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Death Of Jezebel

The last vicious act attributed to Jezebel is recorded in 1 Kings — Elijah confronted Ahab in the vineyard, predicting that he and all his heirs would be destroyed and that dogs in Jezreel would devour Jezebel. A few years later Ahab perished in battle with the Syrians. Jezebel lived on for approximately another ten years. Expecting him, she adorned herself for the occasion. Looking down from her window, she taunted him, and Jehu ordered her eunuchs to throw her out the window.

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Who Was Jezebel?

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Part 1: Rivalry between Yahweh & Baal

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How Bad Was Jezebel?

II Melachim Sanhedrin 67b. Abarbanel, II Melachim I Melachim Ralbag ibid. See also Radak ibid. See Chida, Shiyurei Beracha Responsa Yabia Omer, vol.

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