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Nemytskii and V. Equations, M. Piccinini, G. Stampacchia, and G. Solution for Monomial Hamiltonian. Monomial factorization of symplectic maps - Gjaja, I. Comment on the exact evaluation of symplectic maps preprint Kovacic and M.

Barger and M. Our Figures 1. However, we found somewhat different numerical results. For our calculations we used a 10th order Adams integrator started with 6th order Runge Kutta. Integrations were performed for several different step sizes in both double and quadruple 64 and bit precision to assure satisfactory convergence. See Chapter 2. Olson and M. Parlitz and W. Superstructure in the bifurcation set of the Duffing equation - Becker and R.

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Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Nonlinear Dynamics

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Hamiltonian Dynamics Thirring, A Course in Mathematical. Physics: 1. Sell one like this. About this product Product Information This text was developed by Dr. Rand over several years of graduate-level instruction in advanced dynamics, nonliner vibrations, and perturbation methods. It presents a variety of topics in nonlinear dynamics, simply explained and modernized through the use of the MACSYMA computer algebra system. The emphasis is on using computer algebra as a tool for the derivation and the solution of nonlinear differential equations and encourages in-depth understanding of the physical and mathematical principles involved.

Mathematical Techniques of Fractional Order Systems

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. May Jun 3, Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Nonlineal , Zaragoza, Spain. Modal Analysis of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems. Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Num. Biomat Self-organization and collective dynamics , Granada, Spain. Second Ph. Mar Apr 1, Multiscale Model.

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Vol. 15, no. 2

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Nonlinear Dynamics: Field trip, stable and unstable manifolds to design spacecraft trajectories

Solitons and nonlin. Qualitative numerical analysis of high-dimensional nonlinear systems , Univ. Mar Apr 2, Int. Apr 24 , 5th.