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Learn how your comment data is processed. August 19, August 19, Chris. Marry Hultman Dark Screams vol. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Though not really bad, this was my least favourite of the bunch.

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However, I suggest reading in reverse order to save the best for last. A town with a dark history Affecting its inhabitants, the town and especially the rooms and surroundings of the Upshaw Mansion turn into a nightmare vision resembling a Hieronymus Bosch painting who is mentioned, quite fittingly, in the book. Only a handful of people are able to see the truth and discover that something truly evil is about to be released.

Will they be able to stop it before it's too late? The story is told in very short chapters, each named after the character who is the main focus of that chapter. This made reading a very fast-paced process and allowed to see events from several perspectives, which helped put the pieces together.

There also was a part documenting the town's history, which gave a lot of explanations to the questions raised by the creepy events taking place. Together with the interspersed diary entries of Colin, who is hired to paint at the Upshaw Mansion and thus, unknowingly, wake something terrible from the past, we get a good idea what is going on. The well-drawn main characters, especially Colin, were not all easily likable, which perfectly worked to make them real and believable.

The book had a constant dream-like quality, and I felt like stepping into a nightmare where unimaginable things happened. However, the townsfolk participating in this sick dream were unable to see what was really going on and even enjoyed their cruel acts, like at a never-ending party in hell. While the story had some predictable moments, it was unputdownable until the end, which still held a surprise. However, I still wonder why the author chose to name the buyer of the mansion Klimt - with the constant references to art and the main subject of painting, I would have expected some connection to the painter I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review May 22, Donald rated it really liked it Shelves: horror.

Dark Screams continue to be a strong horror anthology with its fourth volume. It is not quite as strong as the previous entry in the series, but it is still an incredibly solid collection of short stories. Clive Barker's "The Departed" is something of a departure for the famous author. It's a very reserved tale of a ghost that wants to see her son one last time. Barker is known for including certain story elements in his horror writing, but most, if not all, of those elements are absent from this Dark Screams continue to be a strong horror anthology with its fourth volume.

Barker is known for including certain story elements in his horror writing, but most, if not all, of those elements are absent from this story, and I think it's better for their absence. An elderly war veteran is moved into a nursing home and begins to believe that one of the nurses isn't what she seems. This is one of those stories that works great as a horror tale, but would work just as well if all supernatural elements were removed though the tone would change drastically.

Dark Screams: Volume Four - Clive Barker, Ed Gorman, Heather Graham - Google книги

A very good story and a reminder that I really need to read more of Morton's work. Ray Garton's "Sammy Comes Home" is a perfect blend of the anguish of losing a beloved pet and the primal fear of the alien, perhaps best demonstrated by the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. As a pet person, this one was a real punch in the gut. I've only recently started reading Garton's back list, but this story is a perfect example of why that was a good decision.

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My only complaint is that it offers a fairly straightforward explanation to the events of King's story, and while obviously not "canon", such as it is, the two stories are now inextricably linked in my mind. Still, it's a good story and a worthwhile addition. The final story is "Creature Feature" by Heather Graham.

This is kind of a weird entry. I get the feeling it's a short story set in a world Graham has written about in other stories or novels, as there are references to things that, while prior knowledge of not strictly necessary, it may have been a more rewarding read with it. The basic premise is that some folks are setting up for a horror creature convention when something apparently comes to life and starts wreaking havoc. It's a fun story, don't get me wrong, but again, I'm not a huge fan of reading works set in an existing setting without knowing anything about that setting.

I'm really loving the Dark Screams series because it's combining lesser-known stories by established authors with stories from authors I've either not read much or simply not heard of. I'll be eagerly awaiting the fifth volume, due out later this year. Disclaimer: I was provided a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Jun 30, Hannah rated it really liked it. This collection of horror, ghost, thriller stories gets to you I couldn't put it down. He only hope for one last farewell is All Hallows Eve a chance to go out and see him one last time to say goodbye. Clive Barker as always weaves a beautiful and creepy tale of grief and moving on.

    A descriptive and unnerving look into the afterlife. Clive Barker is my stand by author for when I want strange and hauntingly beautiful stories. Fortunately it really didn't matter it could be read as a stand-alone. If House of Wax didn't make me weary over wax figures this one sure as heck did. Wax figure artists gather for an expo to show off their work in a convention center that has been said to be haunted. The rumors may be substantiated when one artist ends up dead killed by her own wax figure.

    There is a black creature tormenting the residents of the nursing home killing them off one by one. Mike has a hard time separating fact from fantasy as he experiences loss of time and visions of army buddies who've died in the war. This is a creepy and strange tale about the unknown creatures of the night.

    All over town pets have been disappearing and the Hale Family is no exception, Sammi, the families sheepdog has been missing for over a week; but when he shows back up looking sickly and on death's door it's only the start of something much much worse. It is disturbing and creepy but very dry; it didn't engage me and I didn't like the characters.

    The prettiest girl in town has a deep secret she has "friend" who tells her to do bad things. She acts all sweet and innocent and very much the victim luring in guys to help her but really is just as twisted as her secret friend. Overall, this is a great collection of the strange and unusual. Jun 08, Wanda Maynard rated it it was amazing. A treasure of fantastic stories that kept my attention all the way through to the end.

