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References in periodicals archive? Students entering Army Medical College are permitted to choose between different learning strategies for gross anatomy course. Formaldehyde exposure in a gross anatomy laboratory-personal exposure level is higher than indoor concentration. Anatomy students who are pregnant should consult an obstetrician before attending the first gross anatomy laboratory and must take precautions to ensure minimal exposure to formaldehyde.

Potential health hazards for students exposed to formaldehyde in the gross anatomy laboratory.

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Histological inspection of reproductive tracts corroborated the correct assignment of sex via gross anatomy in cases 60 males and 44 females. Reproduccion continua bajo un regimen de precipitacion bimodal en el anolis Andino Anolis mariarum de Antioquia, Colombia. Peer teaching has become an established methodology for actively engaging students in learning gross anatomy.

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The anatomy of the scrotum was considered in an earlier section dealing with the gross anatomy of the testis. Chapter 5: Functional anatomy of reproductive systems: genital organs. These methods introduce a new dimension of experience for anatomy students. We have developed these methods in response to what we view as a negative trend in the medical profession in which health care becomes technical and patients become objects.

It is our role as faculty to reinforce respectful and compassionate attitudes in medical students from the very beginning. Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew.

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