infrequently emphasizes, certainly offer food for meditation.

Theodore Parker related that when he was a lad, at work in a field one day on his father's farm at Lexington, an old man with a snowy beard suddenly appeared at his side, and walked with him as he worked, giving him high counsel and serious thought. All inquiry in the neighborhood as to whence the stranger came or whither he went was fruitless; no one else had seen him, and Mr. Parker always believed, so a friend has told me, that his visitor was a spiritual form from another world. It is certainly true that many and many persons, whose life has been destined to more than ordinary achievement, have had experiences of voices or visions in their early youth.

She returned to her father's home—in —and from that time until no special record is to be made. In , while living in Lynn, Mass. Eddy then Mrs. Glover met with a severe accident, and her case was pronounced hopeless by the physicians. There came a Sunday morning when her pastor came to bid her good-by before proceeding to his morning service, as there was no probability that she would be alive at its close.

During this time she suddenly became aware of a divine illumination and ministration. She requested those with her to withdraw, and reluctantly they did so, believing her delirious. Soon, to their bewilderment and fright, she walked into the adjoining room, "and they thought I had died, and that it was my apparition," she said. From that hour dated her conviction of the Principle of divine healing, and that it is as true to-day as it was in the days when Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth.

Eddy withdrew from the world to meditate, to pray, to search the Scriptures. It answered my questions as to the process by which I was restored to health; it came to me with a new meaning, and suddenly I apprehended the spiritual meaning of the teaching of Jesus and the Principle and the law involved in spiritual Science and metaphysical healing—in a word—Christian Science. Eddy came to perceive that Christ's healing was not miraculous, but was simply a natural fulfilment of divine law—a law as operative in the world to-day as it was nineteen hundred years ago.

It must become honest, unselfish, and pure, in order to have the least understanding of God in divine Science. The first must become last. Our reliance upon material things must be transferred to a perception of and dependence on spiritual things. For Spirit to be supreme in demonstration, it must be supreme in our affections, and we must be clad with divine power. I had learned that Mind reconstructed the body, and that nothing else could. All Science is a revelation. Eddy became convinced of the Principle of Mind-healing, discovering that the more attenuated the drug, the more potent was its effects.

In Mrs. Glover married Dr. Asa Gilbert Eddy, of Londonderry, Vermont, a physician who had come into sympathy with her own views, and who was the first to place "Christian Scientist" on the sign at his door. Eddy died in , a year after her founding of the Metaphysical College in Boston, in which he taught. The work in the Metaphysical College lasted nine years, and it was closed in in the very zenith of its prosperity, as Mrs. Eddy felt it essential to the deeper foundation of her religious work to retire from active contact with the world.

To this College came hundreds and hundreds of students, from Europe as well as this country. I was present at the class lectures now and then, by Mrs. Eddy's kind invitation, and such earnestness of attention as was given to her morning talks by the men and women present I never saw equalled. On the evening that I first met Mrs. Eddy by her hospitable courtesy, I went to her peculiarly fatigued.

I came away in a state of exhilaration and energy that made me feel I could have walked any conceivable distance. I have met Mrs. Eddy many times since then, and always with this experience repeated. Several years ago Mrs. Eddy removed from Columbus to Commonwealth Avenue, where, just beyond Massachusetts Avenue, at the entrance to the Back Bay Park, she bought one of the most beautiful residences in Boston. The interior is one of the utmost taste and luxury, and the house is now occupied by Judge and Mrs. Hanna, who are the editors of The Christian Science Journal , a monthly publication, and to whose courtesy I am much indebted for some of the data of this paper.

Hanna, "for it is the great daily that is so fair and so just in its attitude toward all questions. The increasing demands of the public on Mrs. Eddy have been, it may be, one factor in her removal to Concord, N. Her health is excellent, and although her hair is white, she retains in a great degree her energy and power; she takes a daily walk and drives in the afternoon.

She personally attends to a vast correspondence; superintends the church in Boston, and is engaged on further writings on Christian Science. In every sense she is the recognized head of the Christian Science Church. At the same time it is her most earnest aim to eliminate the element of personality from the faith. Eddy feels very strongly," said a gentleman to me on Christmas eve, as I sat in the beautiful drawing-room, where Judge and Mrs.

Hanna, Miss Elsie Lincoln, the soprano for the choir of the new church, and one or two other friends were gathered. It is difficult not to centre too closely around a highly gifted personality. The first Christian Scientist Association was organized on July 4, , by seven persons, including Mrs. In April, , the church was founded with twenty-six members, and its charter obtained the following June.

Eddy had preached in other parishes for five years before being ordained in this church, which ceremony took place in The first edition of Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health, was issued in During these succeeding twenty years it has been greatly revised and enlarged, and it is now in its ninety-first edition. The Christian Scientists do not accept the belief we call spiritualism. They believe those who have passed the change of death are in so entirely different a plane of consciousness that between the embodied and disembodied there is no possibility of communication.

They are diametrically opposed to the philosophy of Karma and of reincarnation, which are the tenets of theosophy. They hold with strict fidelity to what they believe to be the literal teachings of Christ. Yet each and all these movements, however they may differ among themselves, are phases of idealism and manifestations of a higher spirituality seeking expression. It is good that each and all shall prosper, serving those who find in one form of belief or another their best aid and guidance, and that all meet on common ground in the great essentials of love to God and love to man as a signal proof of the divine origin of humanity which finds no rest until it finds the peace of the Lord in spirituality.

