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Cambridge England: Cambridge University Press. Hale, J.

Id, Ego and Superego

Shermer, M. Stanovich, K. Boston, MA: Pearson. Photo by Broderick , available under a Creative Commons attribution license. Jamie Hale, MS. Jamie has written seven books and co-authored one. Find help or get online counseling now.

A Guide to Psychoanalytic Criticism

By Jamie Hale, M. Today, psychology is no longer synonymous with Freud. Also known as hysteria, these too are remarkably prevalent. All neurology clinics, for example, will have on their books many individuals with lives severely limited by seizures, but for whom an EEG reveals no epileptic activity in the brain.

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Other patients will be impaired by breathlessness, blindness, pain, paralysis. At a recent debate on this subject at the Freud Museum in London, Richard Kanaan, a neuropsychiatrist, and Stephanie Howlett, a psychotherapist, made the case. When you examine patient histories carefully — which of course takes time, training and money — the dissociations and meaning of the symptoms often emerge. They advise treating patients across disciplines: Howlett works in conjunction with psychologists, physiotherapists and neurologists. As Kanaan put it, if Freud had referred to PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder rather than hysteria, he would now be remembered as a pioneering hero.

No one is saying that the unconscious is a magic bullet.

These are often complex conditions. Freud himself stressed that working with the unconscious is painstaking precisely because it is unconscious. But it now holds a century of wisdom on engaging this hidden and sometimes devastatingly powerful part of ourselves.

Sigmund Freud

Freud believed his work was only a beginning. Scientific research and sheer human need suggest we should energetically continue what he started. These mechanisms become pathological when they inhibit pursuit of the satisfactions of living in a society. The existence of these patterns of adaptation or mechanisms of defense are quantitatively but not qualitatively different in the psychotic and neurotic states.

Sebastiano Timpanaro, Freud’s 'Roman Phobia', NLR I/, September–October

Early schisms over such issues as the basic role that Freud ascribed to biological instinctual processes caused onetime associates Carl Jung , Otto Rank , and Alfred Adler to establish their own psychological theories. Most later controversies, however, were over details of Freudian theory or technique and did not lead to a complete departure from the parent system. At one time psychiatrists held a monopoly on psychoanalytic practice, but soon nonmedical therapists also were admitted.

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Later developments included work on the technique and theory of psychoanalysis of children. Psychoanalysis also found many extraclinical applications in other areas of social thought, particularly anthropology and sociology , and in literature and the arts. Article Media.

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