Manual Lines in the Water: Nature and Culture at Lake Titicaca

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In & Around Puno

These Protestant traditions tend to prohibit much syncretic religious activity, including partaking in many common festivals that include dancing, drinking and chewing coca. There are state institutions in town that co-exist with traditional leadership positions and hierarchies. For example a mayor is elected every 4 years for the district, and integrates with the state political hierarchy, while each community and neighborhood has a yearly revolving leadership position of teniente who is in charge of organizing community meetings, provisioning several festivals per year, and meeting with other tenientes at the regional level.

Tenientes serve more of a coordination and economic leveling role, than exert much independent political power. Extended kinship networks are maintained across long distances and allow for much regional migration. Households or residential complexes often house extended families. Post-marital residence can be patrilocal, matrilocal or neolocal, but the first is most common. The primary mode of subsistence is agropastoralism.

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Many people, particularly in town, complement agropastoralism with commerce between larger cities and town, raising domesticated animals for market, or mining in a city about 5 hours bus ride north of town. Market integration is quickly increasing.

Underwater Ruins At Lake Titicaca In Bolivia

The town has national public education from pre-school to high school. Most communities have their own elementary schools, but send their children to town for high school.

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Completion rates are low, but increasing quickly, and some better off townspeople can get post-secondary education at the larger regional cities with universities. There is a government clinic in town that services the district. This regularly staffs nurses, and sometimes doctors.

The clinic provides basic medical services, vaccinations, birth control, distributes government aid e. Residents typically complement these services with other home remedies, and wariness of some of the clinics health services varies e. The number of Titicaca Water Frogs Telmatobius culeus is also shrinking significantly. The biodiversity of the Andes Carp genus Orestias is also in danger.

Quechuan/Aymaran Fieldsite in Peru

Their numbers are threatened both by water pollution and by the introduction of foreign fish species by humans. The likely extinct Amanto Orestias cuvieri belongs to this genus. The local population is informed about climate change and its effects through an environmental education campaign. A climate protection concept will also be developed in close collaboration with the municipal authority of La Paz. The lake has been a member of this international network since DE EN.

Please choose Living Lakes America Lake Titicaca. Become a Member. America Network Canada.

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Network Latino America. Lake Chapala. Columbia River Wetlands.

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Description this book Lines in the Water Takes us to the remote indigenous villages on the shore of Lake Titicaca, high in the Peruvian Andes.