They all teach that one great truth, that. God's greatness flows around our incompleteness, Round our restlessness, His rest. I add on the following page a little poem that I consider superbly sweet—from my friend, Miss Whiting, the talented author of "The World Beautiful. The sunset, burning low, Throws o'er the Charles its flood of golden light.

Dimly, as in a dream, I watch the flow Of waves of light. The splendor of the sky Repeats its glory in the river's flow; And sculptured angels, on the gray church tower, Gaze on the world below. Dimly, as in a dream, I see the hurrying throng before me pass, But 'mid them all I only see one face, Under the meadow grass. Ah, love! I only know How thoughts of you forever cling to me: I wonder how the seasons come and go Beyond the sapphire sea? With simple ceremonies, four times repeated, in the presence of four different congregations, aggregating nearly six thousand persons, the unique and costly edifice erected in Boston at Norway and Falmouth Streets as a home for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and a testimonial to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Rev.

Mary Baker Eddy, was yesterday dedicated to the worship of God. The structure came forth from the hands of the artisans with every stone paid for—with an appeal, not for more money, but for a cessation of the tide of contributions which continued to flow in after the full amount needed was received. From every State in the Union, and from many lands, the love-offerings of the disciples of Christian Science came to help erect this beautiful structure, and more than four thousand of these contributors came to Boston, from the far-off Pacific coast and the Gulf States and all the territory that lies between, to view the new-built temple and to listen to the Message sent them by the teacher they revere.

From all New England the members of the denomination gathered; New York sent its hundreds, and even from the distant States came parties of forty and fifty. The large auditorium, with its capacity for holding from fourteen hundred to fifteen hundred persons, was hopelessly incapable of receiving this vast throng, to say nothing of nearly a thousand local believers. Hence the service was repeated until all who wished had heard and seen; and each of the four vast congregations filled the church to repletion.

At a. Old familiar hymns—"All hail the power of Jesus' name," and others such—were chimed until the hour for the dedication service had come. Before this service had closed the large vestry room and the spacious lobbies and the sidewalks around the church were all filled with a waiting multitude. At o'clock another service began, and at noon still another. Then there was an intermission, and at 3 p.

There was scarcely even a minor variation in the exercises at any one of these services. These were the little contributors to the building fund, whose money was devoted to the "Mother's Room," a superb apartment intended for the sole use of Mrs. These children are known in the church as the "Busy Bees," and each of them wore a white satin badge with a golden beehive stamped upon it, and beneath the beehive the words, "Mother's Room," in gilt letters.

The pulpit end of the auditorium was rich with the adornment of flowers. On the wall of the choir gallery above the platform, where the organ is to be hereafter placed, a huge seven-pointed star was hung—a star of lilies resting on palms, with a centre of white immortelles, upon which in letters of red were the words: "Love-Children's Offering— In the choir and the steps of the platform were potted palms and ferns and Easter lilies. The desk was wreathed with ferns and pure white roses fastened with a broad ribbon bow.

On its right was a large basket of white carnations resting on a mat of palms, and on its left a vase filled with beautiful pink roses. Two combined choirs—that of First Church of Christ, Scientist, of New York, and the choir of the home church, numbering thirty-five singers in all—led the singing, under the direction, respectively, of Mr. Judge S. Hanna, editor of The Christian Science Journal , presided over the exercises. On the platform with him were Messrs. Ira O. Knapp, Joseph Armstrong, Stephen A. Chase, and William B. Johnson, who compose the Board of Directors, and Mrs.

The utmost simplicity marked the exercises. After an organ voluntary, the hymn, " Laus Deo , it is done! Eddy for the corner-stone laying last spring, was sung by the congregation. A few minutes of silent prayer came next, followed by the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, with its spiritual interpretation as given in the Christian Science textbook. The sermon prepared for the occasion by Mrs. Eddy, which was looked forward to as the chief feature of the dedication, was then read by Mrs. Eddy remained at her home in Concord, N. Before presenting the sermon, Mrs.

Bemis read the following letter from a former pastor of the church:—.

The 'prayer in stone' is accomplished. Across two thousand miles of space, as mortal sense puts it, I send my hearty congratulations. You are fully occupied, but I thought you would willingly pause for an instant to receive this brief message of congratulation. Surely it marks an era in the blessed onward work of Christian Science. It is a most auspicious hour in your eventful career. While we all rejoice, yet the mother in Israel, alone of us all, comprehends its full significance.

Christian Science has shown its power over its students, as they are called, by building a church by voluntary contributions, the first of its kind; a church which will be dedicated to-day with a quarter of a million dollars expended and free of debt. The money has flowed in from all parts of the United States and Canada without any special appeal, and it kept coming until the custodian of funds cried "enough" and refused to accept any further checks by mail or otherwise.

Men, women, and children lent a helping hand, some giving a mite and some substantial sums. Sacrifices were made in many an instance which will never be known in this world. Christian Scientists not only say that they can effect cures of disease and erect churches, but add that they can get their buildings finished on time, even when the feat seems impossible to mortal senses.

Read the following, from a publication of the new denomination:—. The predictions of workman and onlooker alike were that it could not be completed before April or May of Much was the ridicule heaped upon the hopeful, trustful ones, who declared and repeatedly asseverated to the contrary.

This is indeed, then, a scientific demonstration. It has proved, in most striking manner, the oft-repeated declarations of our textbooks, that the evidence of the mortal senses is unreliable. A week ago Judge Hanna withdrew from the pastorate of the church, saying he gladly laid down his responsibilities to be succeeded by the grandest of ministers—the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The sermons hereafter will consist of passages read from the two books by Readers, who will be elected each year by the congregation.