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Physics in Technology. View abstract View article PDF. First identified for a future with hydrogen functioning as a fuel, rechargeable metallic hydrides provide an attractive and versatile storage option compared with other methods of highly compressed gas and cryogenic liquefaction. Spin-orbit and Pauli-correlation effects in intermediate-energy proton-nucleus inelastic scattering. Singhal R. Dirac coupled channel calculations for proton inelastic scattering from spherically symmetric nuclei for projectile energies of , , and MeV.

Kurth L. Terremoto L. Toroidal resonance: Relation to pygmy mode, vortical properties, and anomalous deformation splitting. Beyond-mean-field study of elastic and inelastic electron scattering off nuclei. Cottingame W. Fred, Kraushaar J. Excitation of low lying natural parity levels inPbby inelastic electron scattering. Heisenberg J. Shell effects and the fluid dynamical model for nuclear giant resonances. Bohle D. Monopole excitations in 4He, 12C and 24Mg in a collective model description.

Kino K. Finite-PTcontribution to relativistic Coulomb excitation: A possible explanation for the clean-fission puzzle. A density variational approach to nuclear giant resonances at zero and finite temperature. Application of the symplectic model to the giant resonance states in 16O and 40Ca. Arickx F. Large angle elastic and inelastic scattering of protons fromCa40at MeV.

List of Publications in Particle Physics

Bleszynski E. Brandenburg S. Flow patterns for collective quadrupole vibrations in heavy nuclei. Inconsistency of hexadecapole matrix elements forHf as extracted from nuclear and leptonic scattering. Form factors and transition charge densities for the quadrupole and hexadecupole electroexcitation of some2p-1fshell nuclei. Inelastic magnetic electron scattering form factors of the 26Mg nucleus. Collective properties of low-lying octupole excitations in Pb, Ca40 and O Zhou X. Kihm Th. Electronuclear energy weighted sum rules and the quadrupole moments of excited states of nuclei.

Wise J. Maruyama X. Yen S. Connection of scattering cross sections with collective characteristics of scattering nuclei. Electron scattering studies of low-lying collective states of even Zn isotopes. Neuhausen R. Isoscalar high-energy octupole resonance inZr92in inelastic electron scattering.

Saito T. Theissen H. Search for isovector magnetic quadrupole strength and spin-isospin correlations inNe Rangacharyulu C. Lo, Palumbo F.

Effective Dark Energy from Decoherence

Semi-empirical description of low energy nuclear collective states. Calculations of elastic and inelastic electron scattering on 19F using large-basis no core-shell model wave functions. Self-consistent calculations of nuclear response for closed-shell nuclei. Strong-absorption signature of giant-resonance excitation in pion-nuclear reactions.

Second Born approximation for magnetic multipole electroexcitation. DWIA predictions of p,p' data using electromagnetically constrained densities. Excitation of giant electric isovector resonances in pion charge exchange reactions. Relativistic coupled channel analyses of MeV proton inelastic scattering from26Mg. Sobie R. International Journal of Modern Physics E. Flow patterns of giant resonances in the first- and zero-sound approximation.

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Exploring effective interactions through transition charge density study of70,72,74,76Ge nuclei. Structure of giant quadrupole resonances in neutron drip line nuclei. Japan 23 ,. Betts, C.

Elliott and M. Lee, Phys. Letters 29A ,. Fisher and H.

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Temperley, Phil. Kubo, Busseiron-kenkyu mimeographed circular in Japanese 1 , 1. Google Preview. Felderhof and M. Suzuki, to be published in Physica. Issue Section:. Download all figures. View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. Advance article alerts. Article activity alert.