e-book Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories (Writing Architecture)

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Earth Moves. the Furnishing of Territories

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  1. Bernard Cache’s Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories (Writing Architecture).
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Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories

If you need help with your subscription, contact sunews syr. Author News Staff. Thursday, September 19, , By Jennifer Horvath. Thursday, September 19, , By Shannon Andre.

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Thursday, September 19, , By News Staff. Thursday, January 5, , By John Boccacino. First, he offers a new understanding of the architectural image itself.


Following Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson, he develops an account of the image that is nonrepresentational and constructive--images as constituents of a primary, image world, of which subjectivity itself is a special kind of image. Second, Cache redefines architecture beyond building proper to include cinematic, pictoral, and other framings.

The Space Between - Grouped Structures (An Architectural Essay)

Complementary to this classification, Cache offers what is to date the only Deleuzean architectural development of the "fold," a form and concept that has become important over the last few years. For Cache, as for Deleuze, what is significant about the fold is that it provides a way to rethink the relationship between interior and exterior, between past and present, and between architecture and the urban. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less.

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