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The properties and production techniques of superconductors useful for applications, now and in the future: from niobium-based superconductors, currently used in the majority of applications, to magnesium diboride and YBCO, which are entering commercialisation. The properties of production of other superconducting materials, from the practical high temperature superconductor BSCCO to novel unconventional and organic superconductors.

SQUIDs are highly sensitive detectors of magnetic flux, with applications in astrophysics and medical imaging. Large-scale electrical and magnetic applications of superconductivity. Electromagnets for medical imaging, particle accelerators and fusion reactors; levitation systems for transport; and current leads and limiters. A project to produce video Lectures on Superconductivity, featuring contributions from leading world experts in academia and industry, was announced in by the European Network for Superconductivity, SCENET The editing process has now been completed, and the Lectures on Superconductivity are available free of charge online.

Fundamentals of Superconductivity

Each film can be streamed or downloaded from this website: click here to get started. Although the films are available online, this is an on-going project to educate students and to celebrate the centenary of the discovery of superconductivity in We aim to gradually add supporting text, questions, and links to further reading and related videos, for each film.

It is also hoped that films can eventually be updated, and coverage of some subjects increased, as the opportunity arises. Contributions of supporting material from the superconductivity community are now being sought. Questions and solutions suitable for final year undergraduates or first-year graduate students — whether numerical, multiple choice or open-ended — would be very gratefully received.


Any video clips, pictures, presentations or other documents you think would enhance the lectures would also be welcomed:. Please send your comments and contributions by e-mail to los msm.

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High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview The recent discovery of high-temperature superconductivity has resulted in a remarkable growth in the amount of research and the number of researchers working in this exciting field. Superconductivity is not a new phenomenon: in it will be 80 years old.

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  • High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation.

Even though it was the newer discoveries which motivated us to write this book, the book itself is mainly a description of the fundamentals of the phenomenon. We have focused on the qualitative aspects, so that the reader can develop a basic understanding of the fundamental physics without getting bogged down in the details.

The articles we have referenced were either not reflected in the review articles on monographs or were milestones in the development of the field. Until recently, superconductivity was considered to belong to the field of low-temperature physics. This field was born, simultaneously with quantum physics, at the beginning of this century.

Initially these two contemporaneous fields developed independently, but they soon became strongly coupled.

Superconductivity: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd, Revised and Enlarged Edition

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