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This classic rock chestnut details an interstellar journey that threatens to drown in the psychedelia of the era. Its scientific credibility is restored near the end with a reference to Aldebaran.

Astronomers deliver first photo of black hole

In this track, the singer of the California alt-metal band exhorts listeners to "meet me in outer space. Really, you can't fail to enjoy a lyric like, "We danced around with Borealis. The grunge-era icon doesn't include much space imagery beyond the " black hole sun.

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It's Beatle-esque! Of more recent vintage, this tune by the currently hot band describes some kind of outer space experience: "When we see your blue planet we feel tingly inside. The thoughtful, bespectacled Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter mentions galaxies as well as the phrase "no gravity" in this song, which appropriately comes from an album titled "Year of Meteors.

Both songs are from an album called "Black Holes and Revelations," so these guys dig space, obviously. Nerdcore artist MC Lars raps more about science fiction characters here than about actual space imagery, then wanders off into a discussion of post-modernism. It's no secret that the pre-eminent band of the current age enjoys science and science-fiction themes , having recorded an album titled "OK Computer" and songs like "Sail to the Moon Brush the Cobwebs Out of the Sky " and "Subterranean Homesick Alien.

Living in space

Glam rock! Where would this list be without some?

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Marc Bolan's glitter superiority extended to penning songs with space imagery, like this one. No, we haven't forgotten "Starman" and "Space Oddity. Fagen is better known for singing about bad sneakers or Josie who prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire in Steely Dan. Take a walk on the space side with this hauntingly beautiful song in which a "satellite's gone way up to Mars.

The godmother of punk incorporates a space monkey and a UFO into the lyrics of this song, which also features a large helping of her signature urban violence and societal disintegration. We would be remiss in listing space-themed songs by not including this band, whose members claim to be extraterrestrials see also Sun Ra , and whose music is heavily influenced by science fiction and surf music. All other songs on this list pale before the epic scope and majesty of this song which, after once hearing, cannot be unheard.

Really, Holst's entire suite based on the solar system is worth a listen, but "Jupiter" stands out because of its fun tuba runs and quick pace.

Karen Nyberg Shows How You Wash Hair in Space

Especially after the war-like booming from Holst's "Mars," which seems all charged up for planet domination. This waltz was around long before the film " A Space Odyssey" catapulted it into the science fiction lexicon, but it's stuck ever since.

Grappling with Gravity

One interesting factoid, in the real-life year , astronauts and cosmonauts โ€” working together - began living long-term on the International Space Station, beginning more than a decade of continuous habitation by revolving crews. Zappa, the avant-rock composer, offered these conjoined pieces on his early album "Weasels Ripped My Flesh," and the origin of the title remains a complete and total mystery, as there are no lyrics. Later, the astronomical world immortalized the musical iconoclast by having an asteroid named for him: Zappafrank.

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Let us know at community space. Some album covers with space themes. This story was updated at 11 p. As a person adapts in space he or she will become less fit to live on Earth. Preparing for the Future. Taking Your Body to Space. He taught and conducted research at Colorado State University until , when he was selected by NASA to fly on the"Spacelab Life Sciences 1," the first shuttle mission devoted to biomedical research.

Ten months prior to launch Phillips had to remove himself from flight status due to a medical condition. He supported the mission from the payload operations control center. He then joined the NASA Life Sciences Education and Outreach program for 10 years, presenting seminars and workshops to teachers, students, and the public about the effects of spaceflight on life. Life in Space.