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When you are just bearing witness and listening with no idea to fix someone or have an answer, but just listening, that is the most authentic you can be. Not offering anything except your love and presence. And let go of all the shame around that. Shame is such a detriment to us, so the more we are able to let go of shame, the more we become our authentic selves. Are there? Where are they, all these good Americans? I had a real benefit of the doubt in my head, always, for this idea of the good people of America. There was, in my mind, an us that was bigger and stronger and united.

I spent my whole life trying to protect myself by telling myself I was strong, by forcing myself not to feel anything. They are not coming to help us. So then what is left?

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So I just started writing for the rest of us. It surprised me, tripping over something that big, and I wondered if I should cut it. But eventually, in editor mode, I found a way to subvert the cheesiness. So you should try to find a way to make it work rather than get rid of it. So how do we create art that really matters but protect ourselves, at the same time? JP : I spent my whole life trying to protect myself by telling myself I was strong, by forcing myself not to feel anything, by being anorexic, you name it.

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It comes back again to the idea of telling the truth. How the book is going to turn out, how the sentence is going to turn out, and letting go of what I think people will think of it. And in that connection there is meaning. Those are the two things that stop us from creating. To try and find a way to quiet those voices. Whether you do it through anger or coming to terms with the past or being vulnerable, you just have to keep trying different ways to fight those battles. MF : Authenticity can be performative: on social media, in art, in our daily lives. So how do you find a balance between true authenticity naked, vulnerable and the performance of authenticity?

What are we not saying? Why do we only talk about white people when we talk about racism, what is that about? What if you stand in the place where all the rightness sort of ends, and then there is that shadowy place right next to it which is the truth of your whole life? I always ask myself when I am writing: are you writing for vindication or clarity? And every time I felt like I was writing for vindication I just had to lose the whole chapter, just knock it off. In the end the poem is separate from you. JP: I post a lot on social media. The body always tells the truth.

Oh, okay. My butthole clenches with anything that is too curated. So the body knows. I think of something that Paul Harding, the Pulitzer Prize winner of Tinkers , told me, about the emotional truth being the most important thing. And yes. It happened. And to do that, you have to give all the details; you have to tell everything that is going on. I do a lot of work with women who have lost children. Writing neatly with this pen DOES require a bit more control of your hand, but I liked this pen so much I even purchased it in the color black.

It's a little pricey, but it took me about a month of writing lecture notes with this on a daily basis to finish it. Thus, I would say it lasts a relatively long time. If you're used to finer point pens and pencils and are looking for something a bit smaller, this is definitely worth trying! Add to cart. I go through tons of ink at work and use pens all day long. I have tried many brandss at all the price points.

Bic is the brand I am most happy with and these are made of recycled material. The best pen made better.

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Not getting paid to say so and Brown North Canton, OH. I LOVE these. Not getting paid to say so and bought these full price. My all time favorite regular cost pens of all time. Even more so because of how they write. They never leave a dry spot and roll like butter. This particular ball size writes thicker than the cheap black and blue school pens. Not too think though, you can still write small and read clearly I write tiny.

The item was as advertised in the description, arrived in the correct time frame and was shipped well and all in tact upon delivery. When the price is right, Amazon is my number one go to for almost everything. The Prime membership is a lifesaver sometimes even well worth it and the fact you can keep things in the cart until the price drops makes Love these pens. They are reliable, always write smooth, and very comfortable in the hand.

I must sign and code approximately documents a day at work. I purchase these pens, despite the free ones provided, as I don't experience the hand or finger fatigue I get when I use their Bics.

I'm left-handed and every single pen I'd ever used turned pages infuriatingly smudgy when I wrote, because my hand sometimes rubs the page. I had given up owning pens and avoided using them except when it was mandatory for tests or essays. But then one day I wrote something with one of these, and bam - no smudge!

I've been using them ever since. I used to buy these pens individually at my college bookstore a few years ago. I'm hooked on them!

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I have one in front of me right now as I write this! They write extremely nice and are particularly comfortable to hold. The rubber section on the image makes it look bulky, but it's actually a very low-profile and smooth rubber grip. The clip of the pen is more durable than many other pens. I've had a couple break over the years, but only because I am always fiddling with them. Like all gel pens, you have to let the ink dry.

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My lefty girlfriend doesn't like these pens because it's too easy for her hand to get ink on it and for the writing to get smeared. I'm a righty, so it's fine for me. Another downside is that the ink goes by too fast. I'm constantly writing things down at My 8th grader loves these keeps her notes organized.

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The colors are bright and good quality pens InkJoy pens are the best ones on the market today. The ink flows smoothly and the pens never skip. I love using different colors when I write and this pack gives you 10 different colors and two sets of each one for upstairs and one for downstairs perfect. The ink changes from light blue to dark blue So if you are using them for documents as such please give a good shake don't know if this helps mix the ink but no other suggestions.

A PEN! But these are great pens, I even used them to create 24 illustrations for my book Mortuary Arts. These work as well for art as they do for writing, such a great flowing experience. I know, I know, its just a pen, BUT its the best pen, beyond going to more expensive handmade pens, that I've ever owned. Love the pens!