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This representation for the crack driving force was selected because its generality includes elastic plastic behavior and inertial effect.

Dynamic Fracture Mechanics

In addition to the introduction of the crack driving force, a nodal release algorithm to model the formation of traction free surfaces produced by a propagating crack was incorporated into EPIC. The dynamic fracture mechanics enhanced EPIC code was used in the generation phase mode to deduce be dynamic fracture toughness from measurements made during high loading rate fracture tests of AISI and AP steel specimens.

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The internal consistency of the approach and algorithms was demonstrated by performing application phase analyses of these fracture tests to predict the crack growth history. A second set of experiments was devised. Statement of problem Let we have an elastic body in three-dimensional Euclidean space R? The boundary of the body 9V is a piece wise- smooth one a. Other papers in this volume.

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    • Author s V. Rivera Abstract Dynamic fracture mechanics with crack edges contact interaction V.

      The boundary of the body 9V is a piece wise- smooth one a Keywords.