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The PPRI Conference concluded that, in order to address the outlined challenges, it is important to use a mix of policies to address the numerous and complex issues affecting access to on-patent and off-patent medicines. In line with the WHO Review on Access to New Medicines in Europe [ 12 ] it was suggested that - in addition to common and new approaches in pricing and reimbursement peri-launch activities - policy-makers should consider applying the full spectrum of policy options, including pre-launch activities that provide a forward-looking perspective on new medicines in development and post-launch activities that address responsible and sustainable use of medicines.

Moreover, a broader review beyond pricing and reimbursement policies is needed that includes the current patent system and considers new models that aim to de-link a medicine price from the return on investment into research and development [ 22 , 23 ].

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Any discussion on new strategies requires dialogue with all relevant stakeholders. She explained that patients can understand and are willing to accept priority setting by policy-makers if the decisions were appropriately justified and communicated. The PPRI Conference identified areas of particular relevance for collaborative approaches among policy-makers and stakeholders. Cooperation related to HTA and horizon scanning should continue and be extended.

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Furthermore, participants recommended joining forces on strategic procurement and on measures beyond pricing policies. J Pharm Policy Pract.

Policies beyond the crisis: lesson learned. Policy cooperation and interface issues. World Health Organization. The selection and use of essential medicines. Geneva Essential medicines are still essential. Availability and prices of essential medicines for chronic diseases in older people in the Asia Pacific Region. Kazaryan I, Vardanyan L. Availability and affordability of medicines for children. Access of high technology medicines in Russia. Glossary of pharmaceutical terms. Update Vienna: Country Poster Book. Access to new medicines in Europe: technical review of policy initiatives and opportunities for collaboration and research.

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Nachtnebel A, Wild C. Collaborative models for increasing efficiency of early drug assessment. Unintended consequences of co-payment regulations in Belgium: the case of atorvastatin.

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S Cent Res Pap. Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property. Geneva: World Health Organization. Download references. We are grateful for the support of all members of this Committee in the preparation, performance and follow-up activities of the PPRI Conference. Correspondence to Sabine Vogler. A revised version was shared with all co-authors who provided comments on this and updated revised versions. Reprints and Permissions. Search all BMC articles Search.

Abstract In October , the third international Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Information PPRI Conference was held in Vienna to foster discussion on challenges in pricing and reimbursement policies for medicines. High-priced medicines From the very beginning of the PPRI Conference, which started with the key-note speech of Suzanne Hill, Senior Adviser at the Essential Medicines and Health Products Department of WHO and a stakeholder roundtable representatives from the payers, regulatory authorities, industry and consumers , conference participants pointed to the urgent need for pharmaceutical policy reforms.

Barriers to access Limited access to medicines is no longer solely an issue for low- and middle-income countries. Limitations of external price referencing While conference participants were aware of the multiple causes of availability problems related to medicines, it was acknowledged that current pricing policies are likely to be an important contributor to this problem. Are managed-entry agreements the answer? Be prepared! Generic and biosimilar competition Although a major part of the discussion was focused on new, high-priced medicines, generics and biosimilar medicines were also addressed as a possible part of the solution in managing pharmaceutical expenditure and improving access to medicines in European countries and globally.

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Conclusions The PPRI Conference concluded that, in order to address the outlined challenges, it is important to use a mix of policies to address the numerous and complex issues affecting access to on-patent and off-patent medicines. References 1. Article PubMed Google Scholar 7. Article Google Scholar 8. Article Google Scholar 9. Kevin 'Boxer' Moran TD. Senior management.

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