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But it will afterwards appear that the beast is instigated to this relentless cruelty by another agent of the devil. Here then, was the weak spot in the armor of this relentless millionaire—his daughter. We often see these words used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences between them. What gives?

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The word cat has been around since the year RELATED WORDS unrelenting , uncompromising , inexorable , ferocious , harsh , implacable , ruthless , rigorous , unyielding , determined , fierce , dogged , unforgiving , single-minded , unstoppable , tenacious , punishing , unflagging , persistent , incessant. See inflexible. Examples from the Web for relentless This was achieved only by a relentless program of technical advances.

Vain Fortune George Moore. How will you achieve your full potential and realize your greatest aspirations? Let the world know.

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Relentless (Relentless, #1) by Karen Lynch

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