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Though a hero to many, does he have any real moral code?

Nexus (Nexus, book 1) by Ramez Naam

These are but some of the questions that reporter Sundra Peale hopes to have answered. Collecting Nexus Vol. A multiple Eisner Award-winning series that defined the careers of acclaimed creators Steve Rude and Mike Baron, Nexus is a modern classic not to be missed! Back Issue Unavailable Sold Out. Kegiatan ini dapat meningkatkan level Anda dalam forum: Mengeposkan jawaban. Jawaban Anda terpilih sebagai jawaban terbaik. Pos Anda dinilai sebagai bermanfaat.

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Laporkan penyalahgunaan di forum? Balas di forum? But then we were like, we need a character that is almost like an unknown. Somebody who kind of just glides by until, all of a sudden, they have a purpose. You know, he is such a broken character and a sad character, but he also has a little bit of light left in him that you really want to see it being shown.

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  6. It was just so, so amazing! They did have that mind connection, and we know Klaren sent Nor messages telepathically. Maybe she has known things all along. It seems to me that the people on the planet Arcardia have their belief system. What role religion might they play in other aspects of the story? What as your idea for the different belief systems of the planets? Same with fantasy…. And so we definitely pulled on that, and also a little bit of mythology type stuff, in this one.


    Again, these are answers that you are going to get in depth in book 2…. I love mythology. I love legends. It was so much fun!

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    So, in that regard, I did have some questions. So when you say that Valen has been imprisoned in Lunamere for 2 years, how long is 2 years compared to Earth time?

    Nexus (Naam)

    Not that you needed to explain all that, but as the writers, what were you thinking in terms of time and such? How old are the characters supposed to be? I have done so much endless research — not just for the books, but because I just truly love astronomy. I mean, Andi is a very dark character. I mean, it does happen, but for us, we just always envisioned them as older, and the same thing for Nor as being queen, leading her people. We wanted her not to be too young, but not too old. So we very much took that realistic thing from our world, and put it into our books.

    Somebody has finally picked up on that! But yeah, all those things we would have put in if we had a glossary…. Do we still have a glossary on our site?

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    I know we did on our old one. In many ways she is an adult, but when it comes to her parents, not so much. When she goes back to Arcardia and reunites with them, she still has this very black and white thinking about them. She still holds on to a juvenile expectation of who they should be and how they should behave. So this made me interested in how old she is supposed to be.

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    Do you ever circle back to that rift with her parents in Nexus, or is there any growth for Andi in regard to her parents? Again, this is just a little side thing. Not integral to the overall story, but I was just curious. And, you know, a lot of our characters do have parents.