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But this is disappointing. No More Mr. Customer Reviews See All. Nav , Listeners Also Bought See All. Dating Dossier: Body Language Unabridged. Mystery exploded onto the underground pickup and seduction scene in the late s with his groundbreaking contributions to the art, and he was the first pickup instructor to offer live, in-field training. Mystery has trained thousands of students all over the world, including a who's who of the most respected pickup artists teaching today. In his international bestseller The Game, Neil Strauss delved into the secret world of pick-up artists—men who have created a science out of the art of seduction.

Not only did he reveal the techniques that they had developed, but he became a master of The Game, and the world's No. Now, in this bestselling companion, Strauss reduces three books of life-changing knowledge into a single-volume set.

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The first book, The Stylelife Challenge, breaks down the knowledge he learned and techniques he invented into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet and land the women of their dreams. In the second book, Strauss takes readers into the dark side of The Game. The Style Diaries offers a series of tales of seduction and sexual mis adventure.

From accidentally getting married during a drunken night in Reykjavik, to luring a famous musician's granddaughter into a threesome; to the stress and frustration of the torturous and highly unorthodox "30 Day Sex Experiment," The Style Diaries takes you further into the seduction underworld than ever before. Finally, in the all-new, updated third volume, Strauss collects the greatest, most powerful, field-tested, word-for-word routines. You don't need money, looks, or fame to succeed with women. All you need is an understanding of how attraction works—and this thirty-day workout program for your social skills, which has already guided countless men from frustration to fulfillment.

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

And then things really start to get strange—and passions lead to betrayals lead to violence. The Game is the story of one man's transformation from frog to prince to prisoner in the most unforgettable book of this generation. Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

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Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Just as my students have learned their craft from me, I have in turn learned much from them, and the insights they gained in the field have improved my own methodology. Like any system of self-improvement and personal transformation, the Mystery Method is constantly being improved.

It will always be a work in progress because the people using it are constantly changing as well. To keep it up-to-date with the latest empirical data available, I make systematic improvements every six months, without fail.

Mystery, Strauss & Odom, The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed, 1e

You can keep up with our refinements and new discoveries at www. Bear in mind that those seven hours aren't necessarily continuous, although they can be. As I noted, usually taking courtship to seduction requires venue changes, which have to be accommodated through what are called time bridges. More on those later. Seducing any woman in seven hours. The reason the Mystery Method works, and works so quickly, is that it defines the natural process of courtship, from meeting to sex, that has applied to every love story you've ever heard about, or read, or experienced.

It reflects universal truths and the natural course of events, and I've backward-engineered it from my own successes. I would go in, "build" a girlfriend, and then think, OK, how did I do that?


That's how I figured out and unraveled the myriad of cognitive models that define courtship. OK, you're probably thinking, Of course I'd love to build attraction and comfort with a gorgeous woman, but every time I approach one I get shot down before I've finished my second or third sentence. In order for you to be permitted the audience of a beautiful woman to attempt to attract her, you must first disqualify yourself from being considered a potential suitor by her.

If you don't do that, she will assume by your approach alone that you're after her. And if you're after her, she knows that you perceive her as having high value. And if her value is high, the odds are that it's higher than yours. In other words, you will have low value, and you will be penalized, not only just for approaching her but also for being nice. At that point, you've already telegraphed that you're not worth it.

I will teach you how to avoid this trap using the Mystery Method. Instead of stumbling into a group of women blindly and immediately qualifying yourself as a potential suitor, you will learn how to win them over during those first few minutes, allowing you to demonstrate a higher value to them. The book will of course give you chapter and verse on demonstrating a higher value, from "peacocking" dressing outlandishly and preselecting displaying other women to the "target," which often builds a jealousy plotline into your seduction , to social proof showing that others in her set value you highly , to "negging" making subtle-yet-negative statements that put your target off-guard and make her question her own value, increasing yours on a relative basis.

There is even a special section on demonstrating higher value to, and then picking up, "hired guns," a term describing anyone who is hired for her beauty, including exotic dancers, bartenders, go-go dancers, hostesses, and models. In fact, throughout the entire book I fill in the meeting-to-sex structure of courtship with Venusian arts gambits, so that you can complete the objectives of each phase. But I go further still by adding a third layer to the book. I show you how to personalize your game, helping you create and then convey an identity whose stereotype works for you to presume higher value.

The last thing I want to do is turn you into a generic cookie-cutter pickup artist.

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Using the Mystery Method, I picked up a supermodel as she sat with seven coworkers at a popular Hollywood sushi bar. While they paid the bill, I had only two or three minutes to interact. I immediately initiated a chat with her, disqualified myself from being considered a potential suitor, and systematically demonstrated my value to her, while not telegraphing interest.

When my target's group left, she decided to hang by the bar with two friends. With two women on my arms, I re-engaged my target, now in a three-set. Introducing my wing into the set to befriend and occupy my target's friends for a moment, I moved her into isolation, escalated kino, and voila! I got my first supermodel. Once you've mastered the techniques I outline here, you too can perform equally spectacular seductions! Building a Mystery I can do it for you because I've done it for myself. Believe it or not, when I was younger, I was actually an extremely shy person.

No wonder I became fascinated by magic. I loved hiding behind it; it afforded me a social mask, protecting me in my interactions with people. Magic provided me with prescripted routines packing an emotional punch. The turning point for me came in my late teens, when I traveled to Florida to perform a magic show on a cruise ship. Before I could even get scheduled on the ship, I found myself making more money performing intimate and interactive illusion in restaurants and lounges. In fact, I did so well in the restaurants that I never bothered to make it on board.

More important, the experience taught me a series of essential concepts. For example, in that setting, you shouldn't just walk up to a table of strangers and say, "Uh, hi. Would you like to see some magic? Then I had to internalize these rules that I developed, so that over repeated days of work I'd get better and better at it.

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Eventually, I found myself in possession of a really cool social skill set. Then I came to realize that I could remove the magic from those routines and they would still pack a punch. I got good at developing stories and plotlines with which I could captivate a group, and that became the basis of forming routines and using canned material. I then started teaching these skills to my friends. They mastered them, and so can you.

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If you're thinking, Yeah, that worked for you, but it will never work for me; I'm a geek, don't worry. I was a geek, too. The truth is, generally speaking, geeks are intelligent individuals who simply haven't yet applied that intelligence to social scenarios; hence, they appear deficient in that area. Making matters worse, the society around us, at first glance, appears very chaotic.