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The largest things we saw were the braces which are especially strong—they were about one and a half or two meters long and 50—60 centimeters wide. As for the rest—broken into tiny pieces According to Izvestia , the divers had only ten encounters with passenger remains tissues and body parts in the debris area, including one partial torso. Aircraft pieces, wing spars, pieces of aircraft skin, wiring, and clothing.

But—no people. The impression is that all of this has been dragged here by a trawl rather than falling down from the sky Vyacheslav Popov: "I will confess that we felt great relief when we found out that there were no bodies at the bottom. Not only no bodies; there were also no suitcases or large bags. I did not miss a single dive. I have quite a clear impression: The aircraft was filled with garbage, but there were really no people there. Usually when an aircraft crashes, even a small one As a rule there are suitcases and bags, or at least the handles of the suitcases.

A number of civilian divers, whose first dive was on September 15, two weeks after the shootdown, state that Soviet military divers and trawls had been at work before them:. Diver Vyacheslav Popov: "As we learned then, before us the trawlers had done some 'work' in the designated quadrant. It is hard to understand what sense the military saw in the trawling operation.

First drag everything haphazardly around the bottom by the trawls, and then send in the submersibles? It is clear that things should have been done in the reverse order. ICAO also interviewed a number of these divers for its report: "In addition to the scraps of metal, they observed personal items, such as clothing, documents and wallets. Although some evidence of human remains was noticed by the divers, they found no bodies.

General Secretary Yuri Andropov, on the advice of Defense Minister Dmitriy Ustinov, but against the advice of the Foreign Ministry , initially decided not to make any admission of downing the airliner, on the premise that no one would find out or be able to prove otherwise. The aircraft had allegedly failed to respond to warnings and "continued its flight toward the East Sea". In a interview Igor Kirillov , the senior Soviet news anchor, said that he was initially given a printed TASS report to announce over the news on September 1, which included an "open and honest" admission that the plane was shot down by mistake a wrong judgement call by the Far Eastern Air Defence Command.

However, at the moment the opening credits of the Vremya evening news programme rolled in, an editor ran in and snatched the sheet of paper from his hand, handing him another TASS report which was "completely opposite" to the first one and to the truth. The shootdown happened at a very tense time in U. The U. Six hours after the plane was downed, the South Korean government issued an announcement that the plane had merely been forced to land abruptly by the Soviets, and that all passengers and crew were safe. Shultz held a press conference about the incident at on September 1, during which he divulged some details of intercepted Soviet communications and denounced the actions of the Soviet Union.

On September 5, , President Reagan condemned the shooting down of the airplane as the "Korean airline massacre", a "crime against humanity [that] must never be forgotten" and an "act of barbarism Following this presentation, TASS acknowledged for the first time that the aircraft had indeed been shot down after warnings were ignored.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25

The Soviets challenged many of the facts presented by the U. On September 7, Japan and the United States jointly released a transcript of Soviet communications, intercepted by the listening post at Wakkanai , to an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council. A high level U. I find it totally unacceptable. Aeroflot flights to North America were consequently available only through Canadian and Mexican cities, forcing the Soviet foreign minister to cancel his scheduled trip to the UN.

Aeroflot service to the U. Charles Lichenstein , acting U. The members of the U. Since the aircraft had departed from U. Commentators such as Johnson point out that this action was illegal, and that in deferring the investigation to the ICAO, the Reagan administration effectively precluded any politically or militarily sensitive information from being subpoenaed that might have embarrassed the administration or contradicted its version of events.

ICAO convention required the state in whose territory the accident had taken place the Soviet Union to conduct an investigation together with the country of registration South Korea , the country whose air traffic control the aircraft was flying under Japan , as well as the country of the aircraft's manufacturer USA. The ICAO investigation, led by Caj Frostell, [98] did not have the authority to compel the states involved to hand over evidence, instead having to rely on what they voluntarily submitted.

A number of simulations were conducted with the assistance of Boeing and Litton the manufacturer of the navigation system. They postulated that this inflight navigational error was caused by either the crew's failure to select INS mode, or the inertial navigation's not activating when selected, because the aircraft was already too far off track. This was later deemed to be caused by a "lack of situational awareness and flight deck coordination". The report included a statement by the Soviet Government claiming "no remains of the victims, the instruments or their components or the flight recorders have so far been discovered".

This memo stated "In the third decade of October this year the equipment in question the recorder of in-flight parameters and the recorder of voice communications by the flight crew with ground air traffic surveillance stations and between themselves was brought aboard a search vessel and forwarded to Moscow by air for decoding and translation at the Air Force Scientific Research Institute. It is customary for the Air Force to impound radar trackings involving possible litigation in cases of aviation accidents. At first Justice Department lawyer Jan Van Flatern stated that they were destroyed 15 days after the shootdown.

Later, he said he had "misspoken" and changed the time of destruction to 30 hours after the event. He single-handedly pursued three U. Following the dissolution of the U. Glasnost reforms in the same year brought about a relaxation of press censorship ; consequently reports started to appear in the Soviet press suggesting that the Soviet military knew the location of the wreckage and had possession of the flight data recorders. He mentioned the discovery of "a memorandum from K. State Department officials to Moscow at the invitation of President Yeltsin.

A official enquiry by the Russian Federation absolved the Soviet hierarchy of blame, determining that the incident was a case of mistaken identity. Therefore, if the flight recorders shall be transferred to the western countries their objective data can equally be used by the U. In such circumstances a new phase in anti-Soviet hysteria cannot be excluded.

