Guide Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook (2nd Edition)

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Brix 2. Biomagnetism - Introduction H. Nowak - Biomagnetic Instrumentation H. Nowak - Cardiomagnetism G. Stroink, B. Hailer, P. Nakasato, M. Eiselt, J.

Magnetism Medicine Handbook

Haueisen - Fetal Magnetography U. Schneider, E. Schleussner 3. Richert, O. Kosch, P. Werner - Magnetic Stimulation S. Ueno, M. Fujiki - Liver Iron Susceptometry R. Fischer, D. Farrell - Magnetic Hyperthermia and Thermoablation R. Hergt, W. Apel, U. Heinlein, S. Miltenyi, J. Schmitz, J. Campbell - Magnetic Drug Targeting C. Alexiou, R. Jurgons - New Fields of Application W. What does "k" stand for?

Spatial frequencies? Locations in k-space? Data for k-space? Spin-warp imaging?

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Big spot in middle? K-space trajectories? Radial sampling? K-space grid? Negative frequencies? Partial Fourier? Phase symmetry? Read symmetry? Why not use both? FSE parameters? Bright Fat? Other FSE differences? Dual-echo FSE? Driven equilibrium? Reduced flip angle FSE?

Echo-planar imaging? What is PI? How is PI different? PI coils and sequences? Why and when to use? Two types of PI? Noise in PI? Artifacts in PI? Paramagnetic relaxation? What is relaxivity? Why does Gd shorten T1? Does Gd affect T2? Best T1-pulse sequence? Triple dose and MT?

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Dynamic CE imaging? Gadolinium on CT? So many Gd agents! Important properties? Ionic v non-ionic? Gd liver agents Eovist? Mn agents Teslascan? Feridex and iron oxides?

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Lymph node agents? Bowel contrast agents? Blood pool Ablavar?

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Gadolinium safety? Allergic reactions? Renal toxicity? What is NSF? NSF by agent? Informed consent for Gd? Gd protocol? Is Gd safe in infants? Reduced dose in infants? Gd in breast milk? Gd in pregnancy?

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Gd accumulation? Hematoma overview? Types of Hemoglobin? Deoxy-Hb v Met-Hb? Extracellular met-Hb? Chronic hematomas? Subarachnoid blood? Expected velocities? Laminar v turbulent? Predicting MR of flow? Time-of-flight effects? Spin phase effects? Flow void? Slow flow v thrombus?

Even-echo rephasing? Flow misregistration? MRA methods? Dark vs bright blood? MRA parameters? Ramped flip angle? Fat-suppressed MRA? Phase Contrast MRA? What is VENC? Measuring flow? How accurate? Inflow-enhanced SSFP? Other MRA methods? Contrast-enhanced MRA? Timing the bolus? View ordering in MRA? Bolus chasing? CE-MRA artifacts? Cardiac protocols? Patient prep? EKG problems? Magnet changes EKG? Gating v triggering? Gating parameters? Heart navigators? Why not single IR?

Triple IR? Polar plots? Coronary artery MRA? Beating heart movies? Cine parameters? Real-time cine? Ventricular function? Perfusion: why and how? Quantifying perfusion? Dark rim artifact. Gd enhancement? TI to null myocardium? PS phase-sensitive IR? T1 mapping? Stress consent form? Chemical shift in phase?

Reducing chemical shift? Chemical Shift 2nd Kind? IR Bounce Point? Susceptibility artifact? Metal suppression? Dielectric effect? Dielectric Pads? Why discrete ghosts? Motion artifact direction? Reducing motion artifacts? Saturation pulses? Gating methods? Respiratory comp? Navigator echoes? Partial volume effects?

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Slice overlap? Wrap-around artifact? Eliminate wrap-around? Phase oversampling? Frequency wrap-around? Gibbs artifact? Zipper artifact? Data artifacts? Surface coil flare? MRA artifacts CE? How to perform DSC? Bolus Gd effect? T1 effects on DSC? DSC recirculation? DSC curve analysis?

Quantitative DSC? What is DCE?

How is DCE performed? How is DCE analyzed? Breast DCE? Parameters to images? Utility of DCE? What is ASL? ASL methods overview? ASL Parameters? ASL artifacts? Gadolinium and ASL? Vascular color maps? Quantifying flow? Who invented fMRI? How does fMRI work? BOLD contrast? BOLD pulse sequences? Why "on-off" comparison? Motor paradigms? Best fMRI software? Data pre-processing? General Linear Model? Activation "blobs"? False activation? Resting state fMRI? Spectra vs images? Splitting of peaks?

Localization methods? Single v multi-voxel? How-to: brain MRS? Water suppression? Fat suppression? Normal brain spectra? Hunter's Angle? Lactate inversion? Metabolite mapping? Metabolite quantitation? Breast MRS? Gd effect on MRS? How-to: prostate MRS? Prostate spectra? MRS artifacts? Other nuclei?

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