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My hope is that they learn that the arts are my way of life, and hopefully, they will learn to love and enjoy them as I have throughout my entire life. The confidence, purpose and discipline helped keep me out of a lot of not all trouble when I was young and into young adulthood. And I hope the arts will do the same for them. Greg: In my line of work, we only use the amount of force needed to overcome resistance and to effect an arrest.

Law Enforcement Officer Takes Uses Takedown And Footsweep To Take Down Two Suspects In Seconds

Those 2 keys can interchange and vary in the course of a force incident. As for training, I do so to avoid, cut off, deflect or nullify a potential Use of Force incident. My mindset, confidence in my abilities and ability to read body language helps me nullify an incident. But at the same time, if it goes to a UOF, I use force violently and swiftly.

End of sentence. My training drills this in so that it is second nature.

I owe that to myself, my partners, the good citizens of this city, and even to the suspect who decided that it was a good idea to fight with police. The physical work is the easy part. Finding the time to DO the work can be challenging. And if there does come a day where I truly cannot train anymore, maybe I do need to find a new line of work. Can you talk about this? Greg: The reality is that I live in chronic pain in several areas of my neck, lower back and extremities, and have so for years.

These injuries have been sustained during my work as a police officer. I undergo medical procedures several times a year which keeps me from needing vertebrae fusions or disc replacements in 3 levels of my neck and 3 levels of my lower back. I have been told multiple times by different physicians that due to these injuries, I would never train, compete or fight again. I was told this for the first time back in when bone was cut off of 2 vertebrae in my neck. When I thought my martial arts pursuits were over, I actually stepped away from everything for about a year and a half or so.

I actually listened to the doctor because I was told I would be crippled in my neck and right arm. I look back on that as lost time and I regret doing so. I did not read training materials, I did not watch MMA fights and I cut ties with my training partners. After going through an extensive rehab process, I recovered better than anyone ever expected. So, I slowly stepped back into training stand up and BJJ. The more I trained, the better I felt and the stronger I became.

So now, whenever someone tells me that I should not be training or fighting or competing, I tell them to get in line with the rest of the naysayers. Training, strengthening my mind, heart and body helps me overcome the physical pain I wake up with and go to sleep with each and every day. I just wish I never walked away back after the first surgery.

Self Defense | Cat5 Special Operations Instructors

I could have continued to learn by using my time in other ways than physical training. Greg: I have a couple Home Gyms so to speak. The first one is a strip of grass in a North Hollywood hobo park that butts right up against the Freeway. We play hard and train harder, as we step over dog shit and trash and grow as FMA practitioners.

We train there rain or shine, hot or cold. Niko, Pat and Edgar are phenomenal people and coaches and Niko and Pat are fighters as well.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: 5 Reasons Why Law Enforcement Needs It NOW

It has everything I need in a facility and the members are like a second family. Their confidence in me helps me to believe that I might actually not get my teeth completely kicked in! The last place I call home, which I have just recently returned to, is the same academy that I began my formal BJJ training so many years ago. At that is with JJ Machado. If you know BJJ, this academy needs no further explanation. Greg: I am and always have been a big comic book geek. Medical Review. Legal Review. Certifications The GST system consists of two levels of instructor certifications.

The level 1 instructor certification consists of 23 techniques that address the most common scenarios that a law enforcement professional is likely to confront. Video Course Included! All currently certified instructors have access to the course on Gracie University. The student can bookmark places to go back to, build individual notes as they learn the course of instruction, and a lot more.

Kimura - Cop Variation

This is a perfect refresher for the GST instructor as they prepare to train the people at their agency. Born and raised in an environment that holds the principles of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as sacred, Ryron and Rener Gracie were practicing the system before they could walk. In fact, while they were still children, they were entrusted to teach the system.