    Loaded with suspense, these thrillers are nightmarish, and ready to be read after dark, by the warm glow of a fire, or by the light of a bedside lamp during a thunderstorm to keep the dismal shadows removed. It was the only time of year they could get together and part A treasure of fantastic stories that kept my attention all the way through to the end. It was the only time of year they could get together and party while the kids in the neighborhood were out Trick-or-Treating. A witching time of evening when ghosts and goblins might appear unto many. But you never know what could be hidden behind the mask, so be careful if you decide to look, like Thom did, and got the surprise of his life.

    This next story is very unique in writing style. The dark shadows hidden in corners, and hanging from ceilings, the author showed a sixth sense that if people could actually see, would be terrified to experience. The reality of this war taking place left Mr. Carson speechless and so scared that he vowed to fight with every fiber of his being to keep these dark shadows away. A few weeks later, they began to come back, but there was something different about these animals. Again the author brought about a reality that made this reader think a lot about what might be going on and how to solve the problem.

    A lot of suspense and action led me around scary corners and down dark paths of uncertainty. This story was so jam packed with apprehension that, as I read I actually kept looking over my shoulder, and a little afraid that the story might linger in my mind and even follow me into my dreams. A very scary good story. A very scary terrifying tale about Jack the Ripper. These stories were awesome. A must read! Aug 31, Andrea Guy rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews , tlcblogtours , collection , horror. Dark Screams is a collection of short stories by some pretty amazing authors.

    Dark Screams

    I was excited to read anything that had stories by Clive Barker and Heather Graham, two of my favorite authors in the genre of all things creepy. Like all collections, some stories are better than others. Clive Barker's The Departed is more bittersweet than terrifying, but as always a story where you connect with the characters.

    I think this one might have been phoned in a bit. It needed more, or at least I felt it need Dark Screams is a collection of short stories by some pretty amazing authors. It needed more, or at least I felt it needed more. The New War is another one low on the creepy factor but still one that makes you feel for the character. Mike is in a care facility after a hip surgery and he's battling with something black in the shadows. It isn't quite what you think it is. Sammy Comes Home is just rather gross, and I'm not sure I understood it at all.

    Dark Screams: Volume Eight

    It has a bit of a Pet Sematary sort of feel to it. The Brasher Girl is truly the best of the bunch when it comes to creepy. Spence's girlfriend has a friend that telepathically to do things.. Oh and this friend is in a well, and is possibly not human. This is one of the longer stories in the colletion, and I think that's why it ended up being the best. There was more time for character development, as well as getting your creepy on. One of the stories I was most excited for was Creature Feature. I love Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters series and this is a short story that ties in.

    Its a shame it was too hurried to be enjoyable. If you are ready to get in the Halloween mood, this is a good place to start. The Brasher Girl was by far the best of the bunch as a horror story. A enjoyable read.

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    • Aug 10, Kari rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , Dark Screams: Volume 4 is the third of this series that I have read. So far I have had so-so luck with this series. With this fourth volume, I was a little more excited to read it because it has one of my favorite authors in it. For the most part, I liked the stories, but the biggest problem that I had with them was that they weren't long enough. Had they had more meat to them, I think they could have been truly horrifying. My favorite of the bunch was Creature Feature.

      It's a novella from the Krewe of Hunters series and is truly creepy. I could definitely picture myself in the wax museum setting with the creatures coming to life. Definitely the stuff of nightmares. The weakest one was The New War. I'm not even sure I got what was going on in that one. Sammy Come Home was one that I wish was longer. I wanted more! I was Actually, I was a bit disappointed in Clive Barker's story. I expected more creep factor from him that I got. I think there is something for everyone in this volume.

      That is the great ting about anthologies, there is a mixed bag that should please most people.

      The Afterlife - Art Bell (The Xtreme Scream Collection Vol 4: Track 01)

      Give it a shot, you might find something you like. Jul 14, Robert Mingee rated it really liked it Shelves: I was a little worried after Dark Screams 3, which I felt really took a dip in quality compared to its predecessors, but I was hopeful when I saw the list of authors for this volume, which includes 2 of my all-time favorites. And indeed, it delivers. It wasn't bad, I just felt the writing was a bit rou I was a little worried after Dark Screams 3, which I felt really took a dip in quality compared to its predecessors, but I was hopeful when I saw the list of authors for this volume, which includes 2 of my all-time favorites.

      It wasn't bad, I just felt the writing was a bit rough, and the premise unoriginal. Hopefully the series can continue to maintain this level in future installments - highly recommended! Jan 06, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: A fun little anthology. I seem to be with most reviewers here in that I thought "Sammy Comes Home" was probably the strongest story. I would love a full length version of that one! Though it works well as a short story too. Jan 17, Jason Moses rated it liked it. A short read Didn't take long to read. Some of the stories were ok but not as satisfying as other Dark Screams books.

      The Ray Garton story was pretty good. Aug 11, Valerie rated it really liked it. Probably the least interesting and compelling of the Dark Screams volumes. Jul 24, Patti rated it it was ok. Maybe two stories in this one were good. The Heather Graham one read like it was written for a creative writing class.

      Series: Dark Screams

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