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WO2013000262A1 - 行星齿轮机构运动学分析方法及分析系统 - Google Patents

Journal Archive. Volume 6 Volume 5 Volume 4 Volume 3 Issue 4. Issue 3. Issue 2. Issue 1. Volume 2 Volume 1 Ghaemi Osgouie, K. Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics , 3 3 , Kambiz Ghaemi Osgouie; Bahman Gard. Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics , 3, 3, , Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics , ; 3 3 : Grubler formula, Somov - Malyshev formula, and Buchsbaum - Freudenstei. It is discussed that there are certain cases in which they are too ambiguous and incorrect to use. Remove constraint Topic: Machinery, Kinematics of.

Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function, 1st Edition

Toggle facets Refine your results. At the Library 12 Online 2. Resource type. Book English Joskowicz, Leo, 2 Kinzel, Gary L.

Mechanism Design

Samuel , 1 Norton, Robert L. Charles W. William Henry , 1 Suh, C. Chung Ha 1 Tsai, Lung-Wen. Call number. Machine design 13 Machinery, Kinematics of. Electronic book 1. View results as: View Normal Gallery Brief. Sort by relevance relevance new to the Libraries year new to old year old to new author title. Kinematic chains and machine components design []. Marghitu, Dan B.

Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann, Description Book — xi, p.

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Summary Part I. Kinematic Chains-- 1. Introduction, 2. Position Analysis, 3. Velocity and Acceleration Analysis, 4. Dynamics Analysis, 5. Mathematica Simulation for Closed Kinematic Chains, 6. Packages for Closed Kinematic Chains, 7. Robots, 8. Machine Components-- 1.

Screws 2. Gears, 3. Springs, 4. Rolling Bearings, 5. Lubrication and Sliding Bearing. The inclusion of examples and instructive problems present the reader with a teachable computer-oriented text. Useful analytical techniques provide the practitioner and student with powerful tools for the design of kinematic chains and machine components.

The book contains the fundamental laws and theories of science basic to mechanical engineering including mechanisms, robots and machine components to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of mechanical design. It combines theories of kinematics and behavior of mechanisms with the practical design of robots, machine parts, and machine systems into one comprehensive mechanical design book. It offers the method of contour equations for the kinematic analysis of mechanicsl systems and dynamic force analysis. Mathematica programs and packages for the analysis of mechanical systems are included.

An Instructor's Solutions Manual will be provided. M Unknown. Mechanism design : enumeration of kinematic structures according to function []. Tsai, Lung-Wen.

WOA1 - 行星齿轮机构运动学分析方法及分析系统 - Google Patents

Description Book — xv, p. Solving m Equations in n unknowns B. Atlas of Contracted Graphs C. Atlas of Graphs of Kinematic Chains D. Atlas of Planar Bar Linkages E. Atlas of Epicyclic Gear Trains G.

Mechanism Design Enumeration Kinematic by Lung Wen Tsai

However, such an ad hoc approach cannot ensure the identification of all possible design alternatives, nor does it necessarily lead to optimum design. Mechanism Design: Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function introduces a methodology for systematic creation and classification of mechanisms. With a partly analytical and partly algorithmic approach, the author uses graph theory, combinatorial analysis, and computer algorithms to create kinematic structures of the same nature in a systematic and unbiased manner. He sketches mechanism structures, evaluating them with respect to the remaining functional requirements, and provides numerous atlases of mechanisms that can be used as a source of ideas for mechanism and machine design.

He bases the book on the idea that some of the functional requirements of a desired mechanism can be transformed into structural characteristics that can be used for the enumeration of mechanisms. The most difficult problem most mechanical designers face at the conceptual design phase is the creation of design alternatives. Mechanism Design: Enumeration of Kinematic Structures According to Function presents you with a methodology that is not available in any other resource. T78 Available. Exact constraint : machine design using kinematic principles [].

Blanding, Douglass L. Description Book — xiii, p. Summary Exact Constraint: Machine Design Using Kinematic Principles gives you a unique and powerful set of rules and techniques to facilitate the design of any type or size of machine. You learn the kinematic design techniques known as constraint pattern analysis.

This method, widely used by designers of precision instruments, enables you to visualize the constraints and degrees of freedom of a mechanical connection as patterns of lines in space.

By recognizing these line patterns found in all types of machinery , you will better understand the way a machine will work - or will not work - in an entirely new domain. B Available. Kinematic design of machines and mechanisms []. Eckhardt, Homer D. New York : McGraw-Hill, c Description Book — xvii, p. Summary Basic Concepts and Definitions. Rigid Body Planar Motion. Crank-Slider Mechanisms. Pin-Jointed Four-Bar Linkage.

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The General Four-Bar Linkage. Qualitative Approaches to Linkage Synthesis. Gears and Gear Trains. Forces, Torques, and Dynamic Balancing.

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  5. Clearly and concisely, it covers such commonly used devices as crank-sliders, quick-return mechanisms, linkages, cams, gears, and gear trains. Emphasizing graphical methods that can be used with CAD systems, this unique reference includes procedures for designing mechanical systems to perform prescribed motions, as well as techniques for analyzing the displacements, velocities, accelerations, and force and torque relationships involved in the action of such systems.

    E32 Available. Kinematics and mechanisms design []. Suh, C. Chung Ha Reprint ed. Krieger Pub. Description Book — xxiii, p. S93 Available.

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