By Other Means (Hayden War Cycle, #5) by Evan Currie

In connection with all mentioned above it seems highly preferable not to transfer the flight recorders to the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO or any third party willing to decipher their contents. The fact that the recorders are in possession of the U. As far as we are aware neither the U. We have made necessary efforts in order to prevent any disclosure of the information in future.

Toward Post-Heroic Warfare?

Ustinov, V. Chebrikov photo [note 6] December However in case the flight recorders shall become available to the western countries their data may be used for: Confirmation of no attempt by the intercepting aircraft to establish a radio contact with the intruder plane on That the Soviet search was simulated while knowing the wreckage lay elsewhere also is suggested by the article of Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, Deputy Director of the Russian State Archives of Recent History , commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the airplane's shootdown.

Commenting on the Soviet and American searches: "Since the U. In addition, the Russian Federation released "Transcript of Communications.

Heroism and the Changing Character of War

These multi-track communications from various command posts telecommunicating at the same minute and seconds as other command posts were communicating provide a "composite" picture of what was taking place. The remaining minutes of flight would be supplied by the Russia submission to ICAO of the real-time Soviet military communication of the shootdown and aftermath. The power supply cables were fed to the rear of the aircraft in raceways on opposite sides of the fuselage until they came together behind the two recorders.

Passenger pain and suffering was an important factor in determining the level of compensation that was paid by Korean Air Lines. We are Rapid compressions. Descend to 10, They addressed the issue of pre-death pain and suffering. Captain James McIntyre, an experienced Boeing pilot and aircraft accident investigator, testified that shrapnel from the missile caused rapid decompression of the cabin, but left the passengers sufficient time to don oxygen masks: "McIntyre testified that, based upon his estimate of the extent of damage the aircraft sustained, all passengers survived the initial impact of the shrapnel from the missile explosion.

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Flight has been the subject of ongoing controversy and has spawned a number of conspiracy theories. In addition, Gennady Osipovich the Soviet fighter pilot who shot down flight continues to believe that he shot down a spy plane, when he really shot down a passenger aircraft. It was therefore reopened on October 2 after safety and navigational aids were checked.

Support for the deployment was wavering and it looked doubtful that it would be carried out. When the Soviet Union shot down Flight , the U. The unprecedented disclosure of the communications intercepted by the United States and Japan revealed a considerable amount of information about their intelligence systems and capabilities. National Security Agency director Lincoln D. Faurer commented: " For the most part this has not been a matter of unwelcome leaks. It is the result of a conscious, responsible decision to address an otherwise unbelievable horror.

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Congress and the airline industry to accept an agreement that would ensure that future victims of airline incidents would be compensated quickly and fairly by increasing compensation and lowering the burden of proof of airliner misconduct. In , the United States, Japan and the Soviet Union set up a joint air traffic control system to monitor aircraft over the North Pacific, thereby giving the Soviet Union formal responsibility to monitor civilian air traffic, and setting up direct communication links between the controllers of the three countries.

President Reagan announced on September 16, , that the Global Positioning System GPS would be made available for civilian use, free of charge, once completed in order to avert similar navigational errors in the future. Alvin Snyder, the director of worldwide television for the United States Information Agency , [] was the producer of the video shown to the U. Security Council on September 6, In a March 15, , interview, Valery Kamensky, then Commander of the Soviet Far East Military District Air Defense Force and direct superior to General Kornukov, opined that such a shootdown of a civilian passenger plane could not happen again in view of the changing political conditions and alliances.

In this interview, Kamensky stated, "It is still a mystery what happened to the bodies of the crew and passengers on the plane. According to one theory, right after the rocket's detonation, the nose and tail section of the jumbo fell off and the mid fuselage became a sort of wind tunnel so the people were swept through it and scattered over the surface of the ocean. Yet in this case, some of the bodies were to have been found during the search operations in the area.

The question of what actually happened to the people has not been given a distinct answer. On September 1, , commenting in a 20th anniversary of the shootdown article in RIA Novosti, Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, Deputy Director of the Russian State Archives of Recent History disclosed that the Soviet naval forces in the search for KAL in international waters, already "knew better where [it] had been downed" while conducting their search, and that nothing was found "especially as the USSR was not particularly interested.

In , Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs declassified diplomatic documents which revealed that two months after the catastrophe, a high-ranking official of the U. However, the flight no longer stops at Anchorage or flies to Gimpo International Airport as it now flies directly to Incheon International Airport.

Flight number has been retired since, using flight numbers for two separate flights as 82, 86 and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Flight 7. HL, the aircraft that was shot down, at Honolulu in Korean Air Lines Flight transcripts. Strait of Tartary. Moneron Is. Simulated search efforts in the East Sea are being performed by our vessels at present in order to dis-inform the U. These activities will be discontinued in accordance with a specific plan Looking to your approval.

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Formation of the United Nations and Western outlook - COLD WAR

Retrieved February 1, RIA Novosti. Retrieved January 14, Archived from the original PDF on March 5, Korean Air Lines Co. The Washington Post. September 3, Associated Press. October 4, Aerospace Daily : September 25, Foreign Affairs in the New Information Age". Moscow, Russia. December 24, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved May 7, Impulse No piece of scenery is left unchewed when William Shatner flips his wig and goes on a cracked killing spree in this psychotronic horror flick! Tuesday, Oct. Thursday, Oct. Starts Oct. Joker in 70mm Put on a happy face and experience the eagerly-anticipated new thriller Joker in glorious 70mm, exclusively in Tucson at The Loft Cinema!

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