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Go to Section. Home Operations Research Vol. Cynthia Barnhart. Ellis L. George L. Martin W. Pamela H. Published Online: 1 Jun Previous Back to Top. Figures References Related Information Cited By A decomposed branch-and-price procedure for integrating demand planning in personnel staffing problems. Scheduling with uncertain processing times in mixed-criticality systems. Vehicle scheduling problem with loss in bus ridership. ADMM-based problem decomposition scheme for vehicle routing problem with time windows. The re-planning and scheduling of surgical cases in the operating room department after block release time with resource rescheduling.

Fleet sizing for one-way electric carsharing services considering dynamic vehicle relocation and nonlinear charging profile. An iterative re-optimization framework for the dynamic vehicle routing problem with roaming delivery locations. Solving cyclic train timetabling problem through model reformulation: Extended time-space network construct and Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers methods. A rollout algorithm for the resource constrained elementary shortest path problem. Baris Yildiz , Martin Savelsbergh. Dixit , S.

Travis Waller. Solving a dial-a-flight problem using composite variables.

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Bus and driver scheduling with mealtime windows for a single public bus route. Vehicle routing problem with drones. Failure-Aware Kidney Exchange. John P.

Volume-7 Issue-4S | International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering(TM)

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Behaviorally stable vehicle platooning for energy savings. The vertex k -cut problem. An integer optimality condition for column generation on zero—one linear programs. Dynamic job assignment: A column generation approach with an application to surgery allocation. An exact branch-and-price algorithm for scheduling rescue units during disaster response.

Optimised buffer allocation to construct stable personnel shift rosters. Column generation for vehicle routing problems with multiple synchronization constraints. Detecting critical node structures on graphs: A mathematical programming approach. Maximizing the expected number of transplants in kidney exchange programs with branch-and-price. Integrated crew scheduling and roster problem for trainmasters of passenger railway transportation. A branch-and-price algorithm for scheduling of deteriorating jobs and flexible periodic maintenance on a single machine.

Combining two-stage stochastic programming and recoverable robustness to minimize the number of late jobs in the case of uncertain processing times. Optimization in liner shipping. Algorithms for the one-dimensional two-stage cutting stock problem. A column generation based distributed scheduling algorithm for multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling problem. The delivery problem: Optimizing hit rates in e-commerce deliveries. Vehicle routing with probabilistic capacity constraints. The time-dependent pickup and delivery problem with time windows. A two-stage stochastic program for multi-shift, multi-analyst, workforce optimization with multiple on-call options.

Keji Wei , Vikrant Vaze. Biomass feedstock supply chain design — a taxonomic review and a decomposition-based methodology. A shortest-path-based approach for the stochastic knapsack problem with non-decreasing expected overfilling costs.

2014 (Total 55)

A survey of the literature on airline crew scheduling. Scheduled service network design with resource acquisition and management. Integer programming formulations for minimum deficiency interval coloring. A branch-and-price algorithm for the multi-trip multi-repairman problem with time windows. Optimal design of decentralized energy conversion systems for smart microgrids using decomposition methods. Lower bound development in a flow shop electronic assembly problem with carryover sequence-dependent setup time.

A branch-and-price algorithm for the scheduling of customer visits in the context of multi-period service territory design. Electric multiple unit circulation plan optimization based on the branch-and-price algorithm under different maintenance management schemes. Prize-collecting set multicovering with submodular pricing. Multiple depot vehicle scheduling with controlled trip shifting. Expanding scope and computational challenges in process scheduling. Improving set partitioning problem solutions by zooming around an improving direction. The Vehicle Rescheduling Problem with Retiming.

Constraint programming and operations research. An exact algorithm for the Partition Coloring Problem. Airline-driven ground delay programs: A benefits assessment. Recent planning approaches and mobility concepts for home health care services in Austria — A review. Branch and price for covering shipments in a logistic distribution network with a fleet of aircraft. An integrated algorithm for shift scheduling problems for local public transport companies. An efficient computational method for large scale surgery scheduling problems with chance constraints.

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CACM Mar. 2018 - A Programmable Programming Language

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Adler , Pitu B. A multiple ship routing and speed optimization problem under time, cost and environmental objectives. A Branch-and-Price algorithm for railway rolling stock rescheduling. Optimization over structured subsets of positive semidefinite matrices via column generation.

A new heuristic branching scheme for the crew pairing problem with base constraints. A taxonomy for task allocation problems with temporal and ordering constraints. Petroleum supply planning: reformulations and a novel decomposition algorithm. Single-commodity stochastic network design under demand and topological uncertainties with insufficient data. Generic Pareto local search metaheuristic for optimization of targeted offers in a bi-objective direct marketing campaign.

Dual relaxations of the time-indexed ILP formulation for min—sum scheduling problems. Multi-pattern generation framework for logical analysis of data. Optimizing railway crew schedules with fairness preferences. Shengzhi Shao , Hanif D. Sherali , Mohamed Haouari. Optimisation of maintenance routing and scheduling for offshore wind farms.

A column generation based algorithm for the robust graph coloring problem. Benchmarking of Mask Fracturing Heuristics. Lane covering with partner bounds in collaborative truckload transportation procurement. Puzzle—The Fillomino Puzzle. Robin H. Pearce , Michael A. A new cross decomposition method for stochastic mixed-integer linear programming. Resource Allocation Using Branch and Bound. Knapsack constraint reformulation: A new approach that significantly reduces the number of sub-problems in the branch and bound algorithm.

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Metro timetable optimization from passenger perspective based on simulation models and incomplete data of passenger flow. A column generation algorithm for the bus driver scheduling problem. An optimization approach to designing a baseball scout network. Branch-and-price-and-cut for a service network design and hub location problem. A branch-and-price approach for solving the train unit scheduling problem. Sepehr Nemati , Oleg V. Shylo , Oleg A. Prokopyev , Andrew J. A dynamic constraint aggregation based solution approach for monthly aircrew pairing problem. A two-level approach to large mixed-integer programs with application to cogeneration in energy-efficient buildings.

Lower bounding procedure for the asymmetric quadratic traveling salesman problem. Scheduling cranes at an indented berth. Rakke , Leandro C. Column generation for stochastic green telecommunication network planning with switchable base stations. A branch and price algorithm for the pharmacy duty scheduling problem. A novel column generation strategy for large scale airline crew pairing problems.

Thomas W. Vossen , R. Kevin Wood , Alexandra M. Branch-and-price algorithm for fuzzy integer programming problems with block angular structure. A column generation approach for solving the examination-timetabling problem. Increasing the revenue of self-storage warehouses by optimizing order scheduling. Optimal allocation of emergency medical resources in a mass casualty incident: Patient prioritization by column generation.

Full-shipload tramp ship routing and scheduling with variable speeds. Maximizing expected number of transplants in kidney exchange programs. Service Network Design with Resource Constraints. Decomposition approaches for recoverable robust optimization problems. A Branch-and-Price algorithm for stable workforce assignments with hierarchical skills. Deriving compact extended formulations via LP-based separation techniques. Combining metaheuristics with mathematical programming, constraint programming and machine learning.

Optimizing spectrum utilization in dynamic RWA. A decomposition method for large scale MILPs, with performance guarantees and a power system application. Operational planning of forward and reverse logistic activities on multi-echelon supply-chain networks. Stratified patient appointment scheduling for mobile community-based chronic disease management programs. Design of efficient node p-cycles in WDM mesh networks. Designing Connected and Compact Nature Reserves.

An exact algorithm for an integrated project staffing problem with a homogeneous workforce. Optimized load planning for motorail transportation. Workforce scheduling and routing problems: literature survey and computational study. A new novel local search integer-programming-based heuristic for PCB assembly on collect-and-place machines. Branch-and-price-and-cut for the manpower routing problem with synchronization constraints.

Branch-and-price algorithms for the solution of the multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows.

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David R. Morrison , Edward C. Sewell , Sheldon H. Timo Gschwind , Stefan Irnich. A mixed integer programming approach to multi-skilled workforce scheduling. Branch-and-bound algorithms: A survey of recent advances in searching, branching, and pruning. Big Data Optimization in Maritime Logistics. Ray projection for optimizing polytopes with prohibitively many constraints in set-covering column generation. Column generation approach for disassembly line balancing. The multi-vehicle traveling purchaser problem with pairwise incompatibility constraints and unitary demands: A branch-and-price approach.

Unit Commitment by Column Generation. A branch-and-price method for a ship routing and scheduling problem with cargo coupling and synchronization constraints. A branch-price-and-cut algorithm for the commodity constrained split delivery vehicle routing problem. Scheduling fighter squadron training missions using column generation. Scheduling pumpoff operations in onshore oilfields under electric-power constraints.

Column generation based heuristic framework for the multiple-depot vehicle type scheduling problem. From physical security to cybersecurity. Analyzing Analytics. Jee Eun Kang , Will Recker. Hybrid methods for lot sizing on parallel machines. A column generation approach for aircraft sequencing problems: a computational study. Solving a large-scale crew pairing problem. Irregular polyomino tiling via integer programming with application in phased array antenna design. The impact of reserve duties on the robustness of a personnel shift roster: An empirical investigation.

Mathematical models and algorithms for a high school timetabling problem. Efficient solutions for joint activity based security games: fast algorithms, results and a field experiment on a transit system. A branch-price-and-cut method for the vegetable crop rotation scheduling problem with minimal plot sizes. A branch-cut-and-price algorithm for the piecewise linear transportation problem. A branch-and-price approach to evaluate the role of cross-docking operations in consolidated supply chains.


Solving large-scale fixed cost integer linear programming models for grid-based location problems with heuristic techniques. Timetabling and assignment problems in railway planning and integer multicommodity flow. An exact solution approach for the order batching problem. They watched a short part of 3D version of Avatar trailer which general features are shown in Table 1.

Video Avrg. Despite of using IEEE At first many WiFi networks were accessible in the department laboratory where our experiment was carried out and other WiFi networks used same channels for carrying which is shown in Figure 2 and Table 2. This throughput also prevented to get convenient vision quality during the watching. In first case mean value of result scores was 4. Scores were always recorded by the test persons for 5 important viewpoints mentioned above.

Other subjective tests with distorted 3D video contents were carried out on these two PCs in same time and each of them was connected to different AP in the way mentioned above. We can say even based on reference tests that 3D content delivery though the WiFi network is more sensitive and less effective comparing results with first or second investigation results where we could carry out measurements on 4 PCs with mean value of QoE 4.

Participants perceived quality of 3D presentation also by quality of stereo shooting like depth of scenes. For this reason we did not disturb 3D video transport by jitter increase or jitter increase combined with bandwidth limitation but only with bandwidth limitation. We counted weighted averages by formula 3 based on gathered scores and weights. Summary of results are shown in Table 3.

Therefore bandwidth was set to 5, 4. Figure 3 QoE degradation based on bandwidth limitation Appropriate mathematical descriptions were calculated by the Wolfram Alpha application. Applying the method of least squares we got solutions: 3. We can recognize from Figure 3 that 3D film delivering through The middle line shows combined results of these two channels information when started mean weighted QoE was only 3. This was caused by the highest motion level scenes when the data sequences stuck shown in Figure 4 but these critical situations soon were persisted.

Figure 5 in middle shows line of weighted averages of all results 3. The buffered playing time increase also could help to raise resistivity against QoS degradation [15] but we did not change this value. Video contents were transported in unicast mode based on TCP protocol and were played on two PCs in the same time.

The relationship between QoE and QoS was shown based on gathered data for 3D stereoscopic multimedia content but the good quality guarantee is more complex in case of WiFi network. QoE is influenced by nature of wireless technology like bandwidth limitation or channel interferences and by QoS level in transport network as well. Gathered data show that people who had watched 3D movie before this experiment 32 from 36 participants were more critical to any quality differences. We can emphasize that for good QoE of 3D stereoscopic contents delivery through WiFi network the demanded bandwidth should be provided.

Our results also show that quality of 3D presentation is also strongly influenced by quality of stereo shooting and 3D production. Researchers working in vision and graphics are attempting to develop new techniques and technologies to overcome the current limitations in 3D stereoscopic presentation. Primary importance of QoE investigation in wireless transport network environment is came to the front due to the worldwide growing of video-streams presentation on smart but small mobile devices.

Therefore future work will address investigation of gathered information from experiments carried out with smart mobile devices on client sides and all research works results in the subject: investigation of QoE — QoS relationship for 3D stereoscopic videos delivery can be used in future research work. The goal is mathematical modeling of functional relationship between QoE and QoS metrics which is needed for optimal solution of 3D stereoscopic video contents delivery with appropriate display quality.

References 1. Kulik I. Ralf Lehnert Ed. LNCS, vol. Zahariadis T. Malo France, October Cale I. Casas P. Mrak M. High-Quality of Visual Experience, Chapter 3. You J. Shibata T. SPIE, Vol. Xing L. Lambooij M. Fiedler M. Kroeker L. Fort S. Milton J. Rugel S. ITU-T P. Garroppo R. Zheng H. Zilly F.