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In an automobile company, for example, statisticians might design experiments in which engines are run until failure and breakdown in order to determine the failure time of engines exposed to extreme weather conditions. Working for a pharmaceutical company, statisticians might develop and evaluate the results of clinical trials to determine the safety and effectiveness of new medications. At a computer software firm, statisticians might help construct new statistical software packages to analyze data more accurately and efficiently.

In addition to designing experiments for product development and testing, some statisticians are involved in deciding what products to manufacture, how much to charge for them, and to whom the products should be marketed.

Numerical Analysis for Statisticians / Edition 2

Statisticians also may manage assets and liabilities, determining the risks and returns of certain investments. Nearly every government agency employs statisticians. Some government statisticians develop surveys that measure population growth, consumer prices, or unemployment. Other statisticians work for scientific, environmental, and agricultural agencies and may help figure out the average level of pesticides in drinking water, the number of endangered species living in a particular area, or the number of people afflicted with a certain disease.

Statisticians also are employed in national defense agencies, determining the accuracy of new weapons and the likely effectiveness of defense strategies. Because statistical specialists are employed in so many different kinds of work, specialists who use statistics often have different professional designations. For example, a person using statistical methods to analyze economic data may be called an econometrician, while statisticians in public health and medicine may hold titles such as biostatistician or biometrician. Work Environment Statisticians generally work regular hours in an office environment.

Sometimes, they may work more hours to meet deadlines. Some statisticians travel to provide advice on research projects, supervise and set up surveys, or gather statistical data. Although e-mail and teleconferencing make it easier for statisticians to work with clients in different areas, there still are situations that require the statistician to be present, such as during meetings or while gathering data. Research and academic positions usually require a Ph. Beginning positions in industrial research often require a master's degree combined with several years of experience.

Jobs with the Federal Government require at least a bachelor's degree.

Statistical Computing and Programming

The training required for employment as an entry-level statistician in the Federal Government is a bachelor's degree, including at least 15 semester hours of statistics or a combination of 15 hours of mathematics and statistics with at least 6 semester hours in statistics. Qualifying as a mathematical statistician in the Federal Government requires 24 semester hours of mathematics and statistics, with a minimum of 6 semester hours in statistics and 12 semester hours in an area of advanced mathematics, such as calculus, differential equations, or vector analysis.

Durham University. Durham, UK. Old Street, London. Economic Commission for Europe. Geneva, Switzerland. Data Architect As a data architect you will work closely with teams to develop and deliver solutions and systems that meet the needs of Parliament and its users. House of Commons. London, UK. Crown Prosecution Service. Yale University. New Haven, USA.

Mott MacDonald. Fleet Place, London. Queen Mary University of London. Energy Market Authority.

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Welsh Water. Cardiff, Wales. ShanghaiTech University. Shanghai, China. Research Statistician Research Statistician consults and collaborates in medical research and multi-disciplinary team environment supporting biomedical research projects in the Division of Medical Oncology in the Department of Internal Medicine; coordinates, conducts and interprets analyses of biomedical research projects using descriptive statistics, basic inferential tests and advanced statistical procedures; writes programs using statistical software which may incl Ohio State University Medical Center.

German Cancer Research Center. Heidelberg, Germany. Statistician The Statistician is responsible for developing statistical models, performing statistical analysis and developing predictive models for loan acquisition and loan servicing purposes; monitoring and validating model performance and updating models as needed; developing and maintaining various databases, technical models and reports required to support research, data gathering, and analytic responsibilities; conducting ad hoc research projects incor GM Financial.

Fort Worth, Texas.

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Seraing, Belgium. Department for Education. Hamburg, Germany. University of Strathclyde. Glasgow, UK. University of Bath. Bath, UK.

Clinical Outcomes Solutions. Folkestone, UK. Academic Statistician At Noom, we use scientifically proven methods to help our users create healthier lifestyles, and manage important conditions like Type-II Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension. New York, NY. Imperial College London. Senior Analyst, Consumer Data and Digital Strategy PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than countries and territories around the world. Chancery Lane, London. Data Scientist The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, situated in South Manchester is the largest cancer treatment centre of its kind in Europe and an international leader in cancer research and development.

Manchester, UK. Southampton, United Kingdom. Data Scientist Consultant Role Responsibilities Exceptional creativity at solving unstructured and unseen problems using data and analysis;Good hands on-experience using Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling and quantitative analysis. Fenchurch Street, London. London N1. Montana State University. Shanghai University. Not what you're looking for? Use our search to find your ideal career opportunity.

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Link to job description. Job Search by. Prev Next. Statistical Analyst. Natural Resources Wales October 20, Assistant Professor tenure-track and Professor positions in data science.

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  4. Lead Statistician. Statistical Officers. Ministry of Defence September 26, Specialist Advisor, Modelling, Risk and Uncertainty. Data Scientist. Data Linkage Statistician ref Our Partners. The book you see before you represents a biased selection of those topics in theoretical numerical analysis most relevant to statistics. My focus on principles of numerical analysis is intended to equip students to craft their own software and to understand the advantages and disadvantages of di?

    Issues of numerical stability, accurate approximation, compu- tional complexity, and mathematical modeling share the limelight and take precedence over philosophical questions of statistical inference. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Mathematics Applications